Kesha’s New Look: The Singer on Glitter, Gratitude, and Learning to Embrace …



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Kesha’s morning beauty slight is easier than we competence design for a lady once famous for her gold-painted lips, heavy-lidded kohl gaze, and well-documented debility for glitter. But during a new revisit to the Vogue offices, a newly fresh-faced thespian admits that her days of channeling a untamed Party Girl are especially behind her. In city amidst an general debate and studio sessions operative on new music, her healthy, spotted skin is explanation that she means it. “I unequivocally wanted to make a change—be some-more tender and real,” explains a thespian of her visible transformation, that is accentuated by her scrupulous dress and jacket. “I wanted to be some-more assured in myself—embrace each in. of my body—not try to cover adult with makeup.”

The singer’s new opinion is as lovely as it was hard-won. After a strenuous success of 2009’s singular “Tik Tok,” a Los Angeles local recalls going from personification for a room of 30 people to personification for a festival throng of 6,000 scarcely overnight. “All of a remarkable we had all of these fans, though also [just as many] critics.” Her pretension artist persona, glam stone hair, and “Alice Cooper”–inspired makeup, all designed to applaud personal freedom, were polarizing. The recoil came from each direction—hackers, bloggers, even a colleague—and their daggers cut deep. “Slowly though certainly my self venerate [started to] deteriorate.” What started as a regard with her physique picture eventually morphed into an eating disorder. At a commencement of 2014, when things came to a head, Kesha motionless to press postponement and recalibrate with a stay in rehab. Since then, she’s returned to a theatre feeling happier and some-more herself. Now, one year later, she sits down to speak about her personal and earthy evolution, a place for thankfulness and gleam in her new life, and a energy of self-acceptance.

You’ve left by utterly a beauty shift in a final year. Can we tell me what spurred a change?
I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. It’s been utterly a journey. [With a criticism], we went to a dim place. There was a lot of not eating—and we started to consider being inspired to a indicate of feeling roughly gloomy was a certain thing. The worse it got, a some-more certain feedback we was getting. Inside we was unequivocally unhappy, though outside, people were like, “Wow, we demeanour great.”

How did we lift yourself out of that cycle?
I was singing these songs like “We R Who We R,” and we unequivocally believed them. we wanted to be genuine. But we was unhappy and [I wasn’t eating]. That’s not good for your body, metabolism, or brain. we talked to my therapist, and she said, “I consider it’s time we take a impulse to residence this.” we called my mom one night and we told her, “I need help.” we went to an eating-disorder specific rehab site where a nutritionist taught me that food is a certain thing for your body. we satisfied being healthy is a many critical thing we can do for myself. Now, I’m perplexing to welcome a skin I’m in. It’s formidable sometimes. Every day we have to demeanour in a counterpart and make a choice to be kind to myself. This is who we am—I have to adore that.

How do we feel now?
Part of being healthy is being positive. we don’t compensate courtesy to a Internet or bloggers. we approximate myself with certain people. we run a few miles on a beach each day, and we got into Transcendental Meditation to try to find some assent in my crazy life. [It reminds me] to be beholden for where we am, for my body, and my face—as unlawful as any of it might be.

It shows—you demeanour good and your skin is glowing.
Well, we am a beauty hoarder—I have all sorts of face serums and lotions. And we have this facialist, Francesca Paige, who is a magician. Before we have anything [important to go to], we get this crazy oxygenating treatment—it creates your skin glow. And we get these collagen piece masks from her that we soak in bottled H2O afterwards put on my face. She’s a lifesaver.

What about your makeup? It’s utterly pared-down these days.
Now we bucket adult on mascara and mouth balm, and [for shine] we use NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder on my cheeks. On my skin, we started regulating Dior’s Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation when we was on tour—it’s so easy, like spray-paint for your face, though light.

