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Many credit cards that offer outrageous sign-up bonuses don’t yield most long-term value in terms of ongoing rewards and additional features. The Nerds found 5 credit cards that offer singular facilities that competence alone yield a constrained adequate reason to apply.

1. Primary let automobile insurance

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

on Chase’s
secure website

You already competence have beheld that your credit label offers rental automobile insurance, though it competence not yield as most coverage as we think. Most credit cards that yield let automobile word offer delegate coverage, that customarily pays customarily what your primary automobile word process doesn’t cover. This means that you’ll still have to record a explain with your word company — which competence boost your premium — and compensate a deductible.

Primary let automobile word typically provides payment for a money value of burglary or collision repairs on a let car, creation it probable that we don’t have to record a explain with your usual automobile word provider. However, any label has opposite terms per that vehicles are covered and where a advantage is available. Also, a coverage customarily doesn’t cover guilt repairs to other vehicles, people or property.

One important label that offers primary let automobile word is the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. The label also comes with one of a best transport sign-up bonuses on a market: Earn 40,000 prerogative points when we spend $4,000 on purchases in a initial 3 months from comment opening — value some-more than $500 if we redeem for travel.

Nerd note: To validate for your credit card’s let automobile insurance, we contingency use a label to compensate for a let automobile and decrease word coverage on a let agreement.

2. Vote on label features

Barclays Ring MasterCard Credit Card

on Barclays’s
secure website

For those who trust that democracy is a best complement for decision-making, a Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® allows cardholders to join a online village and opinion on a label facilities they want.

Having such a consumer-driven concentration has led a Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® to offer poignant features, including a $0 annual fee, no unfamiliar transaction or change send fees, a low $3 money allege price — cards typically normal between 3% and 5% of a money allege — and one of a industry’s lowest seductiveness rates: The ongoing APR is 8% (Variable).

3. Airline immaterial credit

Citibank Prestige Credit Card

on Citibank’s
secure website

Many people lift airline credit cards to measure giveaway flights with visit flyer mile rewards. But usually given a sheet is giveaway doesn’t meant we fly free. Ancillary costs, such as checked bags, loll entrance and in-flight Wi-Fi, food and drinks, can supplement adult — generally if we aren’t drifting solo. Many airline credit cards offer giveaway checked bags as an additional perk, but for some travelers that competence not be enough.

Some high-end credit cards offer matter credits for these immaterial costs. In a box of a Citi Prestige® Card, it’s $250 a year. Of course, a matter credit and a card’s other advantages don’t come cheap. The Citi Prestige® Card’s annual price is $450. But if we like to transport absolutely and we can means a fee, afterwards because not?

4. Choose your prerogative categories

US Bank Cash+(TM) Visa Signature(R) Card Credit Card

on US Bank’s
secure website

One of a best ways to maximize your rewards is to use a credit label that offers large prerogative rewards for specific spending categories. But given many of these cards stagger prerogative categories each quarter, we competence be out of fitness if we don’t caring for some of a offerings.

This is where a U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card comes in. Instead of restricting we to one prerogative difficulty each quarter, we can select dual 5% cash-back categories from a list of 12 and one 2% cash-back difficulty from a list of three. (See a list of categories here.)

Plus, you’ll acquire 5% behind on your initial $2,000 spent per entertain in a 5% categories. Most identical cards offer 5% customarily on a initial $1,500 spent per quarter, definition we can potentially acquire an additional $100 a year with a U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card (500 X .05 = $25 per quarter, $25 X 4 = $100 per year). You’ll get total 2% money behind on your selected difficulty and total 1% behind on all else.

5. Save for your children’s future

Barclays Upromise Credit Card

on Barclays’s
secure website

If saving for your kids’ college costs in further to reaching your other financial goals stresses we out, you’ll be blissful to know that we can get assistance usually by swiping a credit label — a Upromise World MasterCard® to be exact. The label offers several remunerative prerogative categories, and we can possibly deposition your rewards in a Upromise 529 college assets comment or select from a few other inestimable emancipation options. Check out a full review for some-more information.

What’s next?

When selecting your subsequent credit card, demeanour over a rewards and sign-up bonus. It competence take additional research, though it can be value it to find a credit label that offers facilities that make life easier.

Ben Luthi is a staff author during NerdWallet, a personal financial website. Email:bluthi@nerdwallet.com. Twitter: @benluthi.

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Qualifying will take place in dual rounds, with a top-12 drivers from a initial turn advancing. Cars will be expelled during fixed intervals and will take one path any round.

The sequence for a initial turn will be dynamic by pointless draw. A sum of 43 drivers will validate for a race.

The Michigan 400 is a second and final NASCAR Sprint Cup competition of a deteriorate during a Brooklyn track. The initial was a Quicken Loans 400 in Jun 14.

