Affise Chooses Digital Element’s IP Intelligence Solution to Enhance Its Affiliate Marketing Platform

, a tellurian geolocation information and services provider, has
currently announced that opening selling platform, Affise,
has comparison a NetAcuity EdgeTM technology, to improve
targeting ability and tellurian selling opening for clients.

Affise allows online promotion campaigns to be optimised, tracked,
managed and analysed in genuine time for advertisers, agencies, networks
and affiliates. Its clients precedence best-in-class record powered by
AI, and uses automation collection to broach finish campaigns. The company
comparison Digital Element’s IP geolocation and comprehension resolution to
concede entrance to best in-class tellurian IP datasets for ad targeting and

By regulating Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge technology, Affise will be
means to some-more accurately geotarget, possibly as a standalone targeting
pattern or by adding accurate IP plcae information to other information sets to
build improved targeting profiles. Additional datasets, such as connection
speed and mobile carrier, have been combined to enlarge targeting options
and heighten capability, assisting to urge a aptitude and response for
online campaigns.

“We are a technology-first association and in a ad tech attention it is
needed we yield slicing corner solutions for a clients,” commented
Dmitry Zotov, Founder and CTO of Affise. “Digital Element is a best IP
geolocation information provider in a opinion and by utilising their granular
IP comprehension we are means to offer a best probable resolution to our
clients, augmenting both their opening and reach.”

Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge combines normal infrastructure
research with discernment gleaned from a network of tellurian commercial
partners to improved map a internet. The outcome is a many granular and
accurate hyperlocal geotargeting resolution that maintains user anonymity
and complies with a top standards of end-user privacy.

Elena Vega, Digital Element’s International Business Development
Director, commented: “Collaborating with Affise is an exciting
event for Digital Element and highlights a flourishing participation in
a Cypriot marketplace and globally. We demeanour brazen to assisting Affise
grasp extended targeting and profiling of their clients, and seeing
a association continue to succeed.”

Affise joins Digital Element’s portfolio of high-profile clients, which
includes: Adobe, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Videology, MediaMath,
BBC, Discovery Networks, Hubspot, Vibrant Media, Webtrends, Crimtan,
Weborama, Ogilvy and many others.


About Digital Element

Since 1999, Digital Element has been providing tellurian geolocation data
and services that move anytime, anywhere aptitude and context to
online initiatives — from desktops to mobile devices. The company’s
law record has been approved and accredited to deliver
real-time entrance to accurate and arguable plcae comprehension without
invading Internet users’ privacy. For scarcely dual decades, many of the
world’s largest websites, brands, confidence companies, ad networks,
amicable media platforms and mobile publishers have devoted Digital
Element’s record to aim advertising, focus content, enhance
analytics, and conduct calm rights as good as detect and forestall fraud.

for some-more information on how to move a energy of plcae to a online
world. Follow us on LinkedIn
and Twitter
afterwards like us on

Headquartered in Atlanta and London, Digital Element is a multiplication of Digital
Envoy Inc

About Affise

Affise is a opening selling height for advertisers, agencies,
networks and affiliates to manage, track, analyse and optimise their
online promotion campaigns in genuine time. Since 2006, Affise has been
handling associate programmes as a technology-first association providing
cutting-edge solutions and customizable products to conduct direct
publisher relationships.

for some-more information.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for a Rapidly Changing World

Image credit: Mathias Rosenthal/Shutterstock

The associate selling attention is changing with GDPR and technological advances. Learn how to adapt.

The affiliate selling industry is undergoing some of a biggest changes in a history. Revolutionary advances in digital record and rare regulatory changes are touching a lives of associate marketers and advertisers in ways we could never have seen customarily a few brief years ago.

Finding new applications of synthetic comprehension and a doing of a EU’s new GDPR guidelines are approaching to spin a attention on a head. A new indication that focuses on decentralization will also impact a profession. Here is an overview of these jarring changes that marketers contingency be prepared for in 2018 and beyond.

