Energy Partners’ Norbert Varga assesses his firm’s associate impact

The associate space is apropos increasingly saturated, notwithstanding a microscope underneath that firms are anticipating themselves operating.

Energy Partners are one such entity encompassing this space, abounding to a indicate that they were recently awarded Best Affiliate Partner Scheme during a SBC Awards 2017.

Norbert Varga, Head of Affiliates during a firm, has been deliberating a accolade, a stream associate space and what stands Energy Partners out from a crowd.  

SBC: Congratulations on being awarded Best Affiliate Partner Scheme during a 2017 SBC Awards, what does this fame mean?

Norbert Varga: Thank you! Winning a Best Affiliate Partner Scheme endowment means a lot to us, as it shows that a tough work and grant to a attention has been recognized by a peers.

We unequivocally most conclude everybody who evaluated a work and wish that this is only a start for us. To be station high among such large, obvious companies is a genuine feat for us.

SBC: Could we offer an discernment into some of a pivotal accomplishments of Energy Partners this final year?

NV: Over a year we have retexturized whole departments, and shaped a clever group of associate managers who have been dedicated to building close, prolific relations with a partners.

In fact, everybody opposite Energy has been operative tough to support a associate department, so that we can give a partners a unequivocally best product, tools, element and information.

A vital miracle was a introduction of a sportsbook associate program, but separating income streams for partners. This was unequivocally good perceived by a customer base, as were a efforts of a CRM group to re-target casino players with sportsbook offers.

SBC: In a stream marketplace what is a significance of affiliates? And because does this charity mount out from a crowd?

NV: Our affiliates have always been a priority and categorical source of traffic. For example, going that ‘extra mile,’ by doing things like not separating casino and sportsbook revenue, and re-targeting casino players with sportsbook offers, unequivocally helped a affiliates to start earning from a sportsbook product immediately, even if they were not privately targeting sports traffic.

Considering we are a comparatively new associate program, a endless operation of selling materials and collection we offer a partners, and a tradition campaigns and promotions we create, unequivocally mount out from a throng in terms of their unusually high acclimatisation rates.

SBC: How will we continue to grow a comparatively immature module in 2018?

NV: As we pierce brazen into 2018, we are committed to stability to strengthen existent partnerships, and substantiating new relationships. We will be rolling out a innovative ‘Level Up’ complement to a sportsbook offering, to assistance affiliates run tradition bonuses and promotions.

Of course, we will also be targeting new markets and aiming to recover even some-more localised selling materials, to assistance a partners continue to build their success.

At a SBC Awards 2017, hold during a HAC Artillery Garden in London, Energy Partners won a endowment for Best Affiliate Partner Scheme, that we can see in a video below.