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College basketball: Eastern Michigan sealed 6 players for a 2015-16 season: Ty Toney, a guard, averaged 17.8 points during a youth college in Georgia; Willie Mangum, a ensure who averaged 20.6 points during San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas; LaMonta Stone II, a ensure out of River Rouge High who was named to a Free Press all-state second team; James Thompson IV, a 6-foot-10 core who averaged 24 points and 15 rebounds in his final deteriorate during a high propagandize in Baton Rouge, La.; Lamar Wofford-Humphrey, a 6-9 brazen who averaged 11 points and 7.4 rebounds during a youth college in Kansas; and Nick Madray, a 6-9 brazen out of Binghamton University (N.Y.) who contingency lay out a 2015-16 deteriorate underneath NCAA send rules.

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Nutritional assistance programs would advantage from analysis, economist …

James Sullivan James Sullivan

James Sullivan, Rev. Thomas J. McDonagh, C.S.C., associate highbrow of economics and executive of a Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) during a University of Notre Dame, testified Wednesday (July 15) before a U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Agriculture’s Subcommittee on Nutrition.

Sullivan spoke during a subcommittee’s conference on “Past, Present, and Future of SNAP: Developing and Using Evidence-Based Solutions.” SNAP is a United States Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Sullivan explained that one of a biggest advances in a amicable sciences in new decades is a growth and focus of methods that concede researchers to establish either amicable programs are carrying their dictated effect.

“By running supports divided from ineffectual programs, high-quality impact evaluations concede us to do some-more good with a singular resources available,” he said. “This not usually produces improved formula for those in need, though also for a economy as a whole.

“Recently we co-founded a Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities, that is a investigate core during a University of Notre Dame that identifies innovative, effective and scalable programs that assistance those in need pierce to self-sufficiency,” Sullivan told a subcommitee. “The Wilson Sheehan Lab has partnered with some of a largest private providers of services to a bad in a country, including a Catholic Charities network, as good as state and internal bureaucratic agencies, to inspect justification of module effectiveness. These projects embody programs to foster village college completion, extensive case-management programs, homeless impediment services and diversion programs for first-time, pacifist offenders. This justification allows resources to be channeled to a programs that will have a biggest impact on a lives of a many vulnerable.

“As we have schooled by my work during a Wilson Sheehan Lab, a thought of impact analysis is a unfamiliar judgment to many internal use providers. While these front-line providers are driven by care and proclivity for assisting a poor, many of them pattern and launch programs though plain justification of effectiveness. They typically magnitude outputs or lane outcomes for module participants, though frequency are a programs evaluated regulating severe methods. The miss of justification of what works and what doesn’t is not singular to internal programs. The same could be pronounced of many inhabitant programs that work on a many incomparable scale.”

Sullivan told a subcommittee that there is a transparent need for rigorous, initial justification of a impact of SNAP in a stream form.

“Is SNAP a best approach to urge nutritive outcomes for a disadvantaged?” he said. “The honest answer is that we don’t know. Bringing justification to bear on this doubt would concede us to improved assistance those struggling to put food on a table.”

Sullivan resolved his testimony by observant that advances in record and information collection have severely stretched opportunities to exercise high-quality evaluations of amicable programs.

“Evidence from these evaluations can assistance in a pattern of programs that produce improved formula and beam process on how best to allot wanting resources,” he said. “By enlivening creation and analysis and by targeting support during interventions shown to be successful, policymakers will safeguard that a amicable programs are some-more effective during assisting exposed populations get ahead. We during a Wilson Sheehan Lab acquire this mutation in a approach we quarrel misery in America.”

Sullivan also is a investigate associate of a National Poverty Center during a University of Michigan. His investigate examines a consumption, saving and borrowing function of bad households in a U.S., and how gratification and taxation process affects a contentment of a poor. His many new work examines changes in expenditure and income misery in a U.S. over a past 5 decades.

Contact: James Sullivan, 574-631-7587, jsulliv4@nd.edu

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Michelle Phan Transforms Into Rihanna

Michelle Phan Transforms Into Rihanna

KCK-based Unbound celebrates inexhaustible hearts

Descending into Guatemala City’s La Aurora International Airport, we press my nose opposite a craft window, perplexed by colourful colors splashed opposite a alpine landscape.

An hour later, careening out of a city in a outpost headed west for Chimaltenango, we comprehend a splendid patchwork throwing my courtesy from a atmosphere was indeed a constant complement of tarps and shanties precariously perched on hillsides surrounding a city.

“I know a lowest of a bad live there,” points out Elizabeth Alex, my transport messenger and encampment overdo and media family executive during Unbound, a 34-year-old nonprofit charitable classification formed in Kansas City, Kan. “They build vulnerable shelters, one on tip of another, usually to shun a elements.”

Like many building nations, Guatemala’s story is formidable — wars, domestic coups, violence, oppression. Rural misery in a Central American nation is punctuated by sensuous flora juxtaposed opposite a region’s veneer of ongoing assault and desolation.

But a Guatemalan people’s honour is fierce. Their confident presence instinct, bolstered by a clever substructure of faith, stands in sheer contrariety with crowded, soiled city streets where shriveled hull of healthy beauty cocktail adult between petrify cracks, and rickety businesses lay in a shadows of soaring ancestral cathedrals.

The dribs and drabs of attractiveness make a sum outcome for me, a first-time caller to Guatemala, that many some-more melancholy.

