RJK Ventures LLC Launches an Affiliate Program

Oct. 31, 2017 / PRZen / ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — RJK Ventures LLC announced currently a Affiliate Program designed to assistance eager business monetize their recommendations.  If we are looking to build a firearms associated site, monetize your existent site or take your associate revenues to a subsequent level, we can assistance take we there.

Established in 2011, RJK Ventures LLC designs and make products for collectors, enthusiasts and dealers of firearms in a USA.  We offer a firearms village with mixed brands including Armory Racks®, MAG|Coupler™ and Armory Tool™ product lines.

Affiliate Program participants can conduct campaigns, guard comment standing and lane debate success regulating a energetic dashboard. Further, they can entrance a library of selling collection to share Armory Racks, MAG|Coupler and Armory Tool products with their audience. Resources embody promotional banners with tracking codes that can be combined to blogs, web sites and amicable networks. Together we can assistance we build traffic, boost acclimatisation and make some-more money.

Program highlights:
– Signing-up is totally FREE
– Get paid on all RJK Ventures brands
– High elect rate on each sale
– Multiple day cookie
– SEO Friendly
– Banners, early recognition to promotions and more

To learn some-more about a RJK Ventures LLC Affiliate Program and to pointer up, visit: https://www.rjkventures.com/pages/become-an-affiliate

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About RJK Ventures LLC

Established in 2011, RJK Ventures LLC is a engineer and manufacturer portion a firearms village with a Armory Racks, MAG|Coupler and Armory Tool product lines.
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