Blue Global Media: Changing How Affiliate Marketing Functions in a Financial …

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lenders and borrowers comparison now design something opposite from their associate networks: loyal partnership. Gone are a days of trade sourcing for selling associate companies like Blue Global Media, a Scottsdale-based consumer loan lead era company. Today, it’s about a some-more jointly profitable relationship.

“The business is changing, and if you’re not changing with it, you’re descending behind it. And there’s no room for that in this industry,” pronounced CEO and Founder Chris Kay. “Lead era and associate selling is shifting, and with some-more mature leads comes opposite expectations. Our lenders and borrowers need some-more than only a means to a result; they wish someone they can rest on to assistance them urge their stream situation.”

With some-more than 10 years of knowledge and entrance to some-more than 100 lenders, Blue Global has fabricated a many expanded consumer lender network in a country, providing them a ability to offer their business a best knowledge and lapse in a loan-lending arena. Here’s how it works: a longer a lender maintains associate standing with Blue Global, a some-more aloft a loan-mapping algorithm becomes heading to a almost aloft acclimatisation rate and tradition relating solutions.

“We don’t use any many-sided traffic. Our strength lies in providing leads that are loyal from a website. And a hunt and targeted email trade is regarded as one of a best in a business,” pronounced Kay. “By being a experts in a business loan landscape, we can customize campaigns designed privately for a customers’ needs. These capabilities concede us to offer a loyal business partnership to a lenders and borrowers. It’s a Blue Global Difference.”

Affiliate selling has been around for several years as a profitable plan to expostulate opening selling and foster products or services. Small businesses to vast companies can precedence associate selling and turn an affiliate, merchant, or both. Affiliate partners, like Blue Global, who know a business’ products and can furnish constrained calm for debate outreach, are many profitable to assisting any business strech their goals.

About Blue Global Media

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Blue Global Media is a heading consumer loan lead era company. The Company has one of a largest network of affiliates that it uses to source these leads, and provides the business with quality, real-time, leads formed on the customer’s criteria.

For some-more information about Blue Global Media, revisit

Audrey Peck, Email, 480-543-7701

SOURCE Blue Global Media

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Why Affiliate Marketing Isn’t an Add-On Agency Service

Recently, we talked to a association that was unfortunate with a associate program. We weren’t informed with a digital selling group that was handling a program, so we motionless to demeanour it up. We detected that a singular youth manager with no before associate government knowledge was overseeing 6 programs.

Personally, we cruise this arrangement borders on malpractice, and we can’t suppose a agency’s clients get a preferred results. Unfortunately, as associate programs are apropos some-more widespread, so is this disservice. Marketing agencies are increasingly holding a one-person approach, rather than partnering with firms that are means of delivering formula and being honest about a channels they have knowledge running.

How does this happen? Well, it’s simple: Agencies hatred observant “no” to new business, and clients adore promulgation misled requests for proposals that ask for government opposite a series of selling channels. To win accounts, agencies guarantee to broach formula in channels in that they don’t have any genuine expertise.

While agencies might be means to get divided with this in other disciplines, it’s unequivocally dangerous in associate selling — where they’re effectively chartering a client’s code and can inadvertently mistreat a business.

A viable associate use needs a cranky territory of skills, including recruitment, rascal management, eventuality representation, daily module operation, and artistic debate development. It’s singular for one chairman to possess this whole ability set, and it’s roughly unfit for a few people to cover all a bases opposite a portfolio of programs. The bottom line: A one- or two-person associate use is a tender bargain for clients, employees, and agencies.

The problem with a one-person associate practice

Many in-house associate managers transition to incomparable agencies to build out an associate practice. Often, they’re widespread thin, and their firms don’t know or support a channel (the “practice” usually exists to win a incomparable ask for proposals).

Additionally, they’re approaching to do all for a incongruous portfolio of programs — from high-level customer use work to simple module applications — that hinders their performance. It’s unequivocally isolating, and inevitably, customer compensation drops due to a miss of support. We’ve had many people join a group after experiencing this. As a result, their agencies are left holding a bag, and their clients mostly wish to follow them to a new firm.

