Chanz launches new associate program

Chanz launches new associate program

10 Sep 2015

(PRESS RELEASE) — Chanz, an Estonia-based real-money online amicable casino code and auxiliary of Dreambox Games OÜ, has launched a new associate programme in partnership with Income Access, a Montreal-based record and digital selling group portion a tellurian iGaming industry. The Chanz Affiliates programme has finished a formation with Income Access’ award-winning associate government software.

Licensed by a Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Chanz is a Europe-focused online casino code that is powered by a state-of-the-art Microgaming platform. The code boasts some-more than 50 diversion titles, including Premier Roulette, Classic Blackjack, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. Chanz offers players real-money and free-play options for each game, and provides them with innovative amicable options such as discuss and bar functions.

The code facilities an interesting actor promotion. New players who pointer adult with a code will have entrance to a 100% deposition reward of adult to €100 as good as 20 giveaway spins.

Chanz’s new associate programme allows affiliates to start compelling this heading online amicable casino brand. The programme offers affiliates an interesting 25% income share elect structure. In addition, Chanz’s associate programme also provides particular affiliates with a event to arrange tradition elect structures according to their specific needs.

“Chanz is really vehement about a launch of a new associate programme with Income Access,” pronounced Ken Ronny Schouten, Managing Director during Dreambox Games OÜ. “We’re looking brazen to their record personification a pivotal purpose in joining players with a fun, singular casino knowledge that we offer.”

The Chanz associate programme, that will be managed by Chanz’s dedicated group of in-house associate managers, will be powered by Income Access’ associate government software. The height has won a ‘Best Affiliate Software’ endowment during a eGR B2B Awards for a final 3 uninterrupted years.

Chanz’s Income Access white tag will also embody a company’s Ad Serving product. This apparatus will concede a code to conduct and optimize a online ad campaigns by worldly geo-targeting, time-of-day, browser and other targeting functionality.

“We’re really gratified to launch a associate programme of up-and-coming online casino code Chanz on a platform,” pronounced Nicky Senyard, CEO and owner of Income Access. “Chanz’s innovative proceed to lovely a online casino knowledge provides affiliates in both that straight and others as good with an critical income opportunity.”

For some-more information about Chanz’s new associate programme, greatfully hit Chanz.

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DigiWorldz launches associate program

A DigiWorldz associate link.

A DigiWorldz associate link.

DigiWorldz has announced a mention and associate module for residents, bloggers, and anyone else who would like to move new users to a grid and acquire a elect on all destiny land payments.

Terry Ford

Terry Ford

This is not a one-time payment, grid owner Terry Ford told Hypergrid Business. Whenever a new user signs adult with a sold singular link, 5 percent of all destiny purchases and payments will go to a strange referrer.

“The intensity here is really good, generally for a bustling blog or other website,” pronounced Ford.

For example, if a patron rents a $20 region, a referrer will acquire $1 a month, or $12 a year, for as prolonged as that segment is rented.

If a patron afterwards adds some-more land, or other business use a same associate link, a referrer’s monthly income will grow with no top extent Ford said.

“Our selling bill is small, a distinction margins skinny and we wish this will infer an effective approach of reaching some-more people by trade a promotion finished by a affiliates for a repeated income,” he said. “We get promotion but profitable adult front, a referring user gets a repeated income if anyone uses their link.”

One of several DigiWorldz promotional images for affiliates.

One of several DigiWorldz promotional images for affiliates.


To get started, would-be referrers or affiliates need to have a user comment with a DigiWorldz land store, afterwards revisit a affiliates page to activate a associate comment and get a singular mention link, that can be given out to friends, used with any of DigiWorldz’ suggested graphics or your possess content or images, or even given out in-world.

DigiWorldz has already had a many successful launch in a story of a hypergrid, formed on low prices — it primarily offering $8 regions — and a repute of a founders.

Growth has continued even as a grid’s prices went adult slightly. In October, prices are going adult again, from a stream bottom of $16 for a 15,000-prim segment to $20.

Other grids are expected to be examination closely to see if a new selling plan works.