Alex and we are in Guatemala for a week, scheduled to revisit 4 Unbound families who have Kansas City sponsors — people who make a monthly financial joining that has a proceed impact on a life of a chairman sponsored. Unbound emphasizes personalized solutions to poverty, and families who accept sponsorship dollars — or advantages — are speedy to use their possess impulse and beginning to urge their lives and communities.

From shopping food or shoes, regulating a leaky roof to promulgation a child to school, a Unbound module allows families to select a assistance that will assistance their children a most. A smallest sponsorship is $30 a month. Although sponsors can stop during any time, many keep their joining with Unbound for decades. In some instances, Unbound sponsorships are even handed down in families when a unite dies. Sponsors have a event to get to know their sponsored child or aged chairman by letter-writing and recognition visits.

Alex and we have an desirous itinerary. Home visits, spending time with mothers groups and removing a firsthand glance of how Unbound’s rarely personalized sponsorship indication not usually empowers families though also celebrates their gifts and connects a universe to their struggles.

Although we will declare a oppressive predicament of a bad — and impassioned bad — Alex promises we will see complacency and even contentment.

“Poverty is complicated,” Alex says several times during a trip. “But what Unbound provides, in further to proceed monthly advantages for sponsored individuals, is support and a holistic proceed to encampment building.”

By a time we leave Guatemala, a gentle smiles, unassailable spirits and genuine hugs of a people I’ve met lift my unhappy — usually as Alex predicted.

The disproportion of Benito, a rancher and father of 10, resonate: “I don’t have much, though we am a valet of what God has given me. we have devout wealth.”

Tomasa, a weary, 87-year-old Mayan lady who bid me goodbye: “May God give we some-more life, some-more work, some-more joy.”

Evarista, a mom who explains a chickens regulating by her two-room, dirt-floor cinderblock residence with a leaky corrugated roof that accommodates 14 people: “These birds are my assets account. We competence eat them if we get inspired enough.”

Tiofilo, married to Maria for 30 years, father of 12, who lives in a remote towering village: “God magnify we for your visit; we will perpetually have we in a hearts.”

Seven months have upheld given we visited Guatemala — weeks during that we remodeled my closet in my protected Overland Park home; purchased art, seat and clothes; enjoyed dishes during restaurants and in friends’ homes; went to a movies; and attended performances during a Kauffman Center for a Performing Arts.

I did loads of soaking in a complicated soaking machine, shopped for groceries in well-stocked stores and bought gasoline for my car. When diagnosed with pneumonia in January, we had entrance to good health caring and medicine. we brushed my teeth several times a day and had a grace of regulating a restroom with regulating H2O and a toilet.

Accommodations that are partial of my bland life — electricity, purify water, a gentle bed and a protected sourroundings — are not even apart options for a Guatemalan families we encountered. More than 90 percent of a inland race lives in impassioned poverty, where mercantile inequality and assault are widespread, where harlotry is authorised and immature girls are solitary into rings. Education for many is a luxury; a categorical focus, generally in farming Guatemala, is simply putting food on a list — and mostly anticipating a proxy pursuit in a morning to assistance grasp that goal.

Alex, who left her pursuit in 2013 as a news anchor during KSHB, Kansas City’s NBC affiliate, is no foreigner to assisting people in such circumstances. She stepped adult to a image when Deb’s House, determined to be a proxy retreat for Romanian orphans as they waited for chain in a U.S., was threatened with closure after general adoptions ceased in 2004. While many agencies deserted Romanian projects, a American friends of Deb’s House, spearheaded by Alex, scrambled to keep it going, providing a protected breakwater for a kids left in limbo.

“The work we do during Deb’s House creates a disproportion in a lives of kids that differently wouldn’t have a chance,” Alex said. “And during Unbound, we see bland miracles occur in Guatemala and around a universe where we do a work — a universe that mostly doesn’t know a trials these people go by usually to live. Families incompetent to eat or buy boots though inexhaustible sponsors. Children who couldn’t attend school. People who comprehend their value and achieve their dreams, notwithstanding their poverty.”

Respect, Alex said, is a core value during Unbound.

“Unbound is about respecting people — where they are.”

Luis Cocon, 36, an Unbound staffer, is a translator for a week. Orlando, who doesn’t pronounce English, is a driver. His van, a late-model Volkswagen, is purify and flashy with homemade fate and Guatemalan tapestries.

Cocon, married with 3 children, is Unbound’s Guatemala and Mexico communications liaison. A 10-year workman of a organization, his knowledge is unusual: He spent partial of his childhood in Los Angeles, where his relatives worked. Today, Cocon, of Mayan descent, raises his family in Patzún, his birthplace.

He speaks about dangers existent in his home nation — like “chicken buses,” city buses that transport during high speeds and are packaged with people going to work and on errands.

“Drivers are frequently shot and killed given a train association didn’t compensate coercion income to a sold gang,” he said. “I have been attacked during gunpoint myself.”

Violence is prevalent in Guatemala, that is about a distance of Ohio and has a race of scarcely 16 million. City squad assault is prevalent; gender-based assault is ongoing (according to a United Nations, dual women are killed any day); and crime is everywhere, attributed mostly to a autochthonous misery that persists.

