Cannes Refuses Red-Carpet Flats: But Guess What? We Don’t.

Though all signs have forked toward 2015 being a year of la femme during a 68th annual Cannes Film Festival (at slightest when it comes to content, if not directors), it appears that their gams still can’t get a break. The festival is now in an conflict over reports that several ticket-bearing women were incited divided from a hotly expected Todd Haynes film Carol (a film which, in one of those fun bouts of irony that tend to get a Internet worked into a quite virulent lather, is indeed a female-centric pro-LGBT adore story between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara) for their choice of footwear: flats.

Now, never mind a fact that reportedly these women were in their 50s, that some might have had medical issues, and that a flats in doubt were “rhinestone-encrusted” and, according to a cited source, “nice flats, zero we would wear to a beach.” Never mind a fact that there is no pithy discuss in a dress formula stipulated for a festival per heels. Since when does red-carpet clothes require anything specific during all? Since when has good conform ever meant following a rules? Some of Vogue’s favorite black-tie-and-beyond appearances have incorporated elements that fly in a face of theme, rules, or a a ever-present, and protected to a indicate of occasional yawn-inducing dullness presented by a “long robe and high heels” model. And really, given when does a tallness of your heels foreordain either or not you’re authorised entrance to an eventuality that we reason a sheet to? “I consider everybody should wear flats, to be honest,” Emily Blunt said during a press conference for her film Sicario this morning when asked about a scandal. And we know what? We’re with her.

Here, 9 pairs of flats that are prepared for a red runner and beyond—because good character means creation your possess rules:



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Proudly Introducing glispa’s New Senior Management Hires

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SAN FRANCISCO, BERLIN, TEL AVIV, Israel, BEIJING, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — glispa is gratified to announce that a care group is stability to grow in a general scope. Our new comparison turn group members have low backgrounds in adtech and yield offer strength and imagination opposite geographic regions from a US to Israel to China.

Photo –

The full story can be seen at:

We’re unapproachable to deliver a newest care group members:

Nancy Do Roberts, General Manager USA

Nancy Roberts joins glispa as General Manager US. Nancy is an gifted selling and record personality with a record of building successful teams and formulating endowment winning associate programs including a 2015 XBIZ Affiliate Program of a Year. She recently joins glispa from FriendFinder where she was VP of Business Development. Her 18 year career has been secure in selling and web technologies and has spanned opposite a multi-facets of all things digital. Nancy was recently awarded a 2015 XBIZ Executive Award for Businesswoman of a Year. While a business problem solver and a selling strategist, Nancy is a technologist during heart – her honeyed mark is a communication between business and engineering as she enjoys a front lines as good as a behind finish of a digital selling world.

Itamar Benedy, General Manager Israel

Itamar Benedy is fasten a glispa group as a new General Manager for Israel. He is formed in Tel Aviv and will be environment adult a glispa bureau in sequence to offer enhance a business in Israel. Prior to glispa, Itamar served as a VP of Marketing during and a daughter code, streamer a user acquisition, monetization and analytics teams. With some-more than a decade of knowledge in a mobile scene, Itamar has helped to lead to turn a market-leading association for wellness, aptness and mHealth apps with some-more than 40 million downloads opposite 30 local apps.

Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer

Freddy Friedman has recently assimilated glispa in Berlin to offer as Chief Product Officer, focused on building and directing glispa’s ad-tech strategy. He has some-more than 15 years knowledge in product care roles opposite a digital and mobile industries. Prior to fasten glispa, he was streamer Amobee’s core product lines, including a SSP, DSP, Trading Desk, DMP and LTV among others. Before Amobee, he was a Product Marketing Director for Mobixell, a mobile VAS association where he headed a tellurian media partnership activity for their mobile promotion unit. Prior to that, he served in a operation of product positions during Pelephone, a streamer mobile operator. Freddy is formed in Berlin.

Chen Zeng, General Manager China

Chen Zeng joins glispa as a General Manager for China. He brings some-more than 10 years of knowledge in a IT and mobile promotion industries. Prior to fasten glispa, Chen was a Head of Sales for MobPartner China, successfully building adult a China group and pushing clever income growth. Chen also has a proven lane record on a placement side where he led a InMobi China Business Development group and built a largest iOS network in China from scratch.