Is that a demeanour we wear onstage—no-makeup makeup?  
[Stage makeup] has to be bigger than what we would travel down a travel in—lots of rhinestones, lots of drama. It’s my aesthetic, though on steroids. we pull a lot of impulse from a duration of time in a late seventies when group were wearing makeup with unequivocally parsimonious pants and physique suits, like [David Bowie as] Ziggy Stardust. There was a time when my makeup artist, Vittorio Masecchia, used to glue outrageous gemstones onto my face.

Looking back, do we have any beauty regrets?
Do we meant a bullion tooth we had removed? [Laughs] No, we demeanour behind lovingly since we was carrying so most fun [with hair and makeup]. There was a time we went on a red runner with a Mohawk, though I’ll substantially never do that again. And before we went on theatre we used to flow drink on my physique [as an adhesive] afterwards hurl in a bathtub full of glitter. we don’t do that anymore since it raw my skin.

Is there still a place for gleam in your life?
I’m not finished with it forever—there are still hints of glitter.

Yes—it creates an coming in a manicures we post on Instagram.
I’m spooky with spike art. [Right now we have] an ombré French manicure. It started when we went to Japan—there’s this place esNail, and they would emanate 3-D flowers on my fingers, put crazy gemstones on them, and build tiny cities—I let it go to a indicate where we couldn’t even use my hands they were so blinged out. I’ve toned it down a bit, though we still like to have fun.  I’ve motionless all in my life should be fun, otherwise—what’s a point?

This talk has been edited and condensed.

Microsoft to Expand Affiliate Program to Windows 10 Apps, Games, and Music

With a recover of Windows 10, Microsoft is perplexing to assistance developers acquire some-more income by permitting a biggest partial of their formula to be used for apps on PCs and smartphones, though a association seems to be looking into some-more ways to monetize a recognition of a handling system.

The Affiliate Program that Microsoft is charity allows webmasters to couple to products belonging to a company, and each time a sale is completed, to acquire a commission. And now that Windows 10 is roughly here, a organisation is expanding this module to embody apps, games, music, and video accessible in a store.

As Neowin writes, webmasters would have to couple to apps and games designed to run on Windows 10 and acquire a elect whenever someone purchases an object from a store by their link.

Microsoft doesn’t contend how most we can acquire by referrals, though anyone can register for a module regulating this link. Obviously, a website is compulsory and we contingency be vital in one of a upheld countries. Applications are all reviewed, with a response being offering in 5 business days.

Windows 10 is projected to launch in a summer of 2015, and a store will yield entrance not usually to apps and games though also to music, video, and TV series, so design some-more such programs to be denounced in a entrance months.

New name, stretched programs designed for The First Tee Lehigh-Berks

From a common roots in Easton, where kids once strike froth balls inside a Boys Girls Club, The First Tee Lehigh Valley has grown into a vital section of a inhabitant organization. This year, a organisation will manage one of a many poignant expansions, one that includes several new locations along with a name change.

Seeking to grow a overdo and fundraising footprint, a internal section has altered a name to The First Tee Lehigh-Berks, a curtsy to a group’s expanding programs in Berks County. The First Tee will horde girl programs during Sittler’s Golf Center in Kutztown, along with dual in Upper Macungie Township and Bethlehem Municipal Golf Course, as it seeks to pull some-more kids into golf and a core-values module grown by a game.

“We’re perplexing to build scale in both a golf and tennis programs,” pronounced Ed Jachim, executive executive of Embrace Your Dreams, a Bethlehem nonprofit that oversees The First Tee Lehigh-Berks. “We have some implausible facilities, and we wish to get as many kids to them as possible.”

The First Tee-Lehigh-Berks traces a roots to a golf module Dean Young began during a Easton Boys Girls Club in a late 1990s. The First Tee, that supports scarcely 1,000 chapters in a U.S., helped account that module along with a purpose-built Marvine facility, that non-stop in Bethlehem in 2006.

Since then, The First Tee Lehigh-Berks has reason summer programs during several courses, including Willowbrook, along with a Bethlehem facility. For a past 3 years, it has reason associate programs during a Manor Golf Club nearby Reading and Sittler’s Golf Center.

