First Command Reports Fourth Quarter 2017 Holdings for AMS …

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–First Command Financial Services, Inc. announced currently that a Asset
Management Services (AMS) module and banking associate sealed out the
fourth entertain of 2017 holding approximately $2.3 billion in marketable

According to a many new Form 13F filings with a Securities and
Exchange Commission, First Command hold approximately 25.1 million
shares of certain blurb bonds (specifically, bonds that
are traded on open exchanges, including exchange-traded supports and
particular stocks, though not mutual funds) as of Dec. 31. The bulk of
these investments were managed on interest of clients of a company’s AMS
program, that hold approximately 19.7 million shares valued during $2.1

“First Command’s AMS module continues to acquire a faithfulness of our
clients who find to connect resources into a single, easy-to-monitor
investment module that provides vital item allocation and broad
diversification,” pronounced First Command’s Chief Investment Officer John
Weitzer. “Our group of knowledgeable, gifted professionals operate
within a horizon of a proven process. We are respected to yield our
clients with personal attention, trained confluence to proven
financial beliefs and veteran investment supervision that aligns
with a goals of their financial devise and their long-term office of
financial security.”

In addition, First Command Bank hold approximately 5.4 million shares
valued during $178 million on interest of a clients of a Wealth Management
Trust Services Group.

“Our Wealth Management Trust Services Group is unapproachable to act as
investment manager and protector for a high net value clients,” said
David White, boss of First Command Bank. “Our fourth quarter
numbers underscore a trust that these valued clients continue to place
in us. We take good compensation in portion their singular needs and
giving them a top turn of recommendation and service.”

First Command Financial Services, Inc. offers financial planning
services, item supervision services and other investment advisory
services to people and entities. Managed accounts and mutual funds
totaled approximately $27.8 billion as of Dec. 31, 2017.

First Command Bank is a federally franchised resources bank and a member of
a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In further to wealth
supervision and trust services, a bank offers a accumulation of personal
banking products and services that embody checking and savings
accounts, certificates of deposit, vehicle loans, cumulative and
unsecured personal loans, debt converging loans, credit and debit
cards and online banking services. Commercial banking products and
services offering by First Command Bank embody blurb checking
accounts, income marketplace resources accounts, blurb loans, business
credit and withdraw cards and online banking services. First Command Bank’s
resources totaled approximately $749 million as of Dec. 31, 2017.

About First Command

First Command Financial Services and a subsidiaries, including First
Command Financial Planning and First Command Bank, manager a Nation’s
troops families in their office of financial security. Since 1958,
First Command Financial Advisors have been moulding certain financial
behaviors by face-to-face coaching with hundreds of thousands of
customer families.

First Command Financial Services, Inc., is a primogenitor of First
Command Financial Planning, Inc. (Member
First Command Advisory Services, Inc., First Command Insurance Services,
Inc. and First Command Bank. Financial formulation services and investment
products, including securities, are offering by First Command Financial
Planning, Inc. , a broker-dealer. Financial formulation and investment
advisory services are offering by First Command Advisory Services, Inc.,
an investment adviser.
Insurance products and services are offered
by First Command Insurance Services, Inc., in all states solely Montana,
where as compulsory by law, word products and services are offering by
First Command Financial Services, Inc. (a apart Montana domestic
corporation). Banking products and services are offering by First Command
Bank. In certain states, as compulsory by law, First Command Insurance
Services, Inc. does business as a apart domestic corporation.
Securities products are not FDIC insured, have no bank pledge and may
remove value. A financial plan, by itself, can't assure that retirement
or other financial goals will be met.
First Command Financial
Services, Inc. and a associated entities are not dependent with,
certified to sell or paint on interest of or differently permitted by
any sovereign worker advantages programs referenced, by a U.S.
government, or a U.S. armed forces.