Bexplus sell announced launch of an associate program: Partners to accept adult to 50% of elect fees

Hong Kong-based leveraged sell height Bexplus announced a start of a affiliate program given this October. According to Bexplus, affiliates are means to accept adult to 50% of a trade commissions.

There are dual forms of rewards: customary registration prerogative [every time new user pointer ups around invitation couple a associate is to accept 0.001 BTC] and elect prerogative [when any time invited user opens a new transaction, a associate receives a certain share of trade cost paid by user to a platform].

The smallest elect prerogative is 15%, though until Dec affiliates are postulated with another reward 15%, that creates 30% in total. Besides, according to Bexplus, affiliates can request for a special customized rate, that can be adult to 50%. The sum elect cost depends on several factors: trade volume, a sum series of transactions, a series of active traders of opposite trade pairs, etc.

bloggers and attention experts are ostensible to turn a aim assembly for associate module given a new users are invited around singular couple firm to a affiliate. As to Bexplus, a height will cruise any focus for customized elect rate and a active partners will be postulated with poignant rewards.

Bexplus group says that a categorical advantages of a associate module are high volume rewards, information transparency, reserve and 24/7 associate support. The many active affiliates will be reserved with personal support staff member.

About Bexplus

Bexplus is formed in Hong Kong and provides 100x leveraged trade services for Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. The height was determined in 2017 and now is deliberate to be an aged actor in a industry.

Among a Bexplus facilities are: no appropriation cost [amount of domain hold by a complement for profitable a subsequent funding], no widespread [difference between shopping and offered price], and accessibility of built in bitcoin wallet with annual interest, rates change between 18-30% depending on a volume of a deposit.

Bexplus’ core underline is a 100x leverage: absolute instrument to urge investors profitability: due to 100x precedence it requires usually $100 to open a $10,000 position. Investors are means to gain profits even from a smallest cost movements.

Bexplus New User Reward Program

Bexplus offers several bonuses for new users to strengthen their investment power. Now Bexplus grants a new traders with a special amateur welcome package [limited to initial 500 entries]:

Trading Fee 10% discount

Regular Bexplus trade cost for BTC/USDT span is 0.075%, that is reduce than many of a competitors’. After a reward new user will suffer only 0.07% trade cost for a BTC/USDT trade pair. The trade cost reward is henceforth current once we purebred around a couple from a debate page.

$10 Registration Bonus

After registration any user can get a $10 (≈0.001 BTC during a time of writing) registration bonus: no need to make a deposit. $10 reward can be traded in a genuine trade account, increase done with $10 registration reward are authorised to withdraw.

$100 Deposit Bonus

All a users who done some-more than 0.008 BTC reward are authorised to explain $100 [≈0.001 BTC] bonus. Deposit reward can be used as margin, so all a increase we done will be aloft than but it. Profits are authorised to withdraw.

Users who’s deposition volume is reduce than 0.008 BTC can accept 100% deposition bonus. For example, by depositing 0.004 BTC user will accept 0.008 BTC.

10 BTC for Demo Account

Bexplus always has been a beginner-friendly platform: trade simulator for practicing is accessible on a platform. Users can start their introduction to leveraged trade by improving skills in a simulator: 10 BTC for that are postulated as shortly as you’ve registered.

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