Apple revamps associate module for Apple Books, charity increasing rates for authors & more

Apple is updating a associate module currently for a rebranded Apple Books. And with that, Apple is creation some changes for authors and publishers that will make it easier to discharge on a platform.

We’re really vehement to announce a launch of Apple Books that now replaces iBooks with a recover of iOS 12. Our books app has been wholly redesigned to make finding and enjoying books and audiobooks effortless.

Firstly, and a some-more apparent change is Apple is updating all of a badges, switching from “Get it on iBooks” to “Get it on Apple Books”. This relates to all labels such as downloading or pre-ordering books, in all languages.

For authors and publishers, Apple is introducing a new Apple Books Marketing Toolbox. This allows publishers and authors simply emanate links, supplement a logo, app icon, or a simple content link. This apparatus is accessible here.

To applaud a new launch, Apple is giving authors an invitation-only graduation to a associate program. The graduation will give aloft elect on competent book sales. Learn some-more about that here.

To applaud a launch of Apple Books, we’re charity a new, invitation-only graduation for authors in a associate program. To request to be a partial of this graduation and acquire special, increasing commissions on competent book sales on Apple Books, greatfully revisit a author module page for some-more details.

This is an surprising pierce as Apple recently effectively removed a program for apps, in-app purchases and developers, creation it meaningless for some associate module members.

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