The use of decentralized information in online marketing

Blockchain was developed to substantiate bitcoin transactions. The record is being used increasingly in other industries as well, including associate marketing.

Attrace is a initial associate network to find an focus for this technology. Attrace uses blockchain to forestall fraud, urge transparency, minimize a official infrastructure of their network and routine payments in real-time. Their decentralized, blockchain-based resolution is means to broach services during a 95 percent reduce cost than other networks.

Once we see one classification start to take advantage of what blockchain and decentralized record can move to a universe of online selling and lead era tracking, it will customarily be a matter of time before this spreads opposite a industry.

Artificial comprehension provides fascinating new insights

Newbies and middle associate marketers tend to be too fact oriented. They spend large hours contrast new offers, formulating calm and looking for new trade sources. More gifted marketers know significance of looking during a bigger picture. They contingency observe trends to expect new changes, such as a forms of offers that will be essential in a destiny and that trade sources will be many essential in a future.

Artificial comprehension has given birth to a new margin famous as predictive analytics. A series of associate selling experts are regulating predictive analytics to accelerate their profitability.

Performance Horizon is a colonize in this area. Last year, they announced that they were building a new AI platform to assistance brand’s foresee destiny changes. The new height will also facilitate tracking, optimizing and brokering traffic.

ContentSquare is another association that has started regulating AI to know patron function for digital marketing. They perceived $20 million in seed funding a integrate of years ago.

It is still too early to know a final impact synthetic comprehension will have on a associate selling industry, since a record is elaborating during a really fast pace. However, it is pure that it will change a attention in startling ways.


Last month, a European Union finally enacted a GDPR. This is a new information insurance horizon that strictly replaces a Data Protection Directive that was adopted behind in 1995.

The new law has a series of information insurance discipline that associate marketers contingency be wakeful of. Payoneer published a blog post that provides an overview of a policies that associate marketers contingency know per this new law. These changes embody a following:

More singular targeting capabilities

The GDPR places despotic stipulations on how many marketers can personalize their ads. Facebook and Google have already introduced new process changes to compliance. In March, Google announced that it will extent estimate of any personal information about minors, as compulsory underneath a GDPR Age of Consent requirements. They also expelled a new resolution for publishers that customarily wish to arrangement ads that do not embody personalized information on business who didn’t agree to information collection for targeting. Facebook has stopped estimate newsfeed posts for targeting ads, solely when a ads are noted for a ubiquitous open or friends of friends. The association done this change since those forms of ads customarily count on demographic information that is enclosed in a “special categories of data” sustenance underneath a GDPR.

Other promotion networks are still implementing new changes in response to a legislation. Some promotion networks that associate marketers use many heavily have stopped portion ads to EU countries altogether. 

Direct selling strategies need pure consent

The GDPR has strengthened a manners of agree for marketers reaching EU customers. Any marketers that intend to broach personalized ads contingency get pithy accede from their business forward of time.

Data clarity and opt-out requirements

In a past, marketers didn’t need to spend too many time focusing on a plcae of business that common personal information with them. They simply supposing a customary agree form to business that visited their webpage. Policies are many stricter underneath a GDPR.

Organizations that collect information contingency categorically tell business what information they are requesting and how they intend to use it. Customers contingency yield pure agree before a information can be collected. The code contingency also yield an choice for business to opt out, accept copies of their information or have annals of a information broken during their request.

Affiliate marketers can't assume that they are defence from these new standards, even yet they are not a final code a patron is interacting with. They contingency be pure about regulating any third-party tracking program to collect privately identifiable information on customers, including IP addresses. They need to be compulsory to undo these entries from CPVLab, Prosper or other third-party tracking solutions they use.

Meeting a customary can be difficult adequate if we are using approach joining campaigns as an affiliate. It becomes even some-more formidable if we are building an email list or using another formidable flue that requires we to collect personal information. Make certain we have a elementary approach of collecting information reports and deletion requests so we can respond in a timely manner.