This year, The First Tee Lehigh-Berks has scheduled summer sessions during Bethlehem Municipal and a Upper Macungie Township Golf Course. Jachim pronounced these clinics will give participants a possibility to grasp personification acceptance levels by The First Tee curriculum.

A vital partial of a enlargement will start during Sittler’s Golf Center, where owners Rick Kline will exercise a First Tee curriculum in his girl programs. Ray Dandrea, conduct manager of a Berks County programs, called this poignant for a informal chapter.

“Rick Kline is timeless and has a high repute with girl golf programs,” Dandrea said. “He’ll do utterly well.”

With a new name, a First Tee Lehigh-Berks section seeks to strech a broader assembly in terms of participants and fundraising. Dandrea pronounced a Berks enlargement will pierce another 100-150 kids into a program. Jachim pronounced a programs hopes to embody as many as 400 participants this year.

The First Tee Lehigh-Berks is charity mixed programs opposite a comforts this summer, commencement Jun 15. In addition, a classification will reason a 4th Annual Fuller Family Pro-Am contest during Saucon Valley Country Club on Jun 8.

For information, revisit or call 610 868-5290.

New pro during Iron Lakes: Thor Shaffer had scheduled a pursuit talk with a tyrannise association recently, reckoning it was time to leave a golf profession. Then Bruce Young, owners of Iron Lakes Country Club, called with another opportunity.

Last week, Shaffer took over as Iron Lakes’ new conduct pro, a pierce he called invigorating.

“I have been unequivocally sanctified to have a opportunities I’ve had in a golf industry, and to come opposite a position like this unequivocally was energizing,” Shaffer said. “It’s good to be behind creation decisions in a golf universe again.”

Shaffer came to Iron Lakes from Blue Shamrock in Palmerton, where he served as a training pro for a past year. Prior to that, Shaffer worked during Silver Creek, Woodland Hills and a gone Woodbridge Golf Course in Kutztown (with a brief road to manager basketball in a Philippines).

Iron Lakes is a march where Shaffer won his initial contest (a pro-am in a mid-90s) and called a stream condition excellent. His categorical goals are to pierce his kids hospital to Iron Lakes, along with a new women’s league.

“Youth golf is a outrageous priority for me,” Shaffer said. “I haven’t had a golf propagandize given a late ’90s during Woodland Hills, so we unequivocally wish to get kids concerned in golf here again.”

Saucon Valley’s Corrigan wins Philadelphia PGA event: Colin Corrigan, an partner pro during Saucon Valley Country Club, shot a 5-under 66 on Monday to win a Delaware Valley Open during Concord Country Club.

The event, featuring 135 area pros, is partial of a Philadelphia PGA’s contest schedule. Corrigan played a bogey-free turn with 5 birdies to win a tournament.

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Who reigns in Spain

Why Hats Are a Ultimate Skin-Saving Strategy: Rita Ora, Anne Hathaway, and …

When it comes to seeing your dermatologist’s advice, even a many corrupt devotees of a year-round heat can get behind wearing SPF each day. Staying out of a object altogether, however, is a opposite matter—one that lends itself to an appealingly stylish concede with a assistance of a built-in shade of a hat.

Spotted in Manhattan over a weekend, Jaime King protected her alabaster skin (and golden highlights) with a white fedora, while Rita Ora shielded her mettle with a feathered nap number. Bringing a SoCal feel to Brooklyn, Keri Russell stepped out with her windblown waves tucked underneath a cream-colored topper. Even a perennially satisfactory Anne Hathaway wasn’t about to skip out on a beautiful open day, enjoying a Sunday wander in a wide-brimmed straw shawl that played to a fifties magnificence of her gingham skirt. Here, 4 skin-saving ways to hail a balmy deteriorate in style.



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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Keri Russell

Keri Russell

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Jaime King

Jaime King

Amal Clooney Dresses Up for Disneyland

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney

Photo: @Parisa / Splash News

After a gorgeous spin during this year’s Met Gala in a tradition Maison Margiela couture dress, Amal Clooney continued her head-turning debate this past weekend, display a bright, flouncy, and vaguely sci-fi side during a Disneyland premiere of her husband’s film, Tomorrowland. (The eventuality occurred in a Tomorrowland territory of a park.)

