Adge, a Aggregator of Gaming Data for Affiliates, Doubles Affiliate Program …

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adge, a program as a use that aggregates statistics from online
gambling associate programmes into one cloud formed platform, have
doubled their coverage from 250 programmes to scarcely 500 given launching
in Q4 2014. Adge was soft-launched in 2014 and afterwards taken to a wider
marketplace in early 2015 during a LAC and ICE trade shows.

Adge was grown over 18 months by super-affiliate KAX Media to solve
a long-standing problem that affiliates have to bargain with different
stating systems for any of a associate programmes they work with.
The complement covers all pivotal Affiliate Programs and offers 3 principal
advantages to a users: thespian time savings, hassle-free financial
accounting and strong business intelligence.

Roberto Savio, Sales Marketing Director for Adge, comments “We have
been blown divided by how good Adge has been perceived by a affiliate
community. Given that this is a product that was grown by gambling
affiliates, for gambling affiliates, we knew it solved a genuine problem.
With scarcely 500 associate programmes already supported, affiliates can
be certain we already cover a immeasurable majority, if not all, of their

Iain Coward, a super-affiliate behind, remarks “I have
hundreds of opposite accounts – these take a lot of time to manage.
I’ve been regulating Adge for usually a few weeks and already it’s creation my
life most easier. All my information is in one format and one place, so it
saves hours of trawling by lots of dashboards. Also, saying data
from all my accounts in one place lets me analyse a comparative
opening of any – so now we know where to spend my time in sequence to
boost my income during a finish of any month.”

About Adge:

Adge is a insubordinate information formation apparatus for online gambling
affiliates. Using powerful, state-of-the-art software, Adge integrates
information from scarcely 500 opposite online gambling associate programmes into
one cloud formed account. Clients can entrance their information from any
internet-enabled device, including a Adge iOS app. The system
integrates not usually a high turn data, though trade turn information enabling
absolute stating of statistics by trade source opposite hundreds of
gaming associate programmes. Adge is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that
starts during €49.00/pm and is accessible during

To benefit a improved bargain of how Adge can assistance your business, check
out a video during