Experience Advertising Has Been Named a Top Affiliate Marketing Company for …

Digital selling group Experience Advertising, Inc. has defended their #1 ranking as a tip associate selling group in a U.S.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) Sep 07, 2015

The eccentric government on digital promotion agencies,, has named Experience Advertising, Inc. a tip rated associate government group for Sep 2015. Experience Advertising was comparison due to their clever opening in a consummate associate selling group research process. Hundreds of agencies are deliberate while usually a 30 best are highlighted in a rankings.

The eccentric investigate group during performs an in-depth research of a competing firms in sequence to stay wakeful of their latest successes within a industry. Contending firms are researched by a use of 5 areas of research in areas including optimization, reporting, monitoring, network, and implementation.

Experience Advertising has been awarded a #1 ranking for associate selling government in a monthly rankings during due to their well-developed customer services, analogous opening over prior months, stream customer references, and their loyalty towards altogether excellence. It is due to this information that suggests merchants and advertisers seeking effective associate selling solutions cruise Experience Advertising as their associate selling government group or OPM.

About Experience Advertising: Experience Advertising, founded by 17 year ecommerce attention maestro Evan Weber, offers an effective associate module government resolution for ecommerce companies looking for a active proceed to flourishing their associate selling channel. With dedicated consultant associate managers, copy-writing services, website origination tools, and educational resources to support their affiliates and publishers, Experience Advertising provides many profitable resources to assistance their clients grasp their goals by their associate selling government services. Their services are directed during methodically flourishing a associate selling channel for their clients by implementing active associate recruiting and glorious associate messaging and management.

Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising, stated, “We are anxious to be famous as a premier associate selling channel government agency. We take a lot of honour in delivering these services improved than other agencies.” Weber has been concerned in flourishing associate selling programs given 2002 when he was a Marketing Director for “A lot has altered per flourishing associate programs. However, a beliefs like active associate recruiting and effective handling have not. You have to always be recruiting new affiliates proactively as good as handling actively to grow a large, prolific associate selling channel,” settled Weber. Weber is also eminent for his presentations during a Affiliate Summit discussion where he is one of a many renouned speakers during a events.

Experience Advertising is deliberate an “OPM” or outsourced associate government agency. They work with a largest associate networks in a U.S., as good as flourishing in-house associate programs for their clients. Experience Advertising is also a full-service digital selling and amicable media agency.

Experience Advertising provides intensity clients with a nominal research to establish either posterior an associate module creates clarity for a company. Weber continued, “Unlike other OPM’s, we establish that associate network is ideal for any customer and what kind of plan will be compulsory to effectively grow a associate selling channel for any client. We also work with a clients to make certain their website has a some-more than adequate acclimatisation rate so their affiliates will be successful when they foster a company. Otherwise, a module won’t benefit a traction it needs to grow and develop into 100s of producers over time.”

Experience Advertising is also one of a tip affiliate recruiting services for advertisers and merchants of all types. They implement a best associate recruitment databases accessible to obtain information on who are a ideal intensity associate partners for their clients, and afterwards strech out to any intensity associate privately to entice them to turn an associate partner of their clients. Weber went on to state, “Our associate recruiting use is a best in a attention simply since we have entrance to a best associate information and use a best proceed to reaching out to any intensity associate in a personal way. This proceed has grown a associate programs most incomparable than they would have been but contracting this associate recruitment technique. Our active associate recruitment routine is another proceed we compute ourselves from other agencies that work in a space. They simply can’t transcribe a ability to awaiting a right forms of associate selling partners for a clients, that creates all of a disproportion in a capability and expansion of a channel.”

If we are meddlesome in flourishing an associate module for your company, we can revisit Experience Advertising and scrutinise about their associate module government options and fees.

For a strange chronicle on PRWeb visit:

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Coderversity Launches Affiliate Marketing Program to Help Promote Online IT …

Coderversity is an online preparation establishment charity a really best coding courses available, and they have combined an online selling module that will prerogative those who suggest them to others.

This press recover was orginally distributed by SBWire

Seattle, WA — (SBWIRE) — 09/02/2015 — Affiliate selling is a absolute apparatus in a age of a internet. At a time where people can find roughly anything online in a fiercely rival market, recommendations pronounce volumes about a peculiarity they can design from a given company. Coderversity understands this, as they yield courses that assistance people get on a slicing corner of a online environment, together with coding courses for offline applications. They have only combined a new associate selling module that will concede those who have taken a march to suggest it to make genuine income from their recommendations. The associate module will also interest to associate marketers who are looking for products that are of high peculiarity and good perceived by customers.

