An rendezvous ring is a vital squeeze — here’s a best approach to compensate for it

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  • Buying an rendezvous ring is exciting, yet it takes a lot of research. Paying for a ring is something you’ll need to consider, too.
  • There are a few opposite ways to compensate for a ring, including saving and profitable undisguised or holding out a loan.
  • One of a best ways to compensate yet exhausting your income pot is to use a credit label with a 0% rudimentary APR, that lets we take your time to compensate yet carrying to compensate seductiveness (until a rudimentary duration is over).  
  • One of a best cards with an rudimentary APR is a Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Buying an rendezvous ring is a big deal. It’s a thing that takes research, patience, and decisiveness. As Josh Marion, a clamp boss during Ritani, an online solid and valuables tradesman points out, shopping an rendezvous ring “is a preference on standard with shopping a automobile or a residence — we can’t only burst into it.”

Of course, whenever we start meditative about an rendezvous ring, it’s not prolonged before a cost comes into play.

Whenever we confirm you’re prepared to introduce to that special someone, how many we spend on a ring, either you’re resetting a solid that has been in your family for generations or shopping a new one, is a personal decision. There’s a ton of recommendation out there, and copiousness of schools of thought, yet there are no tough and quick rules; omit anyone who tells we that we positively have to spend 3 months’ salary, or that we have to spend a certain volume for any year you’ve been together. 

However many we confirm to spend, though, chances are it’ll be a lot — expected a many costly thing you’ve ever bought. When we due to my (now) wife, that was positively a box — not counting college and grad school, of course.

One thing that’s for sure, though, is that we shouldn’t spend outward of your means. When you’re prepared to cocktail a question, and in a financial position to do so, there are a few ways to compensate for an rendezvous ring.

The first, and many obvious, is to save adult adequate income and buy it outright. However, there are reasons we competence not wish to do this. For instance, we competence wish to keep a income pillow in box of emergency, rather than committing to spending it all during once. After all, that’s since people financial things like new appliances or cars.

The subsequent choice is to financial a ring with a loan organised by your jeweler. Using loans to make vital purchases and keep income on palm can be a intelligent financial move, and in some cases, a loans charity by your jeweler competence fit your needs. However, other times they competence not have a best terms or seductiveness rates, and we generally won’t get any income behind or rewards on a purchase.

Fortunately, there’s a third option, that is what we went with. Instead of holding out a normal loan, or financing a ring by a credit label charity by a jeweler, we can open a new credit label that has a 0% rudimentary APR on purchases for a certain volume of time. 

jewelry shoppingLisa Lake / Stringer / Getty Images

When we bought a ring, we non-stop a label that had that rudimentary APR for a initial 15 months. That meant that instead of profitable income all during once, we was means to assign a ring to a card, and compensate it off over a bit some-more than a year yet carrying to compensate any interest. As a good cherry on top, we even got a signup reward for opening a card, and income behind on a ring itself, that we was means to put right toward profitable it off.

It was fundamentally giveaway income for shopping a ring.

The pivotal is that we make certain we compensate off a whole thing before a rudimentary APR ends and a normal one becomes effective. In my case, we motionless to be protected and divided a sum cost of a rendezvous ring by 14. we paid that volume any month, and that way, we was finished profitable off a whole thing a month early.

A good underline is that we have additional coherence if we go this route. If we come into some additional cash, or confirm that we wish to only finish a payments from savings, we can compensate off a change in full during any time.

While there are a few opposite cards that offer rudimentary APRs, a one we would collect now is a Freedom Unlimited label from Chase.

That’s since in further to charity a prolonged 15-month tenure on a 0% rudimentary squeeze and change send APR (which goes adult to a normal 16.24%–24.99% non-static APR afterward), it offers 1.5% income behind on each dollar spent, and a sign-up reward of $150 when we spend during slightest $500 in a initial 3 months of opening a card. 

Put another way, if we were regulating a label to financial a $3,000 purchase, you’d get $195 sum income back.

