Inferna Announces Affiliate Program "Inferna Share"

The developers of Inferna announced an associate module for a arriving free-to-play MMO today. Titled Inferna Share, a module offers players a approach to acquire a small money for enlivening others to give a diversion a try.

Effectively, players can request to turn a “contributor.” Once approved, a writer will accept an associate couple they can share with others who might be meddlesome in perplexing out a game. The couple will be good for 6 months, during that time a writer will acquire $0.15 for each referred actor who actively plays a game. (What is deliberate “actively” personification hasn’t been suggested yet.)

Beyond that, a proclamation also states that a writer will accept 10% of a net income that Inferna earns from a referred players. We’re presumption this means a writer will acquire a share of whatever a players they impute squeeze in from a diversion shop.

To be paid, a writer will need to acquire during slightest $30 USD.

If you’d like to find out some-more about a module — or to pointer adult for it — we can find more information in a application.