The event is ideal for people looking to make income by education associate programs. The product sells itself, with a stretchable partial time report enabling people to keep their pursuit as they sight for a graduation or retrain for a new industry. The professors are all rarely learned and entirely capable in their subjects, and a education are famous via a nation and abroad.

The Online Coding Bootcamp selling module will capacitate people to make a poignant income from recommending their complement to others. There are 3 tiers to a program, that enables people to acquire potentially total commissions of adult to $500 per tyro enrollment.

A orator for Coderversity explained, “Here during Coderversity we see ourselves as a movement, and we know that movements need people out there swelling a word about what we’re perplexing to achieve. We assistance give new options to graduates and entrepreneurs, as good as people simply looking for a change in direction, or even those who have late looking to make an income on a side by freelance coding. With us, marketers can get a best support probable with ready-to-launch artistic materials and a giveaway associate couple to start earning right away.”

About Coderversity
Coderversity provides determined IT professionals with a believe and knowledge indispensable to surpass in a new career in record and development. They have instructors with endless backgrounds in C#, Java, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Hadoop, JavaScript, and other renouned languages and frameworks. Their courses have stretchable partial time schedules and are ideal for those in work building their additional skills. For some-more information greatfully visit:

For some-more information on this press recover visit:

Clapway Affiliate Program

The Clapway Affiliate Program is a collaborative plan open to gifted writers and bloggers from around a world. Participants will be given a event to emanate a personalized blog, powered by Clapway, and can implement this space to tell singular and strange calm geared toward a ubiquitous categories of scholarship and technology with aptitude to moving niche groups and subcultures that are not frequently reported on. Suggested themes can include, nonetheless are not singular to, anthropology, astronomy, ecology and space.

The categorical idea of a module is to yield bloggers with a artistic opening where they can benefaction research, convene open seductiveness in a cause, or simply yield readers with entertaining, nonetheless ominous calm by an online context.

Please finish a following Steps:

1. Read, print, fill out, pointer and send us a scanned duplicate of a Affiliate Agreement to [email protected]

2. Fill out a Affiliate Form to be deliberate for a Affiliate program.

3. Read a Clapway Affiliate Guidelines to learn some-more about a Terms and Conditions of this program.

If we are meddlesome in training some-more about a Clapway Affiliate Program, hit [email protected]

Follow Launches Generous New Herbal Incense Affiliate Program, a heading online tradesman of herbal incense, launched a inexhaustible new associate program. Open to all who wish to participate, a new module will broach commissions of 5% on any sale done by an associate couple to or a specific product on a site. The new module will therefore be an easy, glorious approach for bloggers, website operators, and amicable network participants to acquire additional income while swelling a word about’s industry-leading preference of herbal incense.

“After so many requests from a constant customers, we’re happy to deliver a code new associate program,” deputy John Baker said, “We’ve done it impossibly easy to get started, and we consider that a new affiliates are unequivocally going to suffer a inexhaustible commissions they will earn. With a superb preference of herbal scent expanding roughly each day, we have something for everyone, and a associate members are already benefiting.”

Since during slightest a tallness of ancient Egyptian civilization 4 thousand or some-more years ago, people have done unchanging use of savoury scent for a accumulation of purposes. The blazing of scent has been a elemental sermon for thousands of years in a far-reaching operation of a world’s eremite traditions, for example, from those of ancient China and India to a complicated Eastern Orthodox church and other Christian denominations.

Whether for privately eremite functions or wholly physical ones, scent use is substantially even some-more common currently than during any time in a past. Used to a far-reaching operation of choice in a market, though, complicated consumers tend to be distant some-more resourceful in their scent shopping habits than was a normal in a past.

Among a many environmentally wakeful and health-conscious scent buyers, for example, restlessness with a low-quality offerings that used to be so common has been rising steadily. Instead, these consumers increasingly find out all-natural, herbal scent products that bake some-more clean and are many safer for those who use them.

Since a site’s launch, has turn a tip source of herbal scent for a many perfectionist and zealous scent buyers. With an unmatched, constantly expanding preference of products, a association consistently offers a best prices on a many renouned herbal scent formulations, too.