Though a tellurian rights profession and Columbia Law School visiting professor has typically adored delicate frocks and seventies silhouettes, a fun, modern, and uncharacteristically splendid Antonio Berardi dress valid that Clooney is apropos a master during catering her garments to a occasion at hand. The dress’s striking black satin panels contrasted with a ultra-feminine prohibited pinkish bodice and kindly plumed dress (all a improved to uncover off her now famous legs), conveying a rather unconventional atmosphere underlined by her choice of neon and china Giambattista Valli stiletto heels—and what improved to wear to chaperon in Tomorrow(land)?


George Amal Clooney Amal Rande Gerber Cindy Crawford

Photo: Courtesy of Splash News

Local nonprofit orgs benefaction appropriation requests

Eight area nonprofit groups went before a Columbia City Council final week to benefaction requests for yearly appropriations to account a services they yield for a region.

Representatives from a James K. Polk Association, Crimestoppers, Boys Girls Club of Maury County, Center of Hope, Columbia CARES, Maury County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Alliance, Columbia Main Street and Keep Maury Beautiful were in attendance.

John Holtzapple, executive of a James K. Polk Home and Museum, pronounced a organisation routinely receives $3,000 annually from a city, $2,400 of that went to account an ad in an internationally distributed Tennessee vacation beam final year. The organisation wants a city to cruise lifting a series to $5,000, partly since 2016 will symbol a 200th anniversary of a home’s construction and a organisation skeleton to applaud by adding new programs and recreating 1816 life, he said.

“Columbia is usually one of about 48 communities, we believe, via a United States with an strange presidential home that’s open to a public. So, as such, we know a Polk home is a internal landmark and a source of county pride, though we also yield mercantile and educational advantages to Columbia,” he said.

As a tourism landmark that draws between 10,000-12,000 visitors any year, there is also a need for employees. As of now there are usually two, Holtzapple said, while others are particularly on a proffer basis. The additional supports would yield some-more resources that they will need as they ready for not usually a anniversary, though a increasing series of tourists it competence attract, he said.

The Boys Girls Club of Maury County’s goal has been to take kids from “at-risk” to “at-promise” and yield peculiarity after-school care, executive executive Chris Poynter pronounced before giving his display to a council.

“Today’s era is a initial era of immature people who are likely to finish worse off than their parents, and we consider that’s a unusual and fascinating statistic given a swell we’ve done in doing all to get to 2015,” he said. “And that’s radically in any difficulty — economically, health and even academically.”

Poynter spoke about a organization’s educational box government program, or what he calls a “opening doors to good futures” program. In a partnership essentially with a Maury County propagandize system, a module allows Boys Girls Club staff to entrance genuine time annals and assignments for a students by holding a three-pronged approach, he said.

“The initial proceed is that, by a propagandize system, we’re means to entrance real-time information by a propagandize complement called iNow. We have 4 teachers during any one of a approved locations that are straightforwardly means to demeanour during what we would call ‘flagged’ or ‘at-risk’ immature people in a program,” Poynter said. “What we do is examination this information any day to establish a needs of a kids on a daily basis.”

The second proceed is by a module called Stride Academy. This module allows for staff to establish where a child is academically, such as a fifth-grader reading during a third-grade level, he said.

The third, and many critical approach, he said, is carrying a approved tutors that work directly with a propagandize teachers.

Keep Maury Beautiful President Diane McKee and proffer teacher Betty Jo Daniel presented Mayor Dean Dickey with a certificate of appreciation for a city’s continued support and efforts of recycling and spawn control.

However, one area McKee pronounced a city could use some additional work on is how it enforces tickets for littering.

“In 2013-14 there was one sheet given for $50,” she said. “In this benefaction year there’s been no tickets given out. So we know that they spawn and substantially some-more dire things for a law coercion to do than emanate tickets for litter, though we have such a outrageous problem in this county.”

