Deborah Sternberg launches new module for high propagandize entrepreneurs

Four months after stepping down unexpectedly as boss of Starmount Life Insurance, Deborah Sternberg is teaming adult with officials during LSU to launch a Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge.

The program, that will run for 7 months commencement in September, is a internal associate of a inhabitant nonprofit classification Young Entrepreneurs Academy, that seeks to give high propagandize students an experienced-based entrepreneurship module training them how to renovate their ideas into enterprises with amicable and mercantile value.

Founded in 2004 during a University of Rochester in New York, a module is also designed to emanate a enlightenment of creation in Baton Rouge and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset among youths.

Sternberg had prolonged wanted to move something like YEA to Baton Rouge yet kept a thought on a behind burner for years, she says. After withdrawal Starmount in January, she motionless a time was right to make it happen.

“I grew adult in an entrepreneurial family,” says Sternberg, whose family owned Goudchaux’s and Maison Blanche dialect stores for decades and, in a 1990s, founded Starmount, that they sole to advantages hulk Unum in 2016. “We are entrepreneurs. we wish others to have those skills.”

To assistance make her prophesy a reality, Sternberg called Charlie D’Agostino, who runs LSU’s Innovation Park, for help. They motionless to associate with YEA since it is an determined module with a proven lane record and some 160 affiliates around a U.S.

“By apropos an associate we acquire your curriculum and they sight you,” she says. “It’s a proven indication and that’s what vehement us—you don’t have to start from blemish and reinvent a wheel.”

YEA graduates have left on to win internal and inhabitant representation competitions, including those on Shark Tank.

Classes during a academy will be hold weekly from 5 to 8 p.m. from Sep by Apr during LSU’s E.J. Ourso College of Business and during Innovation Park. LSU expertise from a Ourso College entrepreneurship dialect will learn a courses, yet a module will not be sponsored by or dependent with a university.

“We’re vehement LSU is during a table,” Sternberg says.

Becoming an associate cost about $13,000, that Sternberg saved out of pocket. Now, she is concentrating on lifting income to recompense a expertise who will learn a courses.

The march is open to only 30 students per year, and Sternberg is anticipating to attract a different cranky territory of students from open and private high schools via a area. The academy’s website went live reduction than a week ago, so for now a idea is to widespread a word and try to get as many applications as possible.

“So far, a feedback we’ve gotten has been really positive,” she says. “We’ve been met with a lot of enthusiasm. We’re only perplexing to get a word out.”

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