A New Code of Conduct for Affiliate Marketing

This is a live blog post from a Affiliate Management Days Conference in San Francisco.

Affiliate Management Days is an educational eventuality for associate managers and those obliged for opening selling programs within their organizations. It is a place where a suspicion leaders of a opening selling universe accumulate to sell thoughts about a enrichment of their opening driven campaigns.

Following are a pivotal takeaways from Keynote Ben Edelman, Associate Professor of Business Administration during Harvard Business School.

Key Takeaways: from A New Code of Conduct for Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Creativity.
  • Reach.
  • Attractive pricing model, low risk indication — “I’m anxious to compensate x percent elect for anyone who can move in a sale. we can’t lose!”
  • Affiliate selling fixes profitable for chain on low peculiarity sites, invisible ensign ads, and vast volume click fraud.


  • Difficulty handling and monitoring high volumes of associate partners you’ve never met.
  • Many and anomalous incentives: merchant, network, associate module manager, affiliate.

Affiliate Earns Commission If

  • User browses a affiliate’s Web site,
  • User clicks affiliate’s couple to merchant, AND
  • User creates a purchase.

Question: If that’s a case, can a businessman partner with anyone?

What Can Go wrong?

  • Complacency.
  • “Strategic behavior” — doing something that maybe we would not like that helps them acquire some-more money.
  • This impacts associate behavior, associate network behavior, and associate manager behavior.

You can use network collection and forensiq.com to assistance we guard and locate fake function in sequence to keep your module as purify as possible.

There are authorised box examples of “what can go wrong” operative with affiliates, per Ben Edelman‘s website.

Affiliate Networks

  • Can confirm “how hard” to demeanour for this stuff. If they are not holding shortcoming or burden for associate bad behavior, they will still acquire income from it. They need to cruise what happens if they find a problem and how it will impact their revenue.
  • How will merchants respond if they find problems?

Affiliate Managers

  • Can confirm “how hard” to demeanour for this as well. Especially when they get paid $60,000  plus 10 percent of year over year associate module growth, as an example. They have incentives to demeanour a other approach in many cases.
  • Get an aged mechanism and use Firefox’s built-in collection and/or Chrome after installing some adware/spyware to try and locate this behavior.

Solutions to “Turning a Other Way”

  • Set picturesque goals.
  • Reward genuine advances, such as throwing fraud.
  • What if a associate manager finds rascal in final year’s results? Accept and extol that we get to save money going brazen since of their discovery.

Keep an Eye Out For:

  • Adware
  • Cookie-stuffing
  • “Loyalty” block ins
  • Typosquatting

Recognize your vulnerabilities.

Network Managed Program

  • Think delicately about network’s incentives. Set transparent discipline generally in a areas that are controversial.
  • Don’t assume network’s default is in your interest.

Self-Managed Program

  • What do a specialists know that we don’t ?
  • Come to AMDays. Read news forums. Hire veteran help!

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