That joining includes a special indiscriminate assets module for business who buy 5 or some-more products during a time, with those who place even incomparable orders being authorised to save as many as 50% compared to a company’s low unchanging prices. Between this unbeatable value and a company’s considerable product preference and patron service, a new associate module represents a profitable event for anybody who is meddlesome in herbal incense.


With a industry’s best preference of herbal scent during a lowest prices to be found anywhere, provides fast, secure shipping and rock-solid patron service.


Media Contact
Company Name:
Contact Person: John Baker
Phone: 661-347-5907
City: Bakersfield
State: CA
Country: United States

Leading Commercial Cleaning Franchise Image One Announces New Affiliate Program

WOOD DALE, IL–(Marketwired – Aug 27, 2015) – The blurb cleaning attention — also famous as a janitorial services attention — is one of a fastest flourishing use industries in a U.S., with some-more than 3 million people employed.

Now, heading blurb cleaning authorization Image One Facility Solutions announces a new authorization associate module that will yield even larger opportunities for people looking to possess and work their possess cleaning business. The indication builds on Image One’s fast-growing authorization indication that’s authorised a code to rise some-more than 80 authorization locations given 2011.

“Many authorization owners have grasped a thought of a American Dream of owning their possess business and building a improved life for themselves,” pronounced Tim Conn, Director of Operations and co-founder of Image One. “We comprehend that some have a idea of handling a vast organisation of employees, while others select to sojourn a ‘mom and pop’ form franchise, doing all a work themselves. Whichever indication best fits a franchisee, Image One supports their business during all levels.”

Image One is a initial blurb cleaning authorization to offer this singular and rare authorization associate program. While Image One’s customary authorization charity is shaped on franchisees receiving sales and business by a corporate office, a new associate module allows authorization owners to control all aspects of owning and handling their possess business.

“As a authorization affiliate, we can take advantage of mixed probable income streams, with a accumulation of cleaning services and agreement offerings,” combined Conn. “We will yield mixed weeks of training to assistance authorization affiliates launch their businesses and afterwards offer additional resources recommendation to entirely support in a growth of their singular Image One business.”

In a authorization associate arrangement, particular owners marketplace products and services for their Image One authorization as a proceed to expostulate additional income and strike a belligerent running, faster. The hyper-local proceed Image One has taken to franchising empowers entrepreneurs who are concerned in their village to gain on existent relations to rise a accumulation of new accounts trimming from offices and film theaters to automobile dealers and medical comforts with a whole organisation of dedicated employees.

Image One provides a training, collection and support indispensable for authorization affiliates to be successful, including training franchisees a latest cleaning techniques, about a latest and biggest apparatus in a attention and how to build a business. Ongoing training is delivered both in a classroom and onsite during existent patron locations to safeguard that franchisees continue to grow their possess businesses in specialized markets. Additionally, training is hold not usually during a corporate office, though also in a franchisee’s internal market. Training doesn’t finish there — each Image One authorization includes lifetime support from a system’s dedicated support team.

The authorization model, grown with a assistance of Chicago-based iFranchise Group, has some-more than 80 blurb cleaning locations opposite a Midwest. Immediate authorization and associate enlargement skeleton call for locations opposite Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, relocating south into Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Texas. The Image One authorization indication can be replicated anywhere opposite a United States, with a dedicated authorization support group to yield ongoing training and support to affiliates.

If you’re meddlesome in starting your possess business, or apropos a franchising affiliate, Image One can help. Visit a website during, email or call 800-223-1985 for some-more information.

About Image One Facility Soulutions

Image One Facility Solutions is a blurb cleaning services business. The Image One franchising indication was shaped on a beliefs of transparency, training, and top-notch financial and patron use support. In a 2015 Franchise Business Review consult measuring franchisee satisfaction, Image One perceived high ratings from franchisees, including a 4.3 out of a probable 5 rating in a “Core Values” category.

Image One franchisees work for themselves, in a singular attribute with Image One. Image One provides them with patron support for their business, ongoing training, along with assistance with billing, apparatus and word coverage. Image One has some-more than 80 blurb cleaning authorization locations via a Midwest. Immediate authorization and associate enlargement skeleton call for locations opposite Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa.