Drug assault is extensive. Drugs pass into Guatemala from adjacent Honduras, where family trafficking networks combine with Mexican cartels to pierce a bootleg substances into a U.S.

And Unbound itself has gifted violence: In 2014, a amicable workman was shot after entrance on a spoliation in progress. Staff members here try to assistance families cope with a realities of a assault by programming and support.

Piling into Orlando’s van, we set out for a tiny encampment of Zaragoza to accommodate immature Vilma and her family.

“One of my biggest rewards operative for Unbound is that we get to offer and be with my people,” Cocon said. “As distant as preparation rates, we’re adult there, toe-to-toe with Haiti and Africa, for a series of people incompetent to read. But we see change with a work Unbound does here, with a sponsorship advantages that children like Vilma receive.”

Cocon pauses, tension channel his childish face. “We concentrate, one-on-one, with families and children,” he said. “That inspires me, given one family’s instance teaches a subsequent one.”

Orlando maneuvers a outpost down a swarming highway lined with obsolete petrify homes. People demeanour from behind doors and wooden fences; 5 members of Vilma’s family, including her 82-year-old grandmother, chaperon us into their elementary compound. The soaking hire is in a open; firewood is built everywhere. The two-room home includes a kitchen area with a wood-burning stove and a room filled with beds. The mud building is swept purify (brooms are abundant in Guatemala — even if your building is dirt, it’s a pitch of honour to keep it tidy); a atmosphere is thick with an biting fume smell.

According to Cocon, many people humour from respiratory illnesses and illness given of a unsound movement in homes.

Twelve-year-old Vilma is sponsored by Ed and Barb Van Buskirk of south Kansas City. The integrate trafficked to Guatemala in 2012 and met Vilma and her relatives in Antigua’s Parque Central, where they played Jenga and ate ice cream cones from McDonald’s.

Today Vilma’s mother, Evarista, smiles as she recalls that visit. “They came to see Vilma,” she told me by Unbound amicable workman Maria. “It was special.”

The Unbound advantages Vilma receives as a outcome of a Van Buskirks’ sponsorship concede a youngster to go to school. Her favorite subjects are math and reading; her dream is to someday teach. Benito, her father, acknowledges that it’s formidable to yield a basis for his family. “We have devout wealth,” he said. “And we contingency not forget all is in God’s hands.”

The Van Buskirks loose in their Kansas City vital room on a new Sunday afternoon to pronounce about their 15-year impasse with Unbound, that was spurred by assembly one of a founders, Nadine Pearce.

“Knowing a 3 children grew adult with adequate to eat and went to propagandize and that there were kids with zero — that was a motivation,” pronounced Ed Van Buskirk, a owners of a tiny IT company. “Vilma is a fourth child we’ve sponsored over a years, and we will make a fourth outing to Guatemala in late July.”

“God is so genuine to those people,” pronounced Barb Van Buskirk, a former hospice nurse. “We get so many some-more than we ever give by a sponsorship.”

Bob Hentzen co-founded Unbound as Christian Foundation for Children and Aging in 1981 with dual brothers, a sister and a friend. Considered a organization’s idealist leader, Hentzen died in 2013, dual years after completing an 18-month debate from Guatemala to Chile, walking scarcely 8,000 miles by 12 countries where some-more than 183,000 families in a Unbound module live.

“CFCA was innate in a heart of any of us,” Hentzen once said, “and in a hearts of a bad whom we are called to serve.”

The classification underwent a rebranding in 2014, when a name was altered to Unbound to improved paint that their work around a universe is though limits.

Today, Unbound serves some-more than 300,000 families in 21 countries worldwide. There are scarcely 270,000 sponsors — many from a U.S. — who assistance people turn some-more self-sufficient and emanate volatile communities by proceed aid. More than 92 percent of a income spent by Unbound supports programs — appropriation scholarships, disaster assistance, micro-financing, small-business loans and H2O and sanitation projects. In 2014, some-more than $100 million in proceed assistance went to Unbound’s projects; income was usually over $120 million.

Dan Pearson, 44, Unbound’s executive of general programs, is a Butler, Mo., native, and has worked with Unbound for 9 years.

“I felt that enchanting multiple of piety and certainty with Unbound,” Pearson said. “One of a biggest hurdles is confining a bent to wish to go in and repair things, either it’s a work in Guatemala, El Salvador, India or another country. We take a lead from a families themselves and don’t introduce solutions, though listen to where they are headed and channel a resources.”

Pearson refers to a mothers in bad countries as experts in tellurian poverty.

“They know how to widen two-and-a-half dollars a week or any dual weeks to feed a family of six,” Pearson said. “The fact they are flourishing is explanation of their ability to do many with little. Day-to-day existence is a really brief horizon. Unbound sponsorship gives respirating room so they can consider longer-term.”

Like many during Unbound, Pearson refers to owner Hentzen with reverence.