We’re vehement to be expanding a group with smart, driven and dedicated people who know a core values and will expostulate business expansion for a advertisers, publishers and partners.
And we’re hiring! With a new investment, glispa will continue to concentration on opening additional offices and expanding a tellurian footprint, attracting tip talent and adding engineering as good as customer focused staff. If you’re meddlesome in fasten a group see a accessible positions: or hit



SOURCE glispa


Aymeline Valade, Jeanne Damas, and More Put a French Twist on a Red Lip …

With beautifully elementary buns all though replacing sculptural updos, and normal matte complexions giving proceed to a sunny, unpowdered heat during Cannes, a French film festival has seen a mythological Old World glorious infused with a childish new sensibility—one that has given arise to variations on a classical red lipstick that demeanour as spacious as a Breton stripe.

Spotted during a Carol premiere, Aymeline Valades sensuous hibiscus mouth and flower-adorned crest offering adult an appealing spin on strand gloss that resonated with her coral imitation dress, while Jeanne Damas embraced a understated magnificence of an worldly stain. Also channeling a Gallic approach, indication Natasha Poly equivalent her Riviera bronze with a burning flush shade that supposing a frail counterpoint to her soothing waves, and Charlotte Casiraghi interconnected a cold vermillion colouring and a rinse of silver-flecked eye shadow. Here, 4 ways to make a many undying of mouth colors feel uninformed again.



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GTX Reports Record Q1 Results

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GTX Corp. (OTCQB: GTXO), an M2M IoT height and heading provider of personal plcae GPS wearable record and erratic assistive technology, announced a formula of a financial opening for a initial entertain finished Mar 31, 2015.First Quarter ResultsRevenue augmenting 593% over 2014 allied periodQ1 revenues exceeded all of 2014 revenuesQ1 reserve orders being shipped Q2 2015Net detriment reduced 82% contra Q1 2014Raised $225,000 from bound cost automobile notesEliminated all derivative liabilitiesIssued a businessman series for medical payment in 2 StatesHigh ranking SEO ensuing in page 1 on Google hunt for “GPS Wearable Technology”“Q1 2015 represented a branch indicate in a story of a Company,” commented Patrick Bertagna, CEO of GTX Corp. “We successfully launched a flagship GPS SmartSoles in domestic and general markets, both by B2B and B2C channels. The direct for a products is clever and growing, with initial sales going to specific commander programs, general distributors and sell customers. A poignant volume of a initial register was allocated to commander programs and analysis units to supervision and private enterprises that have a tangible need for tracking people who have a bent to ramble due to Alzheimer’s, insanity or autism. Many of those pilots and analysis units have and will continue to modify to blurb deployments and start contributing to a subscriber bottom of repeated monitoring revenues that we are starting to see grow month over month.”Revenue augmenting from $20,814 in Q1 2014 to $144,212 in Q1 2015, essentially due to a launch and initial sales of a Company’s flagship GPS SmartSoles. Gross domain augmenting from $10,914 in Q1 2014 to $41,863 in Q1 2015 representing a aloft turn of sales activity and essentially initial hardware sales in Q1 2015. Net detriment decreased by 82% from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015, essentially ensuing from a change in business plan that we announced in 2014 and rejecting of derivative liabilities compared with floating automobile debentures, all of that have been retired.Bertagna continued, “As we pierce by a second quarter, a concentration stays on building code and product awareness, flourishing a channels of placement and associate partners, and augmenting a subscriber base. We have grown a placement and associate partners to tighten to 100 so distant this year, travelling 13 countries worldwide. As we continue perspicacious a aim markets, we are enlightening a finish user services and pricing models to grasp a broadest adoption and discharge as many barriers to squeeze as possible. On a product expansion side, we design to hurl out a BLE product line after this summer, and we have instituted a expansion of a subsequent era (Gen 2 SmartSole) that will be smaller, reduce in price, and a longer battery life. Outside of a flagship SmartSoles, we continue to see solid sales expansion for worker applications and digital intelligent Phone tracking Apps, any of that minister to a boost of a repeated subscriber bottom revenues.”Mr. Bertagna concluded, “In closing, we wish to appreciate a employees, advisors, directors, consultants, channel partners and vendors, who worked tirelessly to move us to this juncture. we also wish to appreciate and acknowledge a shareholders who have patiently and steadily upheld us.”About GTX CorpGTX Corp (GTXO) an M2M IoT height is a colonize in wearable record and a personality in craving 2 approach GPS real-time personal plcae formed services. Founded in 2002, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with distributors in over 9 countries. The Company is famous for a innovative, game-changing and award-winning GPS SmartSole and a blockbuster SmartPhone GPS Tracking App. GTX provides solutions that answer a where question: where is my mother, child, employee, vehicle, worker and high value assets.Through a strong global craving monitoring height and chartering subscription business model, a Company offers a finish finish to finish resolution of plcae formed hardware, middleware, apps, global dungeon connectivity and veteran services. Letting we know where or how someone or something is during a hold of a button, delivering confidence and assent of mind in an instant. GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMobile, Inc that develops applications for intelligent Phones and tablets and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has a endless egghead skill plan and owns an endless portfolio of patents, patents pending, purebred trademarks, duplicate rights and URL’s and was recently featured in a 38 page investigate square that outlines a value tender of a Company’s IP portfolio.Online:  www.gpssmartsole.comSocial media – #withyou information, chartering or financier relations:213.489.3019info@gtxcorp.com GTX Corp does not aver or paint that a unapproved use of materials drawn from a calm of this request will not transgress rights of third parties who are not owned or dependent by GTX Corp. Further GTX Corp can't be hold obliged or probable for a unapproved use of this document’s calm by third parties different to a company.Forward Looking StatementsThis news recover contains forward-looking statements. The terms and phrases “expects”, “would”, “will”, “believes”, and identical terms and phrases are dictated to brand these forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are formed on estimates and assumptions done by GTX in light of a knowledge and a notice of stream conditions and approaching destiny developments, as good as other factors that GTX believes are suitable in a circumstances. Many factors could cause GTX’s tangible results, opening or achievements to differ materially from those voiced or pragmatic by a forward-looking statements. Certain risk factors that might means tangible formula to differ are set onward in GTX’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (which might be performed during These factors should be deliberate carefully, and readers should not place undue faith on GTX’s forward-looking statements. GTX has no goal and undertakes no requirement to refurbish or correct any forward-looking statements, either as a outcome of new information, destiny events or otherwise, solely as compulsory by law.General information, chartering or financier relations:
Source: Globenewswire Public
GTX Reports Record Q1 Results