Plus, if we have a reward label from Chase, like the Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, or Ink Business Preferred, we can spin your Freedom Unlimited’s cash behind into Chase Ultimate Rewards points instead, and pierce those points to a reward card. That way, we can do things like send a points to visit flyer partners, that is customarily a much some-more remunerative approach to use them than as income back.

Regardless of that track we select to go toward profitable for a ring, this is an sparkling time, yet we have a lot of investigate to do. If you’re not certain where to start, Ritani offers a number of guides on picking out diamonds and settings, as good as how to go about indeed shopping a ring.

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Santa Fe Business Incubator, startup partner open digital fab lab

………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ……….

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — With today’s series in digital prolongation unconditional by industry, a Santa Fe Business Incubator is stepping adult to sight “new collar” workers in 21st century fabrication.

The incubator’s new Archimedes Fab Lab, that non-stop in November, offers a full apartment of digital, modernized prolongation collection that incubator companies can now use for fast product development. And, by a new partnership with Santa Fe startup Fab Lab Hub LLC, technicians and operators can get a hands-on training they need to transition from normal blue-collar jobs to today’s new-collar work in complicated factories.

This CNC appurtenance offers accurate tabletop slicing of several materials during Santa Fe Business Incubator’s new digital fab lab. (Courtesy of Santa Fe Business Incubator)

“People are frightened of robots holding over a workplace,” pronounced Fab Lab Hub owner Sarah Boisvert. “But robots are indeed opening adult a whole line of ‘new collar’ jobs to design, program, guard and repair them. They’re indeed ‘cobots’ that work on a prolongation line with us, though technicians and operators need training to conduct it.”

The incubator’s new, 800-square-foot fab lab is versed with a complicated digital phony collection indispensable to make roughly anything, Boisvert said. That includes 3-D printers, vinyl and laser cutters, mechanism numerical control machines for accurate tabletop cutting, logging machines and a microelectronics workstation. It’s all tied together with module that allows digital control of a whole prolongation process.


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The lab is named in memory of a late Kim Constantikes, an incubator customer whose family donated a apparatus from his engineering company, Archimedes Scientific, after he died.

In addition, Boisvert cumulative donations from a horde of prolongation firms to ascent a lab into a fully-equipped fab lab, permitting it to turn a grave associate of a general Fab Lab Network connected to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The network now includes some-more than 1,000 fab labs worldwide, modeled on MIT’s discipline for a simple collection indispensable to make roughly anything in a digital workplace, Boisvert said.

Boisvert is also operative with Santa Fe Community College to open a second network-affiliated fab lab during a Trades and Advanced Technology Center in February.

The Archimedes Fab Lab is now open for use by a incubator’s proprietor and associate companies. Together with a incubator’s Bioscience Laboratory, a 700-square-foot soppy lab that non-stop in 2014, customer companies now have entrance to a extended apartment of high-tech collection for fast product prototyping and testing, pronounced incubator President and CEO Marie Longserre.

“The Fab Lab is a outrageous item for us,” Longserre said. “It provides cutting-edge training and tools.”

Santa Fe Business Incubator’s new digital Archimedes Fab Lab non-stop in November. (Courtesy of Santa Fe Business Incubator)

The training will be offering by Fab Lab Hub, that Boisvert launched both to assistance determined fab labs national accommodate a mandate for MIT affiliation, and to yield preparation in digital fabrication. The company’s “digital badge program” offers trainings that operation from 6 to 16 weeks or some-more to grasp several levels of certification.

“Students and people in prolongation need a new training model,” Boisvert said. “We’re articulate about technicians and operators, not engineers. They don’t need a two-year grade anymore, since a normal educational trail for journeyman machinists has changed.”

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a shortfall of 2 million learned workers by 2020.


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“Manufacturers are unfortunate for workers lerned in digital manufacturing,” Boisvert said.

The module will embody paid internships.