“Bob favourite to contend we save a universe by building one-to-one relations between tangible people,” Pearson said. “Everything we do comes with good responsibility. Families in these bad countries have been cheated and abused by organizations claiming to wish to assistance them. We contingency build trust with them, that is something Bob didn’t take lightly.”

Educating a era of children, activating communities from a bottom up, enabling girls to go to propagandize — all are components of Unbound and a sponsorship program.

“Guatemalans are among a lowest in a hemisphere and have endured many tragedies,” Pearson said, “and now face a call of violence. Their unique suggestion is one of strength and hope. Our swell continues.”

According to Pearson, Unbound projects in Guatemala support families by puncture supports and advantages with a cost of burials — healthy deaths and those that outcome from violence.

“Certainly,” he said, “violent deaths are mostly a many heartbreaking.”

The home’s entryway in Patzicía, Guatemala, where Tomasa lives with her daughter, Dilma, and several grandchildren, is filled with deflated balloons unresolved from a ceiling, left from a gratifying matrimony accepting days before. Her 23-year-old grandson, Sergio, was a groom.

We travel by an alfresco garden where spices and poinsettias grow into a kitchen to accommodate Tomasa, dressed in normal woven Mayan clothe and headscarf. Seated subsequent to a gentle stove, her eyes are closed. She speaks in crude sentences with a assistance of Paula, an Unbound amicable worker.

“I am an aged lady. My physique is ragged out,” she pronounced quietly. “The years are complicated on me.”

Tomasa’s father died 8 years ago, forcing her to pierce in with Dilma. Tomasa has 9 children, 60 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. “I am beholden for my family, who takes caring of me,” she said, opening her eyes, “and for Unbound. Without that, we couldn’t survive.”

Janine Hogan of Waldo, a secretary in Latina/Latino studies during a University of Missouri-Kansas City, was Sergio’s unite until he aged out during 18.

“My mother, Florence Maines, started with Unbound in 1997, and it was an vicious partial of her life,” Hogan pronounced recently in her office. “When she upheld in 2004, we insincere Sergio’s sponsorship, and when that finished requested a family member. we was reserved Tomasa.”

Thanks to her mother’s untiring work during a Seton Center, a amicable services classification in Kansas City’s civic core, Hogan grew adult with a alertness of a misery and craving that exist not usually locally though globally.

“Homeless people were during a Thanksgiving list any year,” Hogan said. “My mom grew adult hungry, so assisting others was her mission. Unbound was poignant to her. we felt it my avocation to continue.”

Later in a afternoon, Alex and we revisit dual mothers groups: One produces unscented soaking soap, and a other creates a corn flour product. These groups are an essential building retard in Unbound’s model, permitting mothers to share best practices on what it takes for a family to succeed.

“Mothers groups are an creation Unbound adopted and introduced in India and widespread to projects in Central and South America,” Alex pronounced as we watch Isabella ready soap over an outward kitchen fire. “They are vicious in building strong, fast communities.”

The self-directed tiny groups — “If we need a microphone to residence a group, it’s too large” — work on a simple drift that mothers are capable, quick people who conclude their families’ biggest needs. The women in Guatemalan villages and around a universe classify with Unbound’s guidance. Today, Unbound supports some-more than 9,500 mothers groups worldwide.

“The outcome competence be seed income for a tiny business, educational support or encampment activism,” Alex explained. “The empowerment gained builds future.”

The Iximché archeological ruins, regarded as a Mayans’ final capital, was founded in 1463. Rich in history, a area was also a initial Spanish colonial city, founded in 1524. It is in this relaxed place that Alex and we accommodate 12-year-old Carmen, sponsored by Overland Park residents Greg and Maureen Reuter, and Carmen’s family. Unbound amicable workman Maria accompanies us as we settle on a weed nearby ancient mill steps.

“I will be in seventh class subsequent year,” Carmen says by Maria, her vast brownish-red eyes focused on Alex and me. “I like school. It’s vicious to get an education.”

Carmen’s mother, Brenda, is beholden to Unbound, that also supposing advantages for her son, Nelson. “Food, supplies, garments — Unbound helps me with that.”

Carmen’s grandfather, Rufino, a small, weathered male whose solitary income is from flourishing corn, speaks sincerely about hurdles confronting his family.

“We don’t have much, though regard God for what we do have,” he said, “and we wish a children will do better.”

Carmen leaves a adults to go play among a hull with cousin Wendy. We wander by a pleasing grounds, interlude to watch strangers perform a Mayan protocol over a campfire. Not a word is oral among us, though as we part, strong embraces are exchanged.

“If we don’t pronounce a language, hugs work any time,” Alex said.

Far divided from a ruins, a Reuters sipped H2O and sifted by folders representing their 16 years of Unbound sponsorship. It’s a summer Saturday in Johnson County and by a sealed windows, a sound of a grass use manicuring a yard was audible.

“We sponsored Carmen following a 2013 Guatemala recognition trip,” pronounced radiologist Greg Reuter. “The mocking thing is: Carmen and her family could be sitting here, in Overland Park, giving we this talk and my family could be in Guatemala, in their situation. Why are resources like they are? We’ll never know.”