Their clients might also be astounded to learn that what was pitched as a “practice” is unequivocally usually a person. These managers can’t practically expostulate formula allied to a vast group of gifted managers with suitable infrastructure, training, and support. As a result, programs aren’t aligned with code standards and are filled with low-quality affiliates (including heading violators, sinful toolbar users, cookie stuffers, etc.), that cost clients money.

For example, we worked with a distinguished code that had a tellurian group conduct a associate module as partial of a incomparable digital selling agreement. However, a agency’s associate use usually consisted of a few people, who solemnly changed to other firms and weren’t replaced.

Eventually, a final chairman quit, withdrawal a group but a singular associate comment manager. The group had to tell a customer that it could no longer use a program, that afterwards languished for 6 months and cost a customer hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a bad preference to offer associate module government in a initial place — it risked a agency’s attribute with some-more remunerative channels.

Affiliate isn’t a channel to simply dally in. To truly compete, we need a baseline turn of gifted group members, as good as ancillary infrastructures, partnerships, and technology. If agencies don’t deposit in building out genuine associate selling capabilities, they risk losing profitable clients due to staff turnover and bad performance.

This puts their incomparable rendezvous during risk. This risk isn’t inestimable in a channel in that agencies miss bargain and don’t have best-in-class status. Focus is a hallmark of any successful business, and agencies should have a certainty to contend “no” or cruise partnering with an gifted associate selling agency. Through a partnership, it’s probable to offer a seamless customer knowledge with an arrangement that will broach improved results.

Affiliate selling is too formidable to be offering by selling agencies as an appendage service. While clients might cite to extent their series of businessman relationships, enchanting an gifted associate selling group from a opening will save time and income and safeguard that programs are managed properly.

Five Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Earning a prerogative in a form of a commission, by offered someone else’s products can be appealing to budding marketers looking to make income online. However, a lot of mistakes can be finished when perplexing to settle your possess successful monetised site. Below highlights some of a biggest mistakes impending affiliates make when entering a associate selling space.

Lack of research

A elemental blunder is not bargain what associate selling indeed is, and consequentially, a ways in that it could best work for you. Too mostly people enquire on how to join associate networks as a publisher before carrying a website in place, that is essential to removing started in a channel. 

Another common instance would be building a simple website that lacks clever applicable content, adding a few links and afterwards consternation ‘why isn’t my site creation any money?’

Once a value of a associate selling business indication is accepted and a concentration and purpose of your website is defined, afterwards we can switch we courtesy to researching a tangible products and services we wish to promote. 

Pushing a sale

Placing too many importance on directing readers to a ‘Click to Action’ symbol to try to pull a sale will fundamentally have a different outcome of pulling your site trade away. You can see how this is an easy mistake to make, as eventually we make income by pushing people to an advertiser’s site to afterwards squeeze a product that we accept elect on. So fixation ‘Buy Now’ buttons on your site seems like an suitable call, right? 

However, a pivotal is pushing applicable traffic, as a some-more applicable a traffic, a some-more expected people are to modify and beget we a commission. Therefore ideally we should aim to concentration on credit by apropos an management in your attention and yield believe on a products or services we are promoting. Avoid only fixation an associate couple on your site, instead write some calm around a product. Maybe we have attempted and tested a product and this will assistance settle a tie with a reader. People are distant reduction expected to squeeze a product if they feel they are being pushed to purchase. Instead, concentration on educating your assembly on a product you’re promoting.

Once this has been accomplished, we will have turn a valued source of information to those who use your site and a pivotal member in their shopping preference process. Only afterwards are we expected to see postulated conversions being driven by your site.

Promoting irrelevant programs

Promoting as many associate programmes as probable in an bid to maximize your income streams might sound appealing to new associate marketers only starting out. However there will come a indicate where your site will remove a focus, quite if we are perplexing to belong to all of these programmes. As a result, calm peculiarity will suffer, alienating your hard-earned trade that will eventually expostulate them away.

Instead, concentration on a tiny organisation of applicable programmes your site will complement, as this will be distant some-more docile for we and distant some-more rewarding for those who revisit your site. Maintaining a purpose of your website and a certainty of your users we have determined is pivotal to using a successful associate site.