Affiliate marketers are embracing a tides of change in 2018

The affiliate selling profession is confronting some of a biggest changes in 2018. New digital record and a EU’s insubordinate information insurance discipline will have a extensive impact on a destiny of a profession. Savvy marketers contingency take a time to investigate a implications of these changes and respond accordingly.

Apple’s skeleton to cut apps out of the associate module might close down eccentric iOS news sites

Today, Apple announced that it skeleton to mislay apps and in-app purchases from a iTunes Affiliate Program by Oct 1st. The association cites a possess editorial teams and find facilities as clever adequate alternatives to third-party websites and news operations that have historically done income in partial by referring their readers to a App Store.

The longstanding associate selling use was a approach to accept income from Apple that a association took out of a customary 30 percent iTunes and App Store cut, and that income supposing a much-needed source of income for eccentric news sites and publications that wrote about and related to mobile apps. As Apple puts it, a associate module is nonessential “with a launch of a new App Store on both iOS and macOS and their increasing methods of app discovery.” (Google does not say an associate module for a Play Store, given how many Android apps are monetized by advertising.)

Now, iOS-focused news websites like TouchArcade may have to close down in deficiency of a much-needed financial resource. Here’s Eli Hodapp, who’s been TouchArcade’s editor-in-chief given 2009:

Moments ago, Apple announced that they’re murdering a associate program, citing a softened find offering by a new App Store. (Music, books, movies, and TV remain.) It’s tough to review this in any other approach than “We went from saying a little volume of value in third celebration editorial to, we now see no value.” we honestly have no thought what TouchArcade is going to do. Through thick and thin, and each curveball a attention threw during us, we always had App Store associate revenue- Which creates a lot of clarity as we expostulate a ton of purchases for Apple. we don’t know how a takeaway from this pierce can be seen as anything other than Apple fluctuating a vast center finger to sites like TouchArcade, AppShopper, and many others who have spent a final decade evangelizing a App Store and iOS gaming.

Hodapp says that, over a years, websites like TouchArcade have turn harder to say as promotion revenues dusty adult and free-to-play games, that don’t expostulate as most mention income since they monetize especially by in-app purchases, have come to browbeat a mobile marketplace. He says that TouchArcade attempted a palm unsuccessfully during maintaining a Patreon account, and it’s also been regulating Amazon’s associate selling use to assistance stay afloat.

But for a site all about mobile apps, Apple’s associate module was a “ol’ reliable,” as Hodapp puts it. “Each particular squeeze was roughly inconsequential, though when we put them all together it’s arrange of in line with a tract of cinema like Superman III or Office Space— these fractional transactions, over a vast volume, turn really significant.”

Last year, Apple cut a associate rate from 7 percent to 2.5 percent, a “massive punch to a common guts” that Hodapp says a site nonetheless dealt with by slicing behind on freelance and eventuality budgets. Now, he says it’s misleading what his announcement will do to compensate a bills. “I’m only beside myself,” he writes. “I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Why radical and immature brands are roving a associate selling wave

Affiliate selling – or performance-based marketing, as many mostly call it – has always been a channel employed by vast brands. What’s enchanting however is that over a past few years several newer, and mostly unconventional, brands have started banking on this channel.

Tectonic shifts in e-commerce and digital selling stirred me to share an insider’s viewpoint on this trend. Partnering with affiliates like bloggers, calm marketers, online publishers, or influencers has turn a rather eager affair. This is maybe a pivotal cause pushing this new call of associate adoption.

Image: Shutterstock

Affiliate selling in India

The expansion of internet penetration and increasing adoption of online selling has been pushing a expansion of associate selling in India. Today, a channel accounts for 15-20 percent of sum online sales, and this series is customarily approaching to grow. Studies in this domain prove that a associate selling attention in India is approaching to hold $835 million by customarily 2025!