Maureen Reuter, a encampment proffer who stayed during home to lift 4 boys, including matching twins, remarkable a similarities she saw in Guatemala.

“The things that make families happy there are a things that make cave happy,” she said. “They have some of a same fears, hopes and issues with their kids that we do.”

The Reuters became concerned with Unbound in 2000 after listening to a display during Church of a Ascension. Today they unite 10 children in several countries, including 5 in Guatemala.

“Unbound is pure and a usually child-sponsorship nonprofit on CharityWatch (a third-party classification that evaluates charities) to accept an A+, that means they spend a vast commission on programs,” Greg Reuter said. “That was vicious to Maureen and me — we had to trust a classification we were committing supports to.”

Although a Reuters had never met their sponsored kids, a initial time they visited Guatemala they knew they would immediately commend them.

“We waited for them in a Unbound plan domicile that day,” Greg Reuter said, “and Maureen and we got romantic when they came into a room. It was utterly a moment.”

Orlando pulls adult to a Unbound plan bureau in San Martín Jilotepeque, where we have a brief debate — and see hundreds of notebooks temperament sponsors’ letters to children — and afterwards stand into a pickup truck, that bumps along a curving, rutted highway for some-more than an hour, dangerously tighten to a mountain’s edge.

Our motorist avoids a potholes and occasional dickey and delivers us to a lifelike encampment where 140 families live. We travel down a mud trail lined with flowering coffee plants to Tiofilo and Maria’s home.

Two cinderblock structures, an latrine and rinse hire are situated in a center of a valley. There is a handle enclosure with during slightest 20 chickens and another containing dual vast rabbits — not pets, though a destiny dish or dual — and everywhere are bursts of tone from local plants.

Eight-year-old Mariana is one of Tiofilo and Maria’s children and sponsored by Sandra and Kent Scheuler of Kansas City, North. She lives with her relatives and 11 siblings. The family arranges cosmetic chairs in a round for Alex, Cocon and me. Mariana, who attends propagandize given of Unbound, sits in my lap, sketch a flower in my reporter’s notebook.

The family raises tomatoes and fibre beans, pushing 40 mins any approach to sell them in a market. It’s a formidable life, Tiofilo notes, though his family’s being together gives him happiness.

“Poverty is not an obstacle,” he said, “but a possibility to pierce forward.”

Sandra Scheuler took a punch of her blueberry muffin during First Watch in North Kansas City on a new Saturday — and we both simulate on a fact that Tiofilo and his family have substantially never had a pleasure of a fresh, gentle muffin.

“Kent and we have sponsored someone in Unbound given 1993,” she said. “It’s a approach to demeanour outward ourselves and a advantageous life.”

For a Scheulers (he works during Cerner, she during Note to Self Socks), a preference to turn concerned represented a precious event to uncover their possess children that regardless of circumstances, life still binds joy.

“In 22 years we have sponsored 3 children, and any one reminds us that a family is a minority in a universe — we have some-more element things and opposite opportunities,” Scheuler said. “Life is 10 percent of what happens to we and 90 percent how we conflict to it.”

Unbound in Guatemala

▪ 1982: Opened initial bureau in a country

▪ 2015: 40 offices

▪ Number sponsored: More than 87,000; mostly children, though also girl and elderly.

▪ San Luca Tolimán: Coordinating bureau for dual Guatemalan projects, Project Atitlán and Project Hermano Pedro, that is Unbound’s largest.

▪ Education: Children in Guatemala tend to have one of a lowest preparation levels in Latin America.

▪ According to a 2012 UNESCO Institute for Statistics: An normal adult Guatemalan completes 5.6 years of schooling.

▪ Marriage over education: Some families in Guatemala place aloft priority on girls scheming for matrimony than on stability education.

To learn more

For some-more information about Unbound, revisit www.unbound.org.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Squad: All of a Tour’s Celebrity Cameos – Vogue

Taylor Swift’s 1989 debate has turn an essential summer stop for both fans and friends of a cocktail singer. Not usually have her concerts played to sole out stadiums worldwide, though Swift has called on her Rolodex of famous BFFs for a array of warn onstage cameos. Supermodels Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have all done mixed appearances. Sport champions Serena Williams and a U.S. women’s soccer team danced along with her in London and New Jersey, respectively. And, on Sunday night, Nick Jonas and Tay sang a duet of his strain “Jealous.” With dual arriving shows tonight and tomorrow night in D.C., we’re extraordinary to see who will join her adult there next. Is it too most to wish for Sasha and Malia Obama?



See some-more photos of:

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
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taylor quick 1989 your

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taylor quick 1989 your

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

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taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour

taylor quick 1989 tour
taylor quick 1989 tour


Taylor Swift vs. Karlie Kloss–Who’s a best best friend?

Brotherhood & Higley becomes Houlihan Lawrence | New Canaan Advertiser

Brotherhood Higley, New Canaan’s oldest genuine estate brokerage that has served a village given 1926, has assimilated a organisation of Houlihan Lawrence as an independently-owned associate and will be work as Houlihan Lawrence.

