Investido: Safe & Effective Bitcoin HYIP Program That Pays?


Investido is an investment association founded by a organisation of gifted blockchain engineers. The association focuses on a mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It offers investment models to people that competence to wish to use digital currencies as source of income.

Investido (Company #11130615) prioritizes in a feat of a top earnings in crypto mining. It also aims during investing in new technologies and ensuring earnings in a end. Profits are dynamic by a volume invested and a investment package chosen.

Investment Plans

The packages are categorized into 3 as follows:

  1. The initial investment plan offers a 0.21% hourly seductiveness and a 5.04% daily interest. The deposition tenure is 30 days with a Minimum deposition of 0.001BTC and a limit of 1.000 BTC. The sum lapse on investment is 151.24%.
  2. The second investment devise offers a 0.25% hourly seductiveness and a 6.00% daily interest. The deposition tenure is 30 days with a Minimum deposition of 1.001BTC and a limit of 2.000 BTC. The sum lapse on investment is 180.0%
  3. The third investment devise offers a 0.30% hourly seductiveness and a 7.20% daily interest. The deposition tenure is 30 days with a Minimum deposition of 2.001 BTC and a limit of 500 BTC. The sum lapse on investment is 216.0%

Block Coiners also has an associate module structured on dual levels. For any deposits done by your mention we make a commission, that is 7% on a initial turn and 3% on a second level.

Why Invest At Investido?

Minimized risk

Due to a complicated mining equipment, a risk of financial risk is minimized and a fortitude of income is ensured.

Experienced team

Block Coiners group is stoical of professionals who are gifted in blockchain source formula and security systems.


Its services are accessible globally

Investido Conclusion

Even yet Investido has been using for over a month, like many cryptocurrency high produce investment skeleton and programs, zero is guaranteed to final until tomorrow and many of these are here currently left tomorrow. So notwithstanding those who presumably got in on day 1 and have perceived payments for a past month, we have to order in preference of not recommending this bitcoin trade HYIP as many of them will destroy to broach on approaching promises and returns.


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