Radio silence

Another fallout from fasten possibly irrelevant or mixed programmes is that we give yourself too many to do and can turn too thinly widespread to make a many of these relationships. This leads to many new associate marketers unwell to pronounce to a advertisers who are expected to make a biggest disproportion to how effective your site can be. Building a attribute with all your pivotal players, possibly this is a advertiser directly, or with possibly an group or network, will play a critical purpose in your success as an affiliate.

By substantiating these relationships, we are means to let them know about a opportunities accessible on your site and a demographics of your audience. This helps a advertiser position we in their wider associate strategy, quite if we are means to infer a success of promotions they have run with we with box studies. These could lead to possibly some-more promotions from a advertiser or a approach competitor. The some-more we know about a products we are compelling and a some-more a advertiser knows about your opportunities, a some-more effective we will be as an affiliate.


Arguably one of a biggest mistakes new associate marketers make is inactivity. Too mostly new sites are set adult with calm and links to advertisers and afterwards a site owners gets comfortable, sits behind and expects a income to only hurl in. This is not how associate selling works, we need to work during it.

You need to sojourn active with a work we put into your site, it’s easy to tumble into a trap of frequently updating your calm each week and promulgation out a blog post each day, to irregularly updating your site each few months.  To keep your users intent we need to keep providing them with uninformed calm that encourages them to keep entrance behind to a site, to see what a latest news and offers are on a products they are meddlesome in.


Making certain you’ve finished your investigate on both associate selling and a products we will be promoting, while progressing a concentration of your site and a trust of your assembly is pivotal to using a successful associate site. In many cases, associate sites destroy when these objectives are possibly achieved or turn neglected. 

These are only some of a mistakes I’ve seen new affiliates make though by avoiding these we can afterwards settle a clever substructure to turn a successful affiliate. This will take time, as we will have to work tough to keep your sites calm applicable to constantly relocating trends and work intelligent to say your relationships. 


5 Tips to Successful Affiliate Recruiting Emails – By Taylor Barr

As associate selling landscape evolves, a significance of gaining a evident courtesy and trust of intensity affiliates for your module is paramount. According to a 2014 AffStat Report, one of a tip 3 ways associate marketers learn new programs is by an associate manager reaching out to them directly.

As an associate manager, this creates that initial email your one possibility to make an impact.

In this article, I’ve collected my tip 5 tips for improving open rates, click-throughs, and, recruitment of new affiliates into your program.

1) Make it personal. According to Dale Carnegie, remembering “that a person’s name is to that chairman a sweetest and many critical sound in any language”. Therefore, it is essential to use a intensity associate marketer’s initial name in your title and combine fields. Even better? Reference anything we pull from their website— association goals, traffic, stream partners, and any other impending information that might be helpful. Doing your task initial helps to build trust from send to open.

2) Brand your email. With a superiority of giveaway email providers like Gmail and Yahoo!, we might consider a email residence we use to send recruiting emails is unimportant. Not so. Add professionalism and legitimacy to your emails by promulgation your emails from a corporate address.

3) Use anchoring techniques. Sometimes there is a undo between associate managers and marketers. Affiliate managers pull their brand, what they can offer in terms of CPA (Cost Per Action) aggressively. The pivotal to operative with associate marketers is building personal, healthy relations formed on mutual trust. To do that, use anchoring to know dual points: what is their clarification of success in terms of their associate selling efforts as a whole, and how can they precedence we and your company’s offer to make that happen?

4) Keep it elementary and personal. Your recruitment emails should be about building personal, authentic relations with associate partners. Instead of formulating a adorned HTML email, send a direct, plain-text email. Use a investigate we have collected to uncover we have finished your task and demonstrate a personal interest.

5) Follow-up. Don’t blink a value of following adult with your intensity associate selling partners. Provide peaceful reminders to sign their continued interest, though don’t be disheartened if he or she doesn’t answer your email a initial or even a second time.

At a finish of a day, peculiarity associate recruitment is about a prolonged tail, authentic proceed to operative with associate marketers. A good associate marketer can be an disciple and crony of your code if we are studious and means to build a infallible relationship.

Taylor Barr is a Affiliate Manager for A Small Orange, a homegrown web hosting company.

