EasyRoommate appoints Navigate Digital to work on tellurian associate programs

EasyRoommate appoints Navigate Digital to work on tellurian associate programs on a tellurian scale, covering 3 networks, eleven opposite pivotal markets and over 1,200 publishers compelling a brand.

With a use opposite 24 countries in 8 opposite languages and with scarcely 200,000 live listings globally, EasyRoommate are a world’s series one flatshare and room let website today. EasyRoommate connects landlords with tenants and helps flatmates find good bedrooms to lease and aim to make it easy to find a ideal place to rent, and also yield a protected and secure height for users.

Alida Dubner, partner selling manager during Easyroommate said: “We’ve been operative with Navigate given a start of 2017 to rise a new associate selling module and boost a income by this channel. The associate group operative with us is a clever partner, extremely expanding a module and holding a active proceed to communication. The group are a genuine pleasure to work with and we unequivocally do demeanour during them as an prolongation of a team. We demeanour brazen to a continued work with a Navigate Digital associate team.”

Matt D’Alton, handling partner during Navigate Digital also commented on a appointment: “We’re gay to be allocated by EasyRoommate to conduct their tellurian associate programme. It’s a good event to be operative with an sparkling and desirous brand, and we’re assured that a imagination in associate government opposite their pivotal markets will outcome in a prolonged and successful partnership together.”

Navigate Digtal’s stream customer portfolio includes Monarch Airlines, Palmers and Lakeland.