According to a media release, Houlihan Lawrence has grown to turn a tip genuine estate brokerage in Greenwich after only dual years, and a organisation launched a associate module in Jan of this year by fasten army with Darien’s tip brokerage, Kelly Associates. Houlihan Lawrence is also “the heading brokerage in New York City’s northern suburbs,” according to a company. The association ranks among a tip 15 brokerages nationally, according to a release, with sales of $5.3 billion.

Hugh Halsell, handling attorney of Brotherhood Higley, pronounced that his bureau will advantage from “the best selling materials available,” and from referrals of buyers in Westchester, Greenwich and Darien.

Houlihan Lawrence’s “affiliate module is a ideal event for my association to daub into a energy of a Houlihan Lawrence brand,” Halsell said. “Their selling height is second to nothing – including worldly digital and imitation media strategies designed privately for the marketplace area.”

[Check behind to this website for an stretched report.]

— by Greg Reilly

OSHA cites DuPont over reserve concerns

After a bomb early story of concussing gunpowder plants and lead-poisoned factories, DuPont Co. claims credit for pioneering complicated chemical safety. The Wilmington-based association has even built a safety-consulting business formed on training other companies how to urge processes a DuPont way.

But on Thursday, only as DuPont had finished spinning off a constellation of aging chemical plants into a apart organisation – Chemours Co. – supervision investigators pronounced they were putting DuPont on a five-year-old Severe Violator Enforcement Program list of problem companies, subsequent to hundreds of many smaller firms, including a wreckers blamed for a deadly Salvation Army preservation store fall in Philadelphia.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration gave DuPont that neglected standing after reviewing 2014 accidents during DuPont plants in Texas, New Jersey, and Louisiana. It cited failures to scold reserve violations such as outline pieces of equipment, undertrained workers, and undisclosed hazards. Four workers died in a Texas accident.

OSHA says DuPont warranted a “Severe Violator” tab given it “demonstrated insusceptibility towards formulating a protected and healthy workplace by committing bullheaded or steady violations, and/or unwell to moderate famous hazards.”

“DuPont promotes itself as carrying a ‘world-class safety’ enlightenment and even markets a reserve imagination to other employers, though these 4 preventable workplace deaths and a really critical hazards we unclosed during this trickery are justification of a unsuccessful reserve program,” Dr. David Michaels, OSHA partner director, pronounced in a statement.

“We here during OSHA wish DuPont and a chemical attention as a whole to hear this summary shrill and clear,” he said.

DuPont shielded a response to a tragedy and OSHA’s many new complaints about a herbicide and hydrofluoric poison units during a Texas plant.

“We trust we have identified and are addressing many if not all of OSHA’s poignant findings,” DuPont said. “We have close down a herbicide section in sequence to take visual measures, and a section will not restart until a work is complete.” The hydrofluoric section is now protected to operate, DuPont added.

DuPont also summoned story in a defense: Citing reserve manners it says it began essay during a Brandywine gunpowder mills in 1811, a association pronounced it has waged “a continual routine to urge ever since.”

Therefore, “DuPont is unhappy with OSHA’s classification, and we will be operative with a group to know a decision,” a association said. OSHA allows “informal” discussions and grave appeals; DuPont hasn’t pronounced that it will try. “We have not had a possibility to examination OSHA’s commentary in detail; we will work with a group to improved know a citations and any serve compulsory abatement.” DuPont concluded: “Safety is a series one priority.”

Beyond a Texas deaths, OSHA added, DuPont “was cited during their Darrow, Louisiana trickery in Nov 2014 and Deepwater, New Jersey trickery in Dec 2014 for identical routine reserve government violations.”

At DuPont’s Chambers Works in Deepwater, that has given been spun off to Chemours, OSHA cited DuPont for 8 “serious” and dual “repeat” violations: for unwell to map pipe, valve, and instrument arrangements entirely or correctly; unwell to make transparent that poisonous chemical monitors in one plcae had been removed; poorly identifying plant operators as “hazardous materials technicians”; unwell to repair a outline siphon that threatened to brief ammonia resolution on workers; holding “an irrational volume of time” to request an electrical complement handling nearby incendiary hydrogen gas; and steady disaster to urge storage, transportation, and exam apparatus used with rarely useful though also erosive and poisonous hydrofluoric poison as it is changed and stored in half-ton containers.

DuPont continues to offer other companies handling recommendation schooled over a prolonged and formidable history. “DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ reserve consulting business has worked with some-more than a thousand clients in 100 countries around a universe to sight their employees in best in category reserve practices,” spokeswoman Kate Bailey told me in an e-mail.

“Many of a clients have achieved poignant reductions in their reserve occurrence and damage rates as a outcome of a reserve consulting services, and this is corroborated adult by plain ancillary data.”

But OSHA’s commentary during a LaPorte, Texas, insecticide plant where a workers died final year make a association demeanour hypocritical, contend leaders of a International Chemical Workers Union Council, an associate of a United Food and Commercial Workers, that represents workers during LaPorte.

“It is time to reevaluate, if not reject, your training reserve model,” Frank Ciphers, a union’s president, wrote in an open minute after OSHA levied a prior turn of fines during a site final month.