In a subsequent year, Keep Maury Beautiful, that is an associate of Keep Tennessee Beautiful, hopes to reason a luncheon for all county law coercion officers, including member from a Tennessee Department of Transportation, in sequence to serve teach officers on spawn laws.

“First, it starts out as a misdemeanor. The second time they get it, a misconduct goes adult to a aloft classification, and a third time it ends adult apropos a felony. So it’s flattering critical and not usually usually a littering of trash, though also people ‘tarping’ their vehicles when they go to preference centers to chuck divided their trash,” McKee said.

Columbia CARES executive Tim Jones spoke about his organization’s use to a region’s members vital with AIDS. Jones pronounced what creates a classification singular is that it is a usually one of a kind in a 12 South Central Region. It receives $3,000 any year, mostly for group utilities.

“Over a past 11 months, we’ve served over 120 folks. 40 percent of those reside in Columbia or Maury County. We’ve supposing those folks with amicable services, and those are HIV certain or when they are vital with AIDS,” Jones said. “We have severely appreciated a support [council has] given us in a past and we’ll respectfully ask an additional $3,000 for this subsequent mercantile year.”

Commerce Dept.: PUC statute means VoIP providers contingency follow Minn. law

Minnesota’s commerce commissioner pronounced a Friday Public Utilities Commission statute could assistance means phone services for infirm and low income customers.

The PUC voted 5-0 in preference of fluctuating Minnesota’s write regulations to companies that yield services by “fixed companion Voice over Internet Protocol,” or VoIP, that uses normal land lines to track digitized voice packets. The elect is approaching to emanate a created sequence within a integrate of weeks.

“It’s fundamentally observant that these services are telecommunications services and are therefore regulated underneath Minnesota’s laws,” Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman said. The PUC opinion comes after a Commerce Department review of a association that, it said, attempted to shun profitable compulsory fees.

In Mar 2013, Charter Fiberlink Companies eliminated 100,000 Minnesota business to “an affiliate, Charter Advanced Services Companies, that supposing VoIP phone use that was not certified” by a PUC, a Commerce Department said.

The state requires phone companies to collect fees to support a Telecommunications Access Minnesota program, that reserve apparatus and supports a Minnesota Relay Service for hearing-impaired and blind consumers. Rothman pronounced Charter unsuccessful to collect those fees. He pronounced a association also unsuccessful to embody a credit on a bills of low income consumers to assistance them compensate for write service.

“Charter’s uneven refusal to support these concept entrance programs meant that business of a competitors had to make adult for a mislaid income to these programs,” a matter from a Commerce Department said.

Charter pronounced a state lacks office in matter.

In a minute to a PUC final October, St. Paul profession Anthony Mendoza wrote that while a Federal Communications Commission “has not nonetheless dynamic either companion VoIP services will be personal as information services or telecommunications services, a FCC has clearly stated, by a difference and actions, that it alone will establish that regulations request to companion VoIP providers.”

Rothman pronounced a PUC’s movement could assistance safety a landline complement that still serves around 2 million Minnesotans who count on it.

“We wish to make certain that these systems are confirmed for the open and for the consumers and in sold to strengthen them so that they have that concept access,” Rothman said.

Northern Kentucky dropping A-Sun for Horizon League – The News

Northern Kentucky is scheming to abruptly leave a Atlantic Sun Conference for a Horizon League this summer, according to media reports surfacing today.

The warn pierce would leave FGCU’s joining – and usually now possibly home – during usually 7 schools.

While tiny – and a regard for a A-Sun given a comparatively low-level league’s singular series of intensity possibilities for enlargement – 7 schools would not dump a A-Sun next a smallest to continue receiving involuntary berths into NCAA postseason play in any sport.

In men’s and women’s basketball, leagues are compulsory to have 7 schools to accept involuntary berths into a NCAA tournament. In all other sports in that a A-Sun competes, a smallest is 6 schools.

