Why Tiered Commission Structures Don’t Work – By Geoff Marshall

The elect structure for any associate module is one of a many critical elements that affiliates demeanour during before to fasten a program, or determining that businessman to foster among a competition.

One renouned choice is a tiered elect structure, where a businessman will compensate opposite rates formed on certain criteria. Some examples embody volume, new-to-file vs. return, SKU or category, and associate difficulty type.

Many of these make clarity on a surface, though we would disagree don’t work, and worse – give divided changed spend budget.

The categorical suspicion behind utilizing a tiered elect structure is to motivate publishers to optimize opening to a aloft rate. However, many tip publishers work with thousands of merchants, and are not reviewing a opening of each singular code they work with frequently adequate to adjust. They only don’t have a time or resources to do this. The outcome is profitable aloft rates though intentionally inspiring a outcome we desire.

For example, contend we are perplexing to expostulate some-more new business by a associate channel. You think, “I’ll only compensate aloft amounts for new customers, and reduce amounts for lapse customers, and a associate will optimize accordingly.” However, this is only not a case.

First of all, your partner might good confirm to foster your aspirant if they see a structure as treacherous or unfair. The preferred outcome of pushing some-more new business will not be achieved underneath a best circumstances, as they will not expected supplement additional bearing onsite to optimize a new patron rate. In this case, we will be profitable aloft amounts, though won’t be saying any additional bearing to acquire some-more new customers.

The best approach to expostulate new business is by securing primary genuine estate with your partners. This has to be some-more conscious than anticipating that they will see how many some-more they are creation on new vs. lapse customers. You have to intentionally place your code in front of some-more consumers to have any possibility of appropriation some-more new customers.

One of a many renouned methods that module managers implement for securing additional bearing on associate sites is to give a short-term elect increase. This can be difficult, if not impossible, to do with a tiered structure. Many publishers, generally a faithfulness publishers, are incompetent to be means to effectively arrangement a money behind with a tiered structure, and mostly select a lowest tier to publicize to equivocate over-paying money back.

So what should we do instead? Calculate a prosaic baseline that is gentle given domain considerations, and concede room for aloft rates to secure exposure. Give your partners constrained disdainful offers, or other assets, to secure primary genuine estate. If nothing of these options are available, negotiate exam rates to try placements with prosaic fees.

The pivotal is to spend your selling dollars intentionally, rather than wish that your partners will notice your new structure and optimize accordingly.


Geoff is now portion JEBCommerce as a Director of Affiliate Services, in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

This essay seemed in emanate 39 of FeedFront Magazine, that was published in Jul 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-39




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