“We had dual interns in a fall, and we wish to strech 10 this year,” Boisvert said. “As it grows, we wish sight a interns to learn other people, as well, in a train-the-trainer model.”

The lab will offer periodic workshops to a public. And, Boisvert’s association will combine with other entrepreneurship programs, including a new partnership in a works with a Creative Startups accelerator and a incubator’s Startup Weekend in February.

“We’ll make a fab lab accessible and offer a seminar in computer-aided pattern and 3-D copy for Startup Weekend teams who wish to do on-the-spot prototyping,” pronounced incubator Program Director Sean O’Shea.

The incubator also recently stretched and upgraded a co-working space, a 400-square-foot bureau that offers open entrance not only to members of a incubator, though to affiliates of a Project Y and FatPipe ABQ co-working spaces in Los Alamos and Albuquerque, as well, O’Shea said.

The 30,000-square-foot incubator, that non-stop in 1997, is celebrating a 20th anniversary this year. To date, it’s helped launch and grow about 160 businesses, generating some-more than 1,000 new jobs in Santa Fe in a final 10 years.

“We’re formulation a large luncheon jubilee in downtown Santa Fe in early Apr for a anniversary,” Longserre said. “That will flog off a accumulation of activities via a year, including workshops, row discussions and open gatherings that concentration on stream and new programs and collaborative opportunities.”

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network Ranked Top Program for Seventh Consecutive Year; Innovation, Performance and …

“It’s an respect to be famous for a ongoing joining to building a higher associate network for brands and publishers to bond so their businesses can thrive,” pronounced Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing. “We’re anxious to see that a loyalty to creation and opening broach a advantages to a clients and partners that would acquire us this endowment year after year.”

As a largest investigate consult in a opening selling industry, a mThink survey, famous as a “Blue Book,” identifies a tip associate and cost-per-action (CPA) networks for partnerships. With some 400 networks enclosed for consideration, a consult looks during reputation, influence, clientele, recognition and scale when selecting a network, in further to many-sided consultant views, trade information and measures of attention influence. A row of third-party attention experts, representing each aspect of a associate selling industry, supposing submit to countenance a results.  

“Rakuten Marketing has a prolonged story of pushing successful associate programs, and winning this endowment for 7 uninterrupted years is a covenant to a peculiarity of a network a built and a opening it drives for brands and publishers,” pronounced Chris Trayhorn, Chief Executive Officer of mThink. “In a face of a competition, Rakuten Marketing stood out for a strengths in a areas of innovation, opening and service. It is interjection to a astuteness in these categories, and a altogether loyalty to centering a business in delivering performance, that Rakuten Marketing continues to acquire this award, reflecting a accolades of a clients, partners and peers in a industry, year-after-year.”

About Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten Marketing attention heading solutions commission marketers to flower in their developed purpose and grasp a full intensity of digital marketing, well and effectively, with data-informed insights that emanate consistent, enchanting and successful practice opposite screens. Offering an integrated solution, along with singular insights and consultative partnerships, Rakuten Marketing delivers a collection that marketers need to boost efficiency, capability and performance.

Rakuten Marketing is a multiplication of Rakuten Inc. (4755: TOKYO), one of a world’s heading Internet use companies. The association is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, a United Kingdom, and via the United States. Follow us on Twitter or learn some-more at

About mThink Blue Book
The Blue Book is a research-based ranking of a heading opening selling networks in a world. Online advertisers and publishers use it each day to name network partners that will assistance them expostulate sales and boost profits. Learn some-more during

Press Contact
Lisa Tadje
Sr. Communications Director
Rakuten Marketing

Cision View strange calm with multimedia:

SOURCE Rakuten Marketing

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Mercy Health Network acquires Elkader hospital

Michaela Ramm

The Gazette

Mercy Health Network acquires Elkader hospital

Education pivotal to addressing opioid crisis, consultant says during Coralville conference

All-male organisation promotes heart health for women in Cedar Rapids

Eight some-more flu-related deaths reported in Iowa this week

New CMS discipline concede work mandate for Medicaid recipients

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ELKADER — Officials from a Mercy Health Network announced Friday that a classification has acquired a Central Community Hospital in Elkader.