Children First/Communities In Schools: Promoting tyro success

Imagine a tyro nearing to propagandize whose final dish was from a preference store a night before. He slept on a couch, so he didn’t get a good night’s sleep. His relatives work prolonged hours, so they aren’t there to assistance with his homework. He arrives to propagandize hungry, sleepy and confused for a day ahead.

Unfortunately, this unfolding is all too genuine for many of a students. With one in 4 children in Buncombe County vital in poverty, and over 54 percent of students subordinate for a giveaway and reduced lunch module (a heading misery indicator), there are many students nearing to propagandize ill-equipped to concentration on their schoolwork.

Children First/Communities In Schools (CIS) recognizes that when a child arrives prepared for school, their chances for success are exponentially increased, while a odds of dropping out of propagandize is decreased. The classification believes that each child deserves a event to strech his or her full potential, and surrounds a child with support in a classroom, in a community, during home and with open policy.

Children First originated roughly 40 years ago, and in 2003 joined with inhabitant castaway impediment classification Communities In Schools (CIS) to turn Children First/Communities in Schools and a Buncombe County associate of Communities In Schools. CIS uses an evidence-based indication of shortening castaway rates and assisting students grasp both inside and outward a classroom.

As partial of this affiliation, Children First/CIS has staff members called success coordinators in Johnston Elementary, Estes Elementary and Emma Elementary schools. There, they work with a group of propagandize and support staff to consider a needs of students and yield integrated tyro supports, or supports that aim educational and nonacademic barriers to achievement. The operation of resources they yield includes food, propagandize supplies, health care, counseling, educational assistance and certain purpose models.

Children First/CIS is means to yield many of a resources that students and their families need by a other programs: Family Resource Center during Emma, Latino Outreach Program, Project POWER AmeriCorps, and a after-school Learning Center/Summer Camp program. Combined, these Children First/CIS programs yield a food pantry, newcomer outreach, educational assistance, alleviation activities, tutoring, parenting classes and puncture financial assistance.

The classification recognizes that when a family of students is being upheld with services and resources, a chances for success are greater. Therefore, it facilitates parenting classes and workshops, box government and home visits to make certain a needs of a whole family are being addressed.

