Good e-Reader Unveils New Banner Generator for Affiliates

The Good e-Reader Store has been regulating for a few years and a few months ago we denounced a new Affiliate program. This allows people to foster a store on amicable media, regulating their Affiliate ID and acquire a true 5% elect on anything sold. Today, Good e-Reader is unapproachable to betray a new ensign generator.

The Good e-Reader Banner Generator has 9 opposite images that foster several e-readers and a Good e-Reader Store. This is ideal for webmasters who have a WordPress website or another form of CMS.

Getting started with a new associate comment is discerning and easy. Simply revisit a Dashboard and register a new account. Within 24 hours your comment will be certified and we can start pity links on amicable media or generate a banner.  Whenever someone clicks on your special link, a cookie is stored on their computer. If someone does not buy a object right away, though does so a week later, and doesn’t use your associate code, we will still get paid commission. Once $50 in elect is warranted we will be immediately be paid out around PAYPAL.

We have a written tutorial that shows we how to use a new ensign complement and a video next gives we an overview of both of a systems.

Michael Kozlowski is a Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader. He has been essay about audiobooks and e-readers for a past 10 years. His articles have been picked adult by vital and internal news sources and websites such as a CNET, Engadget, Huffington Post and Verge.