For some-more information on a Image One franchise, revisit

The following files are accessible for download:

Affiliate Marketing: 5 Steps to Identify, Recruit Affiliates

Editor’s Note: Meet Carolyn Kmet during Ignite 2015, a discussion on Sept. 16 and 17 in Dallas, where she’ll benefaction dual sessions: “Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing” and “Affiliate Marketing: How to Recruit High-producing Affiliates.”

A good associate offered module never stops growing. By ceaselessly recruiting and enchanting new affiliates, we can produce new traffic and new customers. However, we contingency initial confirm that form of affiliates to recruit.

For example, calm affiliates emanate or promote a sell of singular and strange calm with a idea of attracting an audience. Blogs and online forums tumble underneath this category. There are banking or bargain sites with singular offers that might or might not be curated. And there are search affiliates that specialize in using pay-per-click campaigns; they may not even own a website.

Mature associate programs should have plain affiliates in any category, since any brings in a opposite form of consumer. Content sites tend to emanate and change consumer demand. They can drive new patron acquisition. An particular might not even be in a marketplace for something, afterwards he’ll read a blog post or come opposite a product review that prompts his purchase.

Coupon and bargain affiliates typically have poignant amounts of trade that can drive new customers. But a customer from a coupon site may be some-more cost supportive and bargain driven, contra one that was driven by a content affiliate.

5 Steps to Identify and Recruit Affiliates

1. Determine a stream makeup of your associate base. What elect of affiliates are content, coupon-deal, and search? Prioritize the segments we wish to grow.

To rise an effective recruiting strategy, demeanour during a combination of your existent affiliates. Which form of associate drives a many revenue? Which has a best new patron merger ratio? Do we over-rely on coupon and bargain affiliates? By bargain a stream state of your associate base, we can prioritize your recruiting strategy.

2. Layer in seasonality. Once we know the type affiliates to recruit, a subsequent step is to covering in your seasonality. If back-to-school is a clever deteriorate for your business, structure your recruiting devise to go after applicable calm affiliates during slightest 3 months in advance, to give them time to rise calm and campaigns.

Conversely, bargain and banking affiliates will not need as most lead time, as they are typically already integrated with your associate network or with other bargain feeds, and will automatically lift in your promotions once we are launched on their site.

3. Create a 6-month devise to identify affiliates and promotions. At this point, we know the types of affiliates to partisan into your program, and what your anniversary concentration is. The subsequent step is to emanate a 6-month movement devise to concentration your recruiting efforts.

Say back-to-school deteriorate is critical for your business. You wish to grow content affiliates in your program. To be prepared for the August offered season, devise to go after calm affiliates with a clever back-to-school aptitude in May.  Similarly, if  traffic and sales from existent banking and bargain affiliates spike in November, start to partisan new coupon-deal sites in Sep or October.

In other words, once you know that forms of affiliates to recruit, rise targeted recruiting promotions with financial incentives, such as a elect strike for a initial month after they join a program, or a first- or second-sale bonus. If we are recruiting bloggers, consider providing tangible products to support a giveaway for readers.

4. Identify specific associate targets. What websites or affiliates tumble within your monthly targets?

There are several opposite collection and techniques to brand websites or affiliates to recruit. NerdyData is an example. You can use it to brand sites that use specific keywords, or that couple to specific sites. You could also sinecure an outsourced module manager or group to build lists, and even recruit. Or, we can use good aged bend douse and enter pivotal hunt terms into a hunt engines to brand that sites arrange high for those terms.

If we are going after calm sites, checking a blog rolls of impending sites is another approach to find new ones. Many bloggers will couple to or underline other blogs. Since bloggers typically value their credibility, blogs listed on their sites will be relevant.

Retro Mummy, a blog by an Australian mother, publishes a blog roll.

Retro Mummy, a blog by an Australian mother, publishes a blog roll.

Additionally, don’t forget a heading amicable media sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. These channels beget active content, with a built-in approach to hit a intensity partisan directly.

5. Execute and evaluate. When we partisan a new associate into your program, it’s useful to brand it with some arrange of tab that enables we to run opening reports. This way, we can sign a efficacy of your recruiting tactics. For any month’s conspirator of new recruits, we can lane trade and sales.

Follow these 5 stairs to move in new affiliates, and grow your program.