India’s sepulchral startup enlightenment has also had a purpose in spurring this measureless expansion in associate marketing. A vast series of these startups wish to make a many of their selling budgets.

Unconventional and immature brands currently are holding knowledge of a contribution and trends regarding to a dark value of associate selling and leveraging it to maximize ROI.

Affiliate marketing and immature brands – what is operative here?

Reports have indicated that about 5.5 percent of sales were instituted and sealed by affiliates. Also, 8.8 percent of all sales happened around affiliates on a first-click basis. This indicates a clever value from a associate selling channel right from a commencement of a patron journey. In fact, radical sites like Indian Health Organization (IHO), Magzter, Nutraj, Toffee Insurance, Cashify, Zoomcar, etc. have all adopted associate marketing. Let’s try in fact a advantage this is reaping for a brands to get captivated towards associate marketing.

Low risk

Well, a modern-day consumer has a far-reaching operation of choices when it comes to online shopping. In a face of such unbending competition, joined with a need to broach large earnings for a investor’s money, associate selling has turn a some-more infallible and low-risk sales channel.

Works best with singular budgets

Commissions are given out customarily when sales are achieved or leads are generated, and a prominence supposing is probably free-of-cost. Young brands, generally startups, have singular resources and reduce promotion budgets. Affiliate marketing, that customarily works on a performance-based model, has valid to be a low-risk selling strategy.

Incurs reduce cost of appropriation customers

Smart marketers are also accounting for a dump in patron merger costs that associate selling enables. Brands are appropriation sales during 70-75 percent obtuse with associate selling when compared to a cost of other channels.

Puts an bid in educating a patron about a brand/retailer

The one longer-term advantage of associate marketing, however, has to be a preparation it drives. Affiliates not customarily teach users on their site though also use videos, infographics, ad campaigns, dedicated blogs, etc. to expostulate preparation about a product or use offering by a retailer.

Markets a code opposite all amicable media channels

Brands currently are some-more focused on enhancing patron engagement. Many marketers currently are holding knowledge of a participation and ability of amicable media in enchanting business and other promotional activities. In fact, a 2016 amicable media selling news states that Facebook is used by 93 percent of marketers while Twitter is employed by 76 percent of marketers. In this scenario, associate links assistance them beget a preferred outcome if a couple is clicked. Newer platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube are also leveraged to attract new business to a brands.

While any flitting day brings some-more to a associate selling table, it has turn some-more than customarily a apparatus to expostulate consumers to a squeeze point. Affiliate selling is elaborating into a consumer find channel that formula not customarily in code rendezvous though also high sales with enthralling ROI. With newer trends gaining momentum, associate selling is really here to stay, with a clearly essential and essential destiny for utterly a few newer, and mostly unconventional, retailers.

Swati Bhargava is a Co-founder of, India’s largest cashback and coupons site.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions voiced in this essay are those of a author and do not indispensably simulate a views of YourStory.)

Training to turn an associate selling expert

There are a lot of resources accessible online that aim to learn we how to turn a improved associate marketer. These can be unequivocally useful when it comes to environment adult your campaigns and ensuring that they are optimized. However, there is one pretence that unequivocally few people in a affiliate marketing universe cover and that is conferences.

Training conferences to learn

Conferences are a key to creation it large in a industry. They yield we with forlorn opportunities to accommodate other people in your attention and benefit insider information about destiny developments in your area. What is more, they are also a best place to accommodate people who we can work with in a future.

Just since associate marketers customarily work from home, that does not meant they have to work alone. Conferences offer we a possibility to form a good operative relations around a world. Remember, everybody wants to make money, and utterly mostly people are peaceful to share their skills and recommendation in their areas for information about others.