Correction: An progressing chronicle of this essay misidentified a Philadelphia building that collapsed, murdering six, in 2013.




The Best Street Style Hair from a Paris Couture Shows

If a sculptural quiffs during Fendi and unconventional hairpin constellations during Maison Margiela stoked a imaginations on a couture runways this week, a street character stars lively down a boulevards of Paris between shows offering an cultured that was resolutely grounded in reality. Slept-in waves that were rumpled by a Left Bank zephyr supposing a loose counterpoint to exuberant garments and unusual set design, and finger-raked ponytails betrothed to lift editors seamlessly into a subsequent season.

Of course, what’s conform if not a investigate in extremes? For a certain kind of front quarrel guest, Parisian gloss reigned autarchic in a form of sharp high buns and easy chignons. As for those wearied of their bobs, take note: Swingy shoulder-length layers that grazed a collarbone suggested a fresh, delicate new length that’s wholly receptive by fall.



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Anya Ziourova
Anya Ziourova

Anya Ziourova
Anya Ziourova

Margaret Zhang
Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang
Margaret Zhang

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Candela Novembre
Candela Novembre

Candela Novembre
Candela Novembre

Lena Perminova
Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova
Lena Perminova

Sasha Pivovarova
Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Pivovarova
Sasha Pivovarova

Aymeline Valade
Aymeline Valade

Aymeline Valade
Aymeline Valade

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong'o

Fitbit Sale: Best Deals on Fitness Trackers in July

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Trying to get fit this summer? If we wish a improved beach physique (and improved health), Jul is a good time to find a understanding on a Fitbit. A Fitbit sale can be tough to find, with few retailers charity these reward aptness trackers during a discount. With a small digging, however, we managed to find a few good deals for inexpensive Fitbit aptness trackers. Read on to see some sales on Fitbit models like a Flex, Charge HR, and Zip.

Still researching a best aptness tracker for your needs? Check out a beam to a best Fitbit competitors, or peruse a Fitbit comparison post to find a best Fitbit for your singular aptness goals.

1. Fitbit Flex For $0 Down

best smartphone


If you’re in a marketplace for a new phone and a new aptness tracker, afterwards this understanding is right adult your alley. Amazon is charity a Nokia Lumia 830 smartphone with a giveaway Fitbit Flex, all for no income down.

This Windows phone boasts cold facilities like a Cortana voice partner and integrated PMA wireless charging. Instead of traffic with a con of cables, we can usually place your phone on a wireless charging pad (like this one). If we have been eyeing a Fitbit for a while, this understanding gets we a new phone and a new aptness tracker during a same time, that is flattering awesome. You can get a phone for yourself, or give it to a desired one and keep a Fitbit for yourself.

Price: $0 down, ATT Next skeleton start during $13.34/month

Buy a Nokia Lumia 830 with Fitbit Flex here.

2. Savings on Fitbit Zip 2-Packs


The Fitbit Zip. (Fitbit)

Want to get fit with your best crony or poignant other? Buying Fitbits in a two-pack is a good approach to save a small cash. You’ll save $9.95 off a list cost when we buy these trackers in a two-pack. It might not be a mega deal, though a money we save is adequate to financial half of a inexpensive gym membership, or usually buy we and a crony a integrate of post-workout smoothies. If we were formulation on shopping dual Fitbit trackers anyway, it creates clarity to collect adult a two-pack.

Price: $109.95

Buy a Fitbit Zip two-pack here.

3. Fitbit Charge HR For $124.99


The Charge HR aptness tracker. (Fitbit)

Android Authority recently hightlighted this good understanding on a Fitbit Charge HR. Focus Camera is offered code new Charge HR units for usually $124.99 around their eBay storefront. You’ll also get giveaway shipping. The Charge HR customarily retails for $149.95, so this is a plain deal. In essence, you’re removing a Charge HR (Fitbit’s second-most reward wearable) for a cost of a Fitbit Charge tracker (which, incidentally, is accessible for 10 percent off in name styles and colors on Amazon). The categorical disproportion between a Charge and Charge HR is a heart rate guard on a HR model. If we wish a Fitbit tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor, this understanding on a Charge HR is a good option. The usually other Fitbit tracker with HR monitoring is a Surge, Fitbit’s reward “super watch” that retails for $249.95.

Still not assured that a Charge HR is a best aptness tracker for your needs? Check out a post on a best aptness trackers, or review adult on how Fitbit compares to other top-selling aptness tracker brands. We’ve finished comparisons on Fitbit vs. Jawbone and Fitbit vs. Garmin.

Price: $124.99 (16 percent off MSRP)

Learn some-more about a Charge HR understanding here.

Heavy, Inc. is a member in a Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an associate promotion module designed to yield a means for sites to acquire promotion fees by joining to Amazon. Our product recommendations are guided only by a editors. We have no attribute with manufacturers.

Tucker Cummings
is Heavy’s Senior Shopping Editor. She’s spooky with anticipating a best deals, and resolutely believes that profitable full cost is for suckers. She’s also created for money-saving sites like DealNews and LivingSocial.

July 8, 2015 9:07 am