This essay seemed in emanate 30 of FeedFront Magazine, that was published in Apr 2015.

Affiliate Marketer? Some Legal Issues to be Aware of

As with my prior article, a impulse for this essay came around a examination we had with someone, not a patron this time, one of my friends.

We were during a bar in Lagos, deliberating critical things like who is a improved footballer – Ronaldo or Messi (for a record, Ronaldo has my vote), and a motive behind this new disturb for friends of a husband during Nigerian weddings to buy Aso-ebi with full blown Agbada (Boubou), though we digress. My crony told me he had spent a few days researching on ways he could make income online regulating a skills he had during his disposal, and he had stumbled on what he felt was an untapped bullion cave in Nigeria- affiliate marketing.

For those who do not know what this is, we will try a brief outline and afterwards an illustration. Affiliate selling in an online context is a form of opening shaped selling where an e-commerce business (seller) rewards an sold (affiliate) for any caller or patron a associate is means to expostulate to a seller’s website that formula in a successful sale/sign-up.

So, contend Mr. Lagbaja has a an e-commerce store that sells fry plantain on direct (this is one of my many business ideas, so greatfully refrain from hidden it ☺), he needs to beget some-more sales, so he gets Ms. Toyin Tomato to be an ‘affiliate’ and expostulate sales to him. Ms. Tomato has a blog that advises people on dieting and healthy food to eat, and so she writes a blog about a advantages of eating fry plantain (especially with groundnut), and in this blog she puts links to where people can buy roasted plantain online – Mr. Lagbaja’s website, with a bargain that if someone clicks on a couple on her blog to Mr. Lagbaja’s website and afterwards creates a purchase, Ms. Tomato will get a elect of a value of a sale.

Lecture on Affiliate selling over.

So, my friend’s idea was that he would to turn an associate marketer in a evenings and on a weekends. Naturally, my mind went to a authorised issues that one should explain before embarking on this arrange of business, and here are some of my observations:

Valid Licence

Certain services/goods that are being sole online are regulated, and therefore to marketplace it, we need to safeguard that a business is purebred and protected to sell those products. For example, in sequence to run an online sports betting website in Lagos, Nigeria, a association needs to be protected by a Lagos State Lotteries Board. Any association carrying out a business of online sports betting though a looseness is committing a crime.

If we therefore support in a elect of this crime, by actively enchanting business on interest of an unlawful company, we could be hold probable for being an appendage to a crime. Granted, there is no box law in Nigeria to support this, however, it is a speculation of rapist liability, that really binds adult to educational scrutiny. Therefore, before we pointer any associate agreement, safeguard a association is validly purebred to lift on that business, ask for proof, do your investigate etc. Make certain that we take all judicious stairs to determine that we are not aiding in a elect of a crime.

Compensation Determination

You need to know accurately what we are being paid for, it varies by website, and varies by industry. You competence be paid ‘per click’ that leads to a business owner’s website, or ‘per sale/action’. It is needed we know this, so we can rigging your selling towards achieving those metrics. If for instance we are being paid per sale, and there is no specific ‘call to action’ on your blog, that is geared towards shutting a sale, we competence find that all we are doing is generating user trade for a business though no sales, and therefore no income for yourself.

Volume Cap

Sometimes a business sets a volume top for any affiliate. A volume top is when a business sets a limit series of referrals/leads/acquisitions it can accept from a marketer within a specific time frame. This competence be finished so that a business can improved conduct a money upsurge and work within a budget.

It is your avocation therefore when reviewing a associate selling agreement to safeguard that no such top exists, and where it does, afterwards we should use it as a barometer to conduct your lead upsurge into that business. What we do not wish to be doing is flitting on business to a business after surpassing your volume cap, since doing that would usually meant that we are giving a business giveaway leads.

Commission Structure Termination process

Some associate contracts yield for a smallest series of referrals/leads, that a marketer contingency broach in sequence for them to trigger a payment. You should be wakeful that this is ideally legal, and nonetheless providing leads that are next a threshold doesn’t meant we are not due a mention fees on a leads, it simply means that they have not ‘matured’, and we have no authorised right to explain them yet. You therefore need to safeguard that we can strike those smallest threshold sum before we pointer a agreement.

Also related to this is a fact that some of these agreements competence outline that if we cancel a agreement within a certain time frame, or during a certain time of a month, we pledge your right to certain payments due. You should examination these clauses really good and know your rights in those situations – privately notice periods, and stop payments.

Dispute Resolution

So, a crux of this business indication is that we are promulgation business from your website to Mr. Lagbaja’s website. An emanate competence arise where we check your analytics and stating and see that in Month X we sent 35 business to Mr Lagbaja, however, Mr Lagbaja’s analytics and stating tell him that we usually sent 28 business in Month X. What happens in such a situation? The scold answer should be that a agreement would outline whose stating will overcome in such a disagreement. More mostly than not, it is Mr Lagbaja’s stating that will prevail, and if that is a box afterwards we need to get some assurances around a robustness of a stating height Mr Lagbaja uses before we determine to be an associate marketer for him.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

Most associate contracts should have a reduction of guilt clause, what this proviso fundamentally states is that a business is not probable to we for any actions or suits brought opposite we as a outcome of we flitting on business to it, and notwithstanding a reduction of liability, in a eventuality of any liability, a border of guilt can't surpass a sum elect paid to we as a marketer. (Confusing, we know. we will explain improved below)

The operation of a clause, regulating a instance given progressing above, would be to a outcome that in a unfolding where an online betting website operated though a licence, and we performed business for this website as an associate marketer. If a regulatory physique was to strike we with a excellent of contend N1 million, for aiding in a elect of a crime, and we usually done N10,000 in elect fee, a betting website’s guilt to we (if they grudgingly supposed liability) would usually be to a balance of N10,000 and sadly we would have to make adult a disproportion of N990,000 to compensate a fine.

Also, a agreement competence have a disclaimer, that disclaimed any demonstrate or pragmatic representations or warranties per a products or services offered, and any pragmatic warranties of ability or aptness for a sold purpose.

What this means in plain English is if on your website we marketed a product, contend a toothbrush, like this – “best toothbrush in a world, guaranteed to final for 5 years’, and a patron was to click on a couple to go to a seller’s website, went forward to buy it, and after regulating it for dual months it breaks. If a customer sued we and a website owners on a basement of a approach it was marketed to him, a website owners would use a disclaimer as a defense to hedge liability, and we would therefore theoretically be usually liable.

The above is not an downright list, it is usually a cursory demeanour during some things we need to consider about from a authorised viewpoint before we pointer adult to an associate selling program.

It is rarely doubtful that one associate marketer can get a website to change a terms of agreement, however we should be wakeful of what we are signing before we pointer up. we always contend this to people, before we pointer something, generally something that has financial implications – Get a counsel to examination a agreement, or examination it yourself really thoroughly!!

The Latin adage for this is caveat subscriptor’ – let a signer beware (yes, there is a Latin adage for roughly everything). It means that when a celebration to a created agreement signs it, there is a authorised hypothesis that he/she is wakeful of all a terms and conditions of a contract, and is firm thereby. It will not, in ubiquitous terms, be a counterclaim that he/she was not wakeful of certain unlucky terms or that he/she sealed a agreement though bargain a definition and import of a unlucky terms, or that a focus of a unlucky tenure is grossly astray to him/her.

In other words, *shine ya eye before we sign!

That’s all we have to contend on this during a moment, all a best with your business if we do confirm to go into associate marketing! It could potentially be a really remunerative business, if we are good during what we do.

*shine ya eye: A Nigerian colloquialism that suggests one be “very warning to danger”.

Please note that a information in this essay is supposing for ubiquitous informational functions usually and is not dictated to be authorised advice. Being ubiquitous in nature, a information discussed competence not request to any specific significant and/or authorised set of circumstances.  No lawyer-client attribute is shaped nor should any such attribute be implied. This essay is not dictated to surrogate for a recommendation of a competent lawyer. If we need authorised advice, greatfully deliberate with a competent lawyer.

Editor’s note: Babatunde Ibidapo-Obe is a Lawyer, amicable businessman and tech enthusiast. Partner during AIO Legal Practitioners Consultants. You can bond with him on LinkedIn or follow him @Tunde_IO.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin around Compfight cc

5 