If we can move something to a list and assistance a associate associate out in one area, afterwards they might be means to assistance we out in return. Of course, that does not meant we should give divided an award-winning regulation for giveaway in a hopes that others might give we one of theirs. It usually means that we should be peaceful to share some of your ideas and get feedback and critique from other people in a industry.

Networking training during a conference

Networking should be your primary concentration during any conference. However, one of a many critical things we should do before we go is to devise ahead. You will find your networking skills turn distant some-more effective and fit if we know what it is we are looking for. Remember, there are a lot of people during conferences and therefore a lot of people to meet. You do not wish to rubbish profitable time violence around a brush perplexing to consider of things to say.

The same goes for those we pronounce to. Nobody likes tiny talk, and we will seem distant some-more veteran if we can benefaction business and your needs clearly and concisely. That way, people will know true divided either or not they can or wish to work with we in a future.

Of course, conferences have other advantages too besides networking. Here is a list of a tip 4 choice reasons to attend conferences:

Discover rising trends

Conferences are a place for businesses to uncover off what they have lined adult for a future. If we can see where some of your incomparable competitors are streamer and because afterwards we will have a good thought about a destiny opinion for your campaigns.

Meet attention leaders

Conferences are packaged full of engaging people and depending on that ones we go to, we could be station shoulder to shoulder with some of a universe heading business giants. Conferences unequivocally can give we a event to arise by a ranks and get recommendation from people who know what they are articulate about.

Learn and improve

Conferences not usually have heading professionals who will speak to we about how to urge your business though many also have workshops and courses that we can take partial in. They can learn we critical skills to learn and improve a potency of your campaigns and deliver we to new collection and innovative ways of meditative about your debate strategies.

They are fun

You have listened a saying, ‘all work and no play creates Jack a lifeless boy’. Well, conferences give we a ideal event to go out and have fun, but feeling guilty that you’re not during home or in a office.

Attending conferences gives we a possibility to accommodate like-minded people operative in your niche and make lifelong friends. What is more, many conferences chuck extraordinary after parties with tip DJs in assemblage and giveaway drinks.

Moreover, if we are perplexing to build adult a code picture regulating amicable media, conferences will give we a ideal event to get some overwhelming posts created.

Conference list

Conferences are mostly tailored to sold areas and niches. Therefore, it is essential to select a ones that will be many profitable to your campaigns. Here is a list of some of a many renouned conferences in any of a largest associate areas:

General associate selling conferences

  • Affiliate Summit East
  • Affiliate Summit West
  • Affiliate World Asia
  • IGB Affiliate Conferences
  • The European Summit Affiliate Conferences
  • Performance IN Live
  • Native Advertising Days

Email marketing

  • IBM Think
  • MailCon
  • Adobe Summit
  • Email Evolution Conference

Media buying

  • DMexco
  • Digiday Publishing Summit Europe
  • AdExchanger’s Industry Preview
  • Programmatic I/O
  • Ops New York
  • Digital Publishing Innovation Summit

CAKE by Accelerize Joins Digital Marketers from More than 70 Countries Worldwide during Affiliate Summit East 2018

Enterprise SaaS Technology Provider Showcases Marketing Intelligence Solution that Optimizes Performance Marketing Success

Accelerize  and a digital selling program division CAKE announced a association will be holding partial in a upcoming Affiliate Summit East 2018 (ASE) conference. Held Jul 29-31 during a New York Marriott Marquis in New York City, the annual eventuality focuses on trends and innovations impacting a opening selling industry. ASE attendees meddlesome in training some-more about a company’s whole operation of opening selling and craving selling comprehension solutions, can revisit CAKE during a event’s Meet Market on Jul 29 at tables 617/618.

Billed as a opening selling industry’s premier tellurian event, ASE brings together online publishers and media owners, tellurian brands, agencies and advertisers, as good as networks and record providers.The conference’s three-day bulletin includes presentations and panels focusing on a latest developments, opportunities and hurdles for opening marketers and a providers who offer them.