Courtney Crenshaw is a success coordinator during Johnston Elementary, and Lisa Barlow is a success coordinator during Emma. These are dual of a highest-need schools in Buncombe County, with adult to 100 percent of students receiving giveaway and reduced lunch.

Courtney works during Johnston Elementary during a mornings and a Children First/CIS Learning Center during Deaverview in a afternoons. Lisa is placed during Emma Elementary School, where a Family Resource Center is a fortitude of her services.

“It’s relationships, not programs, that change children,” Bill Millikan, a owner of Communities In Schools, once said. Forming relations is an constituent partial of providing integrated tyro supports to a children and families Courtney and Lisa serve. They are in a singular position of being means to work with a students in school, during after-school in a students’ communities — and mostly make visits to a home, where they work with relatives to make certain a family’s needs are being met.

Courtney tells of a array of interventions she was means to have with a high-need family.

Andrea is a mom of 6 children, with ages trimming from 2 months to 7 years. She had no phone and no transportation, was unknown with propagandize staff and policies, and was understandably overwhelmed. A clergyman had been perplexing for months to arrange for a assembly with Andrea to plead her dual oldest boys. With no phone, a clergyman found it unfit to make this assembly happen.

The dual boys were enrolled in a Children First/CIS Learning Center during Deaverview, where Courtney works in a afternoons, along with CF/CIS Project POWER/AmeriCorps group members. This module is giveaway of assign and located in a Deaverview Apartments, a low-income village underneath a government of a Housing Authority of Asheville. This safe-haven after-school/summer stay module provides educational assistance, healthy snacks, tutors and alleviation activities for kindergarten by fifth-graders.

Courtney had already determined a attribute with Andrea and was means to act as a liaison. She even gathering Andrea to a clergyman meeting.

Later, she went to check in with Andrea during home, and recalls that there was not a lot of furniture. “She had only changed in, and 6 children need a lot of stuff,” Courtney says. “I got a phone call from a Learning Center coordinator and was told a donor had some bedroom seat they were giving away. we walked over to Andrea’s, and within a hour, a seat was in her apartment. Now all of a children have their possess beds.”
The children have a improved night’s sleep, that severely increases their ability to stay focused during school. This is only one instance of how providing much-needed resources can mislay barriers to achievement.

Lisa tells of a mom she worked with closely.

Brandy is a singular mom of 5 children, trimming in age from 6 to15. Lisa had been operative with Brandy’s oldest son and detected he had mislaid his glasses. She contacted Brandy, and when she got to a house, Brandy was on a phone with her youngest son’s alloy perplexing to arrange for his medical annals to be expelled so he could enter kindergarten.

“It was weeks after propagandize had started, so each day this child was not in school, he was removing serve behind,” recalls Lisa. By a finish of a week, Lisa and Brandy worked together to get a kindergartner enrolled, while Lisa was means to secure a new span of eyeglasses for a 10-year-old by a CF/CIS Family Resource Center puncture assistance.

Lisa and Brandy have unchanging check-ins, and Lisa organised for Brandy to accept food boxes, children’s wardrobe and holiday assistance by a Children First/CIS Family Resource Center. Since they started operative together, there has been noted alleviation in a children’s grades, assemblage during propagandize and behaviors both inside and outward a classroom.
Lisa and Courtney also see a relatives apropos some-more assured and empowered.

Courtney recalls, “We gave a parenting seminar during a Learning Center on how to assistance your children with math homework. The Learning Center is only a few doors from where Andrea lives, so she was means to travel over. The subsequent day, we went over to her apartment, and she was practicing a techniques so she could assistance her children with their homework. She felt so unapproachable of herself.”

It takes energy, bid and impulse to make certain students are supposing with a required collection to grasp in propagandize and life. Research has shown that by providing integrated tyro supports, tyro and propagandize outcomes urge by augmenting attendance, modifying function and conduct, and assembly simple needs.

As an associate of a Communities In Schools organization, Children First/CIS is partial of a network that comprises one of a nation’s largest providers of Integrated Student Supports, charity alleviation activities that deliver children to new practice and ability sets; providing educational assistance and purpose models; ancillary families and joining them with resources; and providing parenting classes and box government so relatives can set and grasp goals.

“I am so desirous by a children we work with,” says Courtney. “This is severe work, though we adore it.”

