Want Affiliate Benchmarking Data? Try a Partnerize Retail Partnerships Benchmarker

Marketers need information to know how their partner and associate programs are behaving vis-a-vis a industry. To assistance code leaders get a insights they need, Partnerize has launched a new Retail Partnership Benchmarking Tool. This new, web-based focus enables partner and associate marketers to review their module metrics opposite crowdsourced attention benchmarks.
By inputting only a few associate selling metrics from their existent programs, marketers can precedence a new online apparatus to juxtapose any pivotal metric with averaged information from other vital partner and associate marketers. 

Image: Partnerize Benchmarker

Why a benchmarker

At Partnerize, a goal is to urge a efficacy and sophistication of partnership by requesting information and modernized tech to any aspect of partner management. This elementary apparatus gives brands entrance to some-more insights so they can know their code opening in a context of a whole sell vertical. 
The new apparatus was recognised to capacitate members of a tellurian partnership’s village to assistance any other by pity insights and data. Brands are invited to attend regardless of that network or height products and services they use. At launch, we have one benchmarker that aggregates information for all sell brands that participate. Over time, we wish to collect adequate information to offer metrics and analyses that simulate informal and difficulty differences. 

How it works

It’s easy to use a Benchmarker. You yield 6 elementary information inputs from your program, and afterwards accept a customized news on how your information compare. For some-more supportive forms of data, a user chooses from a set of ranges rather than stating a accurate figure. 

The individualized benchmarking consult news also provides selling insights on what factors minister to aloft or reduce opening knowledge on a financial and other measures examined. For example, a research reveals how a specific products marketed by a retailer, or a retailer’s sold trade area, can impact associate sales results. Key opening information analyzed by a apparatus include:

  • Percentage of sum digital sales driven by partner programs
  • Number of partners in their programs
  • Return on ad spend for a partnership channel
  • Average % of income paid as elect to partners
  • Average acclimatisation rate for partner selling activity
  • Share of partner-driven purchases done to new customers

Because many retailers are totalled on purchases rather than mid-funnel metrics like lead era and repeated payments, we have strong essentially on sell sales and associated parameters in a Benchmarker.
To set a at-launch benchmarks, Partnerize worked with some-more than 100 companies that volunteered to yield their partner and associate digital selling metrics anonymously.