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“We demeanour brazen to fasten a colleagues during ASE and to deliberating a latest trends in a digital selling ecosystem, privately how detrimental is pushing larger opening selling success,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize. “CAKE always comes divided from Affiliate Summit events with new connectors and profitable insights that we flue behind into building a customer and partner network, as good as enhancing a technology.”

According to eMarketer, Affiliate Marketing spend is projected to strech $6.82 billion by 2020. Furthermore, Forbes predicts that all of US digital promotion spend will strech $120 billion by 2021 with digital selling flourishing by an 11% devalue annual expansion rate from now by 2021 with a clever concentration on measurement.

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EDITORIAL Affiliate selling – a new face of telemedia traffic?

I have worked in telemedia for many years. When perplexing to explain it to some youngsters during Affiliate World Europe (AWE18) in Barcelona final week, we realised that associate selling and what we have called telemedia for all these years is flattering most one and a same thing.

It’s all about traffic. Affiliate selling is a locate all tenure for generating trade for people. You have offers or even products we wish to sell? Then affiliates can marketplace that for you. Influencers can also do it. Social media sites can do it. Google (and all other hunt engines do it). And aggregators and use providers do it.

Similarly, VAS providers, calm owners, publishers, hunt engines and even ecommerce sites are a life blood of associate marketing. In fact, most of what has driven telemedia for these past 30 years is a same as associate marketing.

And so conference what a suspicion leaders are AWE18 had to contend was intensely interesting. As a video interviews reveal, a issues in a associate selling universe impact telemedia and clamp versa and are one and a same.


AWE18 What affiliates are saying… a taster

GDPR, influencers, fin tech and rascal are all pivotal points of seductiveness for a associate sector. GDPR, while already now in place, is still an opposite quantity: everybody is watchful for someone to get it wrong and afterwards to see what happens next, warns Dominic Baliszewski from Decision Tech, shortly to be partial of MoneySupermarket Group.

Everyone knows what couldhappen with GDPR and what shouldhappen with GDPR – what we don’t know is what will actuallyhappen when someone gets it wrong.

Baliszewski also cites a flourishing change of influencers on associate selling – though points out that influencers such as bloggers arrange of kick-started a attention in a initial place, so are amicable media influencers as affiliates unequivocally that different?

The final indicate Baliszewski creates is that fin tech is about to turn pivotal in a associate world. Open Banking manners meant that a consumer can do some-more with their financial data, among other things, and that this could lead to a universe where not usually do apps and services know when your automobile insurance, say, is adult for renewal, though can send we an offer. This is going to be insubordinate to associate market.


AWE18 The 4 large hurdles for Affiliate Marketing

Another area that is impacting a attention – and that will be a pivotal articulate indicate during World Telemedia Marbella on 8 to 10 October– is where Google fits in.

Google, is a abounding – if not a richest – source of traffic. All those searches are developed for monetising. The hunt engine hulk has finished a lot of that itself – it is after all an promotion business these days – but it is looking to get some-more concerned in a associate world.

While it has a energy to engulf it, it seems to holding a time to do it scrupulously and is palm picking partners to work with. One is Sam Media, that stresses that operative with Google isn’t as tough as people think. So prolonged as we follow a manners and play fair.

There will be some-more on this in a entrance months as we lead adult to World Telemedia Marbella, where Google will be exhibiting and speaking.


AWE18 SamMedia’s Christian Estela talks about how Google is a good source or traffic

VAS providers too can advantage from associate selling – as good as being partial of a associate value sequence – but aggregators need to scrupulously know a associate sourroundings and clamp versa, says Muhammed we Fareed from MessageCloud.


AWE18 The VAS-aggregator-affiliate value sequence explained

There is most some-more to how associate selling and telemedia work together – something that we shall be exploring in augmenting abyss over a entrance months and during World Telemedia Marbella – and most of it is lonesome in a array of interviews from AWE18, so stay tuned over a summer for those and more.