Only one Windows Mixed Reality headset still accessible on a Microsoft Store, bonds also singular on Amazon

It seems that Windows Mixed Virtuality headsets are apropos a monument on a Microsoft Store. Road to VR beheld that a Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is a indication that’s accessible for squeeze as of today, with a other Asus Mixed Reality Headset being out of stock. The 3 other headsets on a Microsoft Store embody a Oculus Rift S, a HTC Vive and a HTC Vive Pro.

Taking a discerning demeanour during Amazon this morning, we’re saying that a online tradesman now has low bonds of Windows Mixed Reality headsets from Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung, so it appears a Microsoft Store isn’t an removed case. Earlier this year, Microsoft dropped Windows Mixed Reality inclination from a associate program, definition that it would no longer be will no longer be enlivening serve sales of a product yet affiliates. Road to VR reached out to Microsoft to get a matter about a state of VR headsets on a Microsoft Store, though a association declined to comment.

Windows Mixed Reality was one of a large new facilities in a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (or chronicle 1709), though a initial headsets from Microsoft’s OEM partners didn’t give most a plea to marketplace leaders Oculus and HTC. According to Steam’s latest hardware survey, WMR headsets had a 10.99% use share in June, distant behind a Oculus Rift (46.03%) and a HTC Vive (40.81%).

In a Windows May 2019 Update, Microsoft brought support for bequest Win32 apps in Windows Mixed Reality, and that should positively assistance to make a height mount out in a VR market. However, a blank square in a nonplus stays a miss of Xbox One support, though Microsoft formerly pronounced that it was waiting on improved wireless technologies to finally move VR to a Xbox consoles. The association had zero to announce about Windows Mixed Reality support for Project Scarlett during E3 2019, and that might be a missed event after Sony announced that a PSVR headset would be backward concordant on a PlayStation 5.

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