Jodi Ford is a overdo and rendezvous coordinator for Children First/ Communities In Schools of Buncombe County, a internal nonprofit that provides advocacy, educational programming and approach services to economically disadvantaged children and families. Find out some-more at

Fewer adults in U.S. report themselves as Christians


Do we frequently go to church?

Total Votes: 5

Posted: Sunday, May 17, 2015 2:03 am

Updated: 2:09 am, Sun May 17, 2015.

Fewer adults in U.S. news themselves as Christians

By Kendra Evensen

Idaho State Journal


Although a vast infancy of Americans still brand with a Christian faith, fewer adults are describing themselves as Christians currently than 7 years ago, according to a new news from a Pew Research Center.

Comparing a formula of Religious Landscape studies it conducted in 2007 and 2014, a Pew Research Center found that a commission of people who cruise themselves Christians has forsaken from 78.4 to 70.6. At a same time, it found that a commission of people who don’t associate with a sacrament increasing from 16.1 to 22.8.

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      Sunday, May 17, 2015 2:03 am.

      Updated: 2:09 am.

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      Texas looking like group to kick in Big 12 rowing

      OAK RIDGE — The initial day of a Big 12 women’s rowing championships Saturday did not start ideally for organizers due to a brief sleet and some problems with a open residence system.

      But for Tennessee, a usually aspect that mattered was advancing all of a boats to Sunday morning’s grand finals during Melton Lake. And in that regard, a Lady Vols were perfect.

      Tennessee had 3 seconds, a initial and a third in a heats Saturday afternoon in a four-boat races, and indispensable to validate usually third in any to allege to a grand finals.

      In a initial varsity eight, that will lift a many points Sunday, Tennessee finished second in a feverishness during 6 minutes, 38.89 seconds over 2,000 meters and had a third fastest altogether time. However, a Lady Vols trailed feverishness leader Texas by 21 seconds.

      Tennessee’s first-place finish came in a second varsity four. With a time of 7:25.69, a vessel finished absolutely forward of feverishness runner-up Kansas (7:31.94). Texas finished in 7:23.77 to win a other heat.

      The Longhorns seem to be in a driver’s chair to accept a involuntary NCAA bid by finishing initial overall. In a 5 races, they had a fastest altogether time in any one.

      Tennessee is in a initial year competing as an associate member of a Big 12 after being compared with Conference USA for several years due to a singular series of SEC teams with NCAA rowing programs. Alabama also is competing in a Big 12 championships.

      In a Lady Vols’ other finishes Saturday, they had a third fastest time altogether (6:47.96) in a second varsity eight, finishing second in their heat.

      In a initial varsity four, they finished second to Oklahoma in their feverishness and third altogether with a time of 7:31.24.

      Their heat-winning time of 7:25.69 in a second varsity 4 was second overall, while Tennessee’s third-place finish of 7:23.95 in a feverishness of a third varsity 8 was seventh overall.

      The petite and grand finals will start Sunday during 9 a.m., with a initial varsity 8 grand final scheduled to start during 10:30.

      The awards rite will take place during 11:15.

      The eventuality is giveaway and open to a public.

      John Shearer is a freelance contributor.

      UW family medicine residency program’s destiny capricious in Eau Claire; Mayo … – Leader

      The Chippewa Valley faced a medicine necessity in 1975, so 3 internal physicians collaborated with a family medicine dialect of UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health to  start a Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency Program.

      Forty years later, 205 family physicians have graduated from a program, that has turn a vital source of family doctors for northern Wisconsin, pronounced Dr. Joan Hamblin, executive of a Eau Claire residency program.

      But a destiny of a module now is uncertain, as a School of Medicine and Public Health is divesting a upstate family medicine residency programs, and Mayo Clinic Health System is formulation to open a possess program.

      While she is carefree a stream UW module doesn’t close, “I’m positively picturesque adequate to consider it could,” Hamblin said.

      That said, UW officials have “made a joining to all of a residents now training in Eau Claire, and we have worked really tough to find a village partner to share slip of a program, so that it can continue,” pronounced Lisa Brunette, a UW spokeswoman.

      Long history

      The Eau Claire, Fox Valley and Wausau family medicine residency programs have been managed by a School of Medicine and Public Health’s family medicine dialect given they were determined some-more than 30 years ago, according to Brunette. That meant all a employees were UW-Madison workers and all government procedures came from Madison.