E-Coin Launches Bitcoin Debit Card Affiliate Program

By Aug 23, 2015 7:00 PM EDT



E-coin specializes in bridging a opening between a normal financial institutions and Bitcoin by permitting Bitcoin users to store Bitcoin safely with its multi-sig wallet service, as good as allowing users to bucket Bitcoin onto withdraw cards that can be used during any POS depot that accepts VISA cards — in USD, EUR, and GBP.

Also read: Litecoin Halving: Impact on Exchange Rate, Mining Profitability

“Inspired by blockchain decentralized technology, a association dedicates a good partial of a efforts in flourishing a recognition and usability of cryptocurrency while perplexing to make sell simple, safe, and hassle-free.”

e-coin withdraw card

Visual Representation of a E-coin withdraw card.

The E-coin withdraw cards work like their normal counterparts; simply bucket supports into an account that can be managed on the web and a E-coin mobile app. To date, 17,000 Bitcoin withdraw cards have been shipped and are straightforwardly accessible to sequence and use. E-coin ships to 173 countries, and the cards can be used in any country. Since a E-coin withdraw label works like a VISA card, support for it has already been built in, with over 30 million ATMs and 25 million merchants usurpation VISA worldwide.

“For a banking to advantage adoption it needs to circulate. Although already utterly popular, bitcoin is still not really easy to get and spend for an normal Joe. Our bitcoin withdraw label does not solve a whole problem, though it does solve half of it – it creates spending bitcoin as easy as spending dollars or euros, or any other normal currency. This is one step towards wider adoption of a cryptocurrency.”

E-coin strives to make its product mount out from a sea of bitcoin withdraw cards now on a market. While E-coin is already a elite Bitcoin withdraw label service, a association still wants to take it a step further:

“We offer present loading, good sell rate, multi-signature insurance of users’ wallets and discerning and manageable patron service. Based on what we hear from clients, forums, etc. that is a multiple of these factors creates a use mount out.”

E-coin Affiliate Program Launched

E-coin logoE-coin is now introducing an associate module to all label holders. The module is structured where affiliates will acquire 10% of sum fees on their referrals in a initial year, and 5% for each year after that; a referrer will be means to acquire bitcoins from each label bucket transaction done forever.

Consumers who pointer adult from a personalized couple will also advantage from a 25% bonus when grouping their cards, creation a rewards a two-way street.  All referrals and commissions are warranted in genuine time and can be seen from your comment page to fast lane who we are earning Bitcoin from.

Do we use Bitcoin withdraw cards? Does a E-coin associate module tempt we adequate to barter cards? Let us know in a comments below!

Photo Sources: E-coin

For some-more information: E-coin’s Website

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Manufacturer of Beach Lifestyle Footwear Announces Affiliate Program

Orlando, FL, Aug 14, 2015 –(– It’s deliberate a ideal boots for relaxed, laid-back guys and gals who value comfort. Hey Dudes Shoes offers lightweight, gentle slip-on boots that encapsulates a hint of a beach lifestyle. With a accurate mix of EVA and rubber, matched with flex and overlay technology, a boots keep their figure and character even after bland use. With many versatile styles, business can travel right out a boardroom and wander true onto a beach.

Through a new partnership of and Hey Dude Shoes, a associate module rewards affiliates for their performance-based promotional achievements and gives affiliates a event to beget income with their campaign.

Live on a AvantLink and ShareASale networks, a associate module offers:

20% associate commission

60-day cookie duration

“We are really vehement to partner with HeyDudeShoesUSA,” pronounced Mayrena Tavarez-Garcia. “Not usually are a boots really smart and fashionable, though are also intensely comfortable. We demeanour brazen to contributing to their success with a associate selling expertise.”


Founded in 2010, Hey Dude Shoes came into existence with one goal: to totally change a approach business suspicion about footwear. With insubordinate Flex Fold technology, Hey Dude boots have a character and support of a normal span shoes, while consisting of a fragment of a weight and twice a comfort.


Piloted by Affiliate Summit’s 2013 Affiliate Manager of a Year, Jon Nunez, brings insubordinate record and forlorn use to expostulate associate programs by all phases of management, including recruitment, activation and optimization.

For additional information about a and associate module collaboration, greatfully contact:

Jon Nunez | President |
P. (682) 478-5882 | F. (407) 650-2820 | E.