PSA: Apple dropping apps from a associate module could be good news for some

Apple’s argumentative preference to remove apps from a iTunes Affiliate Program competence be bad news for many, though it could paint good news of a kind for those with really tiny balances …


The module has smallest thresholds for payment, that change by currency. You also accumulate payments alone for any currency, definition that it’s flattering easy to finish adult in a position where we have balances in one or some-more currencies that don’t strech a remuneration threshold.

If you’re in that position, a china backing in Apple’s preference to bar apps is that it will waiver a remuneration thresholds in October.

Regarding App Store commissions, we will relinquish a remuneration threshold requirement after a module change takes place in October. These payments will be accessible to we approximately 60 days afterward with a frequently scheduled check cycle. You will be means to recover these payments once they have been perceived by Performance Horizon and processed.

Developer Chris Hannah common a email on his blog after he wrote to Apple seeking what happens now that some people competence never strech a compulsory balances.

It’s not totally transparent either this is a one-off understanding or a remuneration thresholds are being private permanently, though we should during slightest accept payouts in Dec for your Oct balances.

My possess view stays that Apple’s preference prioritizes an capricious expansion aim over a long-term interests of developers and app buyers alike.

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