Even if conferences dump next those thresholds in any sport, they get a two-year waiver to continue participating in NCAA postseason play while perplexing to lapse memberships to compulsory minimums.

Northern Kentucky, located in Highland Heights, Ky., usually opposite a Ohio River from Cincinnati, is completing usually a third deteriorate in a A-Sun to coincide with a third year of a four-year reclassification from Division II to D-I.

Multiple organizations, including a Cincinnati Enquirer, reported now that NKU’s house is assembly Monday to approve a pierce this summer to a nine-school, Midwest-based Horizon League.

David Hopkins, boss of Horizon League member Wright State in Dayton, Ohio, immediately greeted a Norse from his Twitter criticism with a message, “Welcome, NKU!”

A-Sun commissioner Ted Gumbart and FGCU jaunty executive Ken Kavanagh could not immediately be reached for comment.

In February, Gumbart pronounced that dual probable possibilities for a A-Sun – one quite speculated and a other reliable to have had talks with a joining – were not immediately headed for a conference.

Alabama Birmingham, that in Dec announced it was dropping football after 24 years and therefore faced probable exclusion from Conference USA underneath joining by-laws, was widely speculated as a good fit for a A-Sun, nonetheless a Blazers would have interest to mixed leagues.

“There’s zero there,” Gumbart told The News-Press in February. “They’re committed to their interest to (remain in) Conference USA.”

Two hours north, in Florence, D-II North Alabama and a clever football module regularly have deferred what has been years of overtures toward a pierce to D-I while a suitable home is sought.

With football not sponsored in a A-Sun, a pierce by North Alabama to a joining would meant a Lions would have to play a competition as an associate member in a opposite league.

Current A-Sun member Kennesaw State final summer assimilated a Big South Conference as an associate member for a new football program, that starts FCS football this fall.

“Their folks continue to wish to guard a landscape, that we told them they need to,” Gumbart said. “(They’ve) got a grant football program, and that’s tough for us to plead anything further.”

A multiple of factors – geography, finances and a miss of football, that consultants have told FGCU would cost about $100 million to supplement – make a A-Sun FGCU’s usually possibly choice in a stream discussion landscape.

Increased transport costs would make it restricted for FGCU to leave a A-Sun for a comparable, midst or reduce turn joining that doesn’t unite football or during slightest need a appearance from all of a members.

With an entertainment dialect bill of usually about $13 million, FGCU continues to work good into a reduce half – maybe reduce third or worse – of about 350 D-I schools.

In 2013, FGCU ranked 173rd of 230 D-I programs not free from open stating laws with a bill of $12.1 million, according to a USA Today news expelled final summer.

That figure was usually third best of a 6 A-Sun schools afterwards in a joining and enclosed in a report, trailing No. 145 East Tennessee State ($14.5 million) and No. 167 Kennesaw State ($12.5 million).

NKU, notwithstanding being in usually a entrance D-I debate during a time, narrowly trailed FGCU with a bill of $11.2 million, forward of A-Sun members North Florida ($9.5 million) and USC Upstate ($7 million).

Other than North Alabama, a tiny handful of other successful D-II programs in Florida and adjacent states have possibly discussed intensity moves to D-I or are suspicion to have a resources to make a move, if desired.

That collection includes Columbus State and Augusta State of a Peach Belt Conference and well-financed Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale.

But with FGCU a southernmost of 4 A-Sun programs in a state already peripherally located, a Eagles’ discussion predestine – exclusive some-more vital changes to a discussion landscape that has mostly staid after several years of vital shake – seems sealed into a A-Sun and a possess fate.

“All those things we consider work out on a timeline that they need to be,” Gumbart pronounced in Feb of probable membership changes. “It’s always, ‘Are we ready?’ If there’s not a eagerness to engage, afterwards it doesn’t happen, that means it wasn’t meant to be.”

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Jumping ship

Northern Kentucky on Monday is approaching to approve a pierce this summer from a Atlantic Sun Conference to a Horizon League. The pierce would dump a A-Sun to 7 schools, including FGCU, while boosting a Horizon League to 10. The stream memberships: