CoinDeal: discerning and protected investing on innovative sell platform

As cryptocurrency marketplace continues to grow, there are many places where we can buy and trade BTC. is a discerning and protected innovative sell platform. It has existed on a marketplace for not too long, though within over dual months, CoinDeal.Com has accessible over 3 million euros in deposits. The group consists of cryptolovers who have common a penetrating seductiveness in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for years – a reason because a association is advancing so rapidly. If we confirm to use a platform, we will get entrance to real-time trade of a many renouned cryptocurrency pairs and FIAT currencies.

24/7 support

With CoinDeal we won’t have to wait for an answer. CoinDeal’s support group is always prepared to respond to any exploration associated to cryptocurrencies. Our multilingual 24/7 support is there to support business around a clock. For those wishing to allege their believe or start off with an exchange, a experts will yield a best service.

The order is simple, so because overpay.

There are many exchanges on a marketplace perplexing to attract business with a lowest cost to buy BTC. When we confirm to buy cryptocurrencies, one of a pivotal factors is a elect combined to a purchase. Among a crowd of accessible sites on a Internet, CoinDeal offers low-fee transactions, so we won’t feel cheated as all a fees are clearly listed in Fees Table.


The CoinDeal height unequivocally cares about a users. Since Mar 2018, has introduced a probability of voting for cryptocurrencies. That’s because each new cryptocurrency will be implemented after subsequent in “Vote for cryptocurrency” voting system. This leads to a many critical thing; each user has an impact on cryptocurrency sell platform’s development.

In a march of dual voting events, 11 new cryptocurrencies have been introduced to a sell platform. Starting with a third vote, that began on Apr 4th, a manners have somewhat changed. Each user has a right to opinion 5 times a day for 5 opposite cryptocurrencies. The 5 that accept a biggest series of votes, with during slightest 1000, will come into force.

At a moment, we can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and some-more on Check a full list here!

Affiliate program

To make it happen, offers an Affiliate Program where we can entice your friends to trade on CoinDeal and accept 20% of their trade price as a reward. To join a program, we contingency be purebred and verified. If we already have an account, go to a associate module territory and accept a terms and conditions. In a subsequent step, we will accept your singular link, that we can send to a friend. When someone registers within 7 days regulating a link, we will acquire commissions on their trade fees. For a initial 3 months CoinDeal endowment for mention will be increasing to 50%.

Absolute security

We caring deeply about a cybersecurity of a users and essay to yield a knowledge, systems and collection to make each transaction as secure as possible. We store cryptocurrencies in cold wallets with high-end confidence measures in place. Our complement is cumulative by a multi-sign complement that provides one chairman with entrance to whole supports on a sell platform. isn’t only dull words. Register and check for yourself a new and innovative cryptocurrency sell market.

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