      “While that indication might have worked good for rising a programs, in a prolonged run, internal control and serve formation with their home communities is optimal ,” Brunette said. “A most some-more common indication nationally is to have family medicine residency programs associate with universities/​medical schools for educational support, while internal community-based health caring systems and hospitals conduct and control a clinical operations.”

      Five years ago, Wausau Family Medicine Residency Program officials done famous their wish to turn partial of a Aspirus Wausau Hospital system, according to Brunette. A array of discussions over a year determined a Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Residency Program, that is partial of a sanatorium and dependent with UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health.

      In 2012, discussions started in Eau Claire and a Fox Valley to settle identical relations with ancillary internal hospitals, Brunette said.

      Over a indirect year, a Fox Valley Family Medicine Residency Program determined a consortium upheld by Ascension Health, Ministry Health Care and ThedaCare, she said. Officials concerned in this residency module chose to pierce a educational connection to a Medical College of Wisconsin. It will turn a Mosaic Family Medicine Residency Program as of Jul 1.

      In Eau Claire, identical discussions were determined with HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, Marshfield Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System in an bid to settle a village consortium with UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health for a community-based university-affiliated program.

      In 2014, “Mayo Clinic Health System announced a goal to settle a possess family medicine residency program, that will mislay half of a federally saved training slots from a (Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency Program), Brunette said. HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital binds a other half …”

      “While these kinds of programs count mostly on clinical revenue, a sovereign support is also essential,” Brunette said. “Without a chronological full element of sovereign support that flows by Mayo (Clinic) Health System and (HSHS) Sacred Heart Hospital, a (Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency Program) will not be means to continue indefinitely in a benefaction form.”

      Program’s future

      The internal three-year module trains 5 to 6 family physicians per year during clinics in Eau Claire and Augusta, Hamblin said.

      Program participants yield sanatorium coverage for Mayo Clinic Health System and HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, along with complete care, obstetrics and pediatrics coverage.

      “Study after investigate shows a flourishing need for family medicine physicians, generally in farming areas,” pronounced Dr. Randall Linton, boss and CEO of Mayo Clinic Health System in northwestern Wisconsin.

      “Because of a hurdles UW had pronounced (it was) facing, Mayo Clinic began discussions about starting a family medicine module in Eau Claire,” pronounced Linton, explaining that Mayo Clinic has prolonged been committed to medicine residency education, charity successful training programs in Rochester, Minn., and La Crosse given a 1970s.

      Mayo Clinic Health System announced in 2014 skeleton to open a family medicine residency module in Eau Claire in 2017 after being awarded a $750,000 extend from a state Department of Health Services to assistance it launch.

      Both HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital and Marshfield Clinic upheld Mayo Clinic Health System’s extend application.

      “We’ve been a residency training site for many years,” pronounced Julie Manas, boss and CEO of HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital. “Continually building competent in health caring is one of a commitments to a health caring profession,” pronounced Manas, who has concerns about a success of dual competing programs. “Whether it’s with a UW System or with Mayo Clinic Health System, we demeanour brazen to remaining active in this use in a Chippewa Valley.”

      “The (UW) Family Medicine Residency Program in Eau Claire has been immensely profitable to training and educating physicians in farming Wisconsin for decades,” Dr. Matthew Jansen, executive of Marshfield Clinic’s preparation division, pronounced in a statement.

      “As a supporter, Marshfield Clinic has granted proffer expertise to a Eau Claire module given a mid-1970s. Also, a hospital has been an educational partner with a (UW) School of Medicine and Public Health for over 85 years, training health caring providers to accommodate a needs of farming Wisconsin.

      “We’ll continue to try new and artistic opportunities to residence a medicine necessity that is inspiring not usually farming Wisconsin, though a whole nation,” Jansen said. “At this time, however, we’re uncertain what that might demeanour like in terms of internal residency programs.”

      Both Hamblin and Brunette wish to see a Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency Program continue since they trust there should be such a module in northwestern Wisconsin.

      “However, possibly a internal partner stairs brazen or not, a residents in a module will not have their training interrupted,” Brunette said. “If a module can't be postulated in Eau Claire, they can possibly join another module that will accept them or continue during another UW residency training site. We can’t envision what will occur during this indicate …”

      O’Brien can be reached during 715-830-5838, 800-236-7077


      UW-Madison’s medicine training module in Eau Claire could close, and one operated by Mayo Clinic Health System could take a place