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Total Para Total: 8

According to a new recover Friday, a network will strictly acquire a sanatorium on Jul 1, 2018.

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Long Pra Total: 5
Total Para Total: 8

“We are committed to enhancing a health and wellness of area residents, so apropos a full associate of Mercy Health Network will move some-more services and extended entrance for a patients,” pronounced Brooke Kensinger, CEO of Central Community Hospital, in a news release.

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The West Des Moines- formed Mercy Health Network is an integrated complement of health caring comforts via Iowa that includes Mercy Medical Center in Iowa City.

<!–Total Para: 5
Long Para:4
Long Pra Total: 5
Total Para Total: 8

By fasten a network, officials wish a Central Community Hospital will sojourn financial stable, quite with a trend of farming health caring providers — both in Iowa and opposite a nation — struggling to yield specialty services,

<!–Total Para: 6
Long Para:5
Long Pra Total: 5
Total Para Total: 8

“We have been in a successful government attribute with Mercy Health Network for a past 17 years and aligning ourselves now as an owned associate strengthens this attribute and takes a partnership to a new level,” pronounced Robert Bodensteiner, boss of a Central Community Hospital house of directors, in Friday’s news release.

<!–Total Para: 7
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A orator from Central Community Hospital could not be reached for serve comment.

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Total Para Total: 8

l Comments: (319) 368-8536;

eBay Affiliates Could See Disruption in Earnings

eBay Partner Network associate programeBay is creation a change in how it attributes exchange to members of a associate module that could impact their earnings. The change is a predecessor to a new tracking complement eBay will launch after this year, that it pronounced would emanate a “more absolute earning engine” for members.

Changes to a associate module impact sellers indirectly and in some cases directly, given some sellers are members of a module and acquire associate income if they expostulate trade to a site that formula in a sale, either to their possess equipment or another seller’s listings. Any changes that boost (or reduce) gain intensity could motivate affiliates to send some-more (or less) trade to eBay and combine on programs from other marketplaces and retailers – also inspiring sellers.

The eBay Partner Network did not get specific about a initial changes, that take outcome on Jan 24th. “You might see a disproportion in your comment opening as a outcome of a change,” eBay said. “As with any methodology update, a formula generated might be a bit different, and we could see some changes in terms of exchange and earnings,” eBay suggested affiliates.

Announcement follows:

We’re committed to invariably improving your knowledge on eBay Partner Network. As user function and a online selling ecosystem evolves, we contingency as well. That’s because on Jan 24, we will start regulating a new detrimental methodology to credit exchange to a partners relocating forward.

This change is a building retard that lays a substructure for vital upgrades that will safeguard a high peculiarity use and arguable record that we deserve. It is also a initial step toward rising a new tracking complement after this year, that will eventually emanate a some-more absolute earning engine for a partners.

What we need to know: We’re still regulating a last-click detrimental indication and a 24-hour cookie duration. This change is especially about enlightening a methodology to make certain that we are relating exchange to clicks so that we charge a transaction properly, and to have a complement that is reliable, fast and modern.

You might see a disproportion in your comment opening as a outcome of a change. As with any methodology update, a formula generated might be a bit different, and we could see some changes in terms of exchange and earnings.

Upcoming enhancements embody new and sparkling stating capabilities that will serve strengthen a information on that we rest to learn, earn, optimize and grow, as good as vital improvements to multi-device attribution. We consider 2018 is going to be utterly an sparkling year for EPN, and we’re looking brazen to pity all with we in a entrance months.

We suppose we substantially have some questions, and we’re here to help. Email us anytime during

SOURCE: eBay Partner Network Announcement

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Video of Jason Akatiff Keynote during Affiliate Summit West 2018

Jason Akatiff, Founder of A4D, gave a keynote display (Once in a Lifetime Opportunity) during Affiliate Summit West 2018 on Jan 8, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

Jason Akatiff during Affiliate Summit West 2018

Even after $500,000,000 in online sales opposite 100 verticals, Jason still loves to learn and grow each day.

He started as an associate behind in 2003 after stumbling opposite a business event (bizopp) ebook and a forum community. He started with Blackhat SEO and media shopping formed on what this ebook and village taught.

Since then, he has founded 4 opposite companies in a associate selling space. The many good famous of these is a A4D – Performance Network, an industry-leading whitehat associate network comprised of 2000+ merchants and 12,000+ media shopping affiliates.

After 14 years in a business he now invests many of his time into examining marketplace trends to emanate a destiny expansion plan for A4D. This involves talent acquisition, lifting capital, marketplace diversification, and building tech and automation. With a maturation of a opening selling space, Jason sees large opportunities to grow rarely essential performance-driven teams and platforms that ceaselessly pull a forefront of innovation.

One thing Jason truly believes in is building plain and tolerable businesses with prolonged tenure value. He watches so many people try and make a discerning sire in a associate universe contra building something of loyal postulated value. His goal is to work with and grow people who share his prophesy of building sustainable, compliant, and prolonged tenure opening businesses.

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Expedia Affiliate Network partners with Anixe

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) has assimilated army with Polish transport record solutions provider Anixe to concede executive and eastern European transport providers to entrance EAN’s full apartment of hotel rates and availabilities.

Under a agreement, Anixe will have entrance to some-more than 350,000 hotels worldwide, according to EAN. Through Anixe’s offline information exporting and placement capabilities underneath a Resfinity brand, EAN’s hotel rate information will be permitted in a accumulation of attention customary formats.

EAN says a partnership will lower Anixe’s hotel register offering, quite in executive and eastern Europe, where transport providers have formerly been incompetent to entrance EAN’s rates and accessibility due to differences in information government methods.

Alfonso Paredes, VP of sales for EMEA and LATAM during EAN, commented: “Anixe’s record has authorised us to strech some-more transport partners in a debate operator, airline and moody sheet tradesman sectors, quite in executive and eastern Europe, where there is specific direct for EAN’s endless accommodation portfolio and rival rates and availability.”

Piotr Zolnierek, CEO of Anixe, added: “A pivotal cause in a preference to work with EAN was a ability to offer a partners entrance to a package rates and vitally, some-more accessible hotel bedrooms in some-more countries opposite a globe.”,

Expedia Affiliate Network and ANIXE join army to enhance hotel supply to Central and Eastern European transport markets

Alfonso Paredes, Vice President of SalesAlfonso Paredes, Vice President of Sales
Travel providers in Central and Eastern Europe will now be means to entrance Expedia Affiliate Network’s (EAN) full apartment of hotel accommodations, rival rates and availabilities following an agreement with ANIXE.
ANIXE, headquartered in Poland, offers innovative and customizable transport record solutions and services to a partners.

Under a agreement, ANIXE now has entrance to some-more than 350,000 hotels worldwide around EAN’s strong API. Through ANIXE’s offline information exporting and placement capabilities underneath a Resfinity brand, EAN’s hotel rate information will be permitted in a accumulation of opposite attention customary formats.

The new try will enlarge and lower ANIXE’s hotel register offering, quite in Central and Eastern Europe, where many transport providers were formerly incompetent to entrance EAN’s rates and accessibility due to differences in information government methods in those regions.

Alfonso Paredes, Vice President, Sales EMEA and LATAM, EAN brand, says: “At EAN we are constantly elaborating a product charity in line with a partner’s feedback and a needs of a tellurian transport market. Alongside continual product innovation, we source and deposit in record partners that clear new opportunities to support a transport industry.

“ANIXE’S record has authorised us to strech some-more transport partners in a debate operator, airline and moody sheet tradesman sectors, quite in Central and Eastern Europe, where there is specific direct for EAN’s endless accommodation portfolio and rival rates and availability.”

Piotr Żołnierek, CEO, ANIXE, says: “A pivotal cause in a preference to work with EAN was a ability to offer a partners entrance to a package rates and vitally, some-more accessible hotel bedrooms in some-more countries opposite a globe.”

Żołnierek continues: “We are vehement to be means to daub into EAN’s final notation engagement capabilities, that will be quite profitable to a airline partners whose travellers cite choice and coherence when it comes to engagement their accommodation.”

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Owensboro Health Joins Markey Affiliate Network

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 11, 2018) – Owensboro Health announced yesterday that it has assimilated a Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network, offer expanding a attribute with a University of Kentucky.

Markey Cancer Center is a usually National Cancer Institute-designated cancer core in Kentucky. By fasten a UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network, Owensboro Health will now be means to offer raise caring accessible to patients in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana, while permitting patients to stay closer to home and their support systems for many treatments.

“Owensboro Health exists to reanimate a ill and to urge a health of a communities we serve,” pronounced Owensboro Health President and CEO Greg Strahan. “When it comes to charity national-quality, superb cancer care, we are unapproachable to group adult with a UK Markey Cancer Center, that is famous as one of a inaugural cancer caring and investigate centers in a nation.”

Owensboro Health’s Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center (MMCC) serves a health system’s coverage area, a race of scarcely 400,000 people opposite 14 counties in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. More than 1,000 patients are treated during a core annually. Last year, Owensboro Health also assimilated Markey’s Research Network, that allows MMCC to run many of Markey’s clinical trials on-site.

“As a local of Owensboro, it is a good respect to acquire Owensboro Health as a newest UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate,” pronounced Dr. Mark Newman, UK executive clamp boss for health affairs. “These relations are really critical to both of a institutions and many significantly to a caring of patients via a segment and a Commonwealth. We demeanour brazen to stability to work with a superb group during Owensboro to yield a top turn of cancer diagnosis and impediment measures.”

The UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network was combined to yield high-quality cancer caring closer to home for patients opposite a region, and to minimize a effects of cancer by impediment and preparation programs, well-developed clinical care, and entrance to research. The associate network is generally critical for Kentucky, where cancer rates are a top in a nation.

“Kentucky is home to some of a misfortune cancer rates in a country,” pronounced Dr. Tim Mullett, medical executive of a UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network. “Collaborating with a associate hospitals opposite a state will capacitate us to make a certain impact on a apocalyptic cancer rates here in a Commonwealth.”

The UK Markey Cancer Center is one of usually 69 medical centers in a nation to acquire an NCI cancer core designation. Because of a designation, Markey patients have entrance to new drugs, diagnosis options and clinical trials offering usually during NCI centers.

Moving forward, a UK Markey Cancer Center is operative toward a subsequent tier of nomination – an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Currently, 45 of a 69 NCI-designated cancer centers in a nation reason a extensive cancer core status. The UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network will play a vast purpose in bringing that subsequent turn of cancer appropriation to Kentucky.

The UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network was combined in 2006 and is comprised of a following 20 hospitals opposite a Commonwealth of Kentucky:

  • Clark Regional Medical Center, Winchester
  • Frankfort Regional Medical Center
  • Georgetown Community Hospital
  • Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown
  • Harlan ARH Hospital
  • Harrison Memorial Hospital, Cynthiana
  • Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center
  • Highlands Regional Medical Center, Prestonsburg
  • King’s Daughters Medical Center, Ashland
  • Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, Somerset
  • Methodist Hospital, Henderson
  • Norton Cancer Institute, Louisville (Norton Healthcare-UK HealthCare partnership)
  • Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, Ashland
  • Owensboro Health Regional Hospital
  • Rockcastle Regional Hospital, Mt. Vernon
  • St. Claire Regional Medical Center, Morehead
  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Edgewood
  • The Medical Center during Bowling Green
  • TJ Samson Community Hospital, Glasgow
  • Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center, South Williamson