Affiliate Marketing Report Card:

Jane, a boutique marketplace, relies on an in-house associate selling team, that uses dual associate networks: Impact Radius and ShareASale.

Jane, a boutique marketplace, relies on an in-house associate selling team, that uses dual associate networks: Impact Radius and ShareASale.

Merchants can grasp expansion by associate selling by training from a successes and failures of others. In this “Affiliate Marketing Report Card,” a new quarterly series, we will critique an associate module by focusing on 3 areas: a associate networks, a infrastructure, and a government style.

For the first installment, I’ll grade Jane, an online boutique marketplace for women’s conform items, home décor, and children’s clothing. Jane was ranked 263 in a Inc. 5000 2016 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies in a U.S., with income during $83.8 million.

Jane offers hundreds of deals any day. The company’s idea is to yield rival prices on peculiarity products, before a banking — there is no banking margin in a checkout, in fact. Since Jane is a marketplace, sellers control a understanding cost and a shipping. Jane suggests understanding ideas to sellers formed on a rival landscape, but, in a end, those decisions are adult to a sellers.

Affiliate Networks

Jane uses dual associate platforms: Impact Radius (since 2014) and ShareASale (since 2012). Maryellen Garasky, a finalist for a “Manager of a Year” Pinnacle Award during a Jan. 2017 Affiliate Summit, has been Jane’s associate manager given Apr 2015, heading a module to triple-digit expansion given then.

Garasky hereditary a use of Impact Radius and ShareASale. She deliberate consolidating into a singular platform, though she has found that a stream change is good for growth. Moreover, while corporate affiliates would expected follow a migration, Jane’s other affiliates, when polled, were austere about their platform preference. The banking and faithfulness affiliates elite Impact Radius, though a calm affiliates overwhelmingly chose ShareASale, especially for a promotional tools.

Using Impact Radius allows Garasky to save income on network fees and reinvest those supports behind into paid chain campaigns for name partners. Impact Radius is a digital selling platform, not a normal associate network. It charges a prosaic price for a use of a record and does not take a cut of a payouts.

Jane does not seem year-round in a ShareASale Top 100 Power Rank given Jane’s module statistics are separate between a dual networks. (The module has been listed in rise seasons, however.)

Affiliates in both programs are theme to modernized attribution rules by third-party detrimental software. This record gives Jane a ability to make recommendations on elect structure. Each quarter, Garasky reviews a devise and creates changes formed on a algorithm and on a believe of particular affiliates and how they foster a products. Based on their story of driving sales, calm affiliates are paid a aloft elect than banking or faithfulness affiliates.


Jane pays a bottom elect of 10 percent to calm affiliates for returning business and 11 percent for new customers. The association has a 15-day tracking opening cookie. Jane offers VIP — Very Important Person — commissions and VIP cookies formed on performance, effort, and personal relationships.

At a time of writing, Jane’s reported normal acclimatisation rate listed in a capitulation email to a module is 5.21 percent. Jane’s normal associate sale is $25. The annulment rate, from returned products, is nearby 3 percent.

According to a ShareASale associate interface, Jane’s trade relapse is 70 percent mobile and 30 percent desktop. Jane invests heavily into iOS and Android app expansion and maintenance.

Jane’s associate agreement is comprehensive, with 18 bullet points. Affiliates are not authorised to bid on heading or “trademark plus” terms, such as “Samsung discounts.”


Jane offers minute explanations of a associate module and entice prospects to Become An Affiliate.

Jane offers minute explanations of a associate module and entice prospects to “Become An Affiliate.”

Jane did not, unfortunately, send email promotions between Aug 2016 and Mar 2017, though it has been assertive in promulgation them given April.

The Jane group is adding as many as a dozen of a best product deals per day in a deals and coupons database. That’s because Jane works with banking sites. The deals don’t need codes though visitors to those banking and faithfulness sites are still looking for daily discounts on tip brands.


Successful associate programs typically have dedicated employees, like Garasky and her team. She credits a support from government for giving her a resources and leisure to rise a channel as she chooses. Garasky says that she is information driven and that as prolonged as she has a information to behind adult requests to her bosses, she can pierce a module forward.

A pivotal to a program’s success is a inner support from Jane’s information scientists. They ceaselessly guard visitors’ hunt and selling habits, and afterwards use that information to raise a selling experience. This increases conversions, that helps boost elect for affiliates.

Jane takes severely a correspondence of F.T.C. associate disclosures. Bloggers and influencers are a outrageous partial of a program’s growth. Once a month, Garasky’s group pulls a news of behaving affiliates and audits a referring URLs, sites, and amicable media, to safeguard F.T.C. avowal mandate are met.

Content affiliates can acquire quarterly bonuses formed on a approach invitation from Garasky. The bonuses operation from money payouts to selling sprees on a site. This attribute building keeps affiliates happy and it helps Garasky stay on tip of a program’s promotions.

A pet peeve of cave with associate programs is an email or web page signature that merely says “team.” Jane’s module summary, a associate agreement, and a external confronting communications all contend “The Jane Team.” But, thankfully, a focus summary has Garasky’s name on it and personal communications from her and others are privately signed.

Final Grade

Jane’s associate module gets an “A” — a tip rating. The detrimental insurance between a networks with a third-party module businessman was a additional credit a module needed. The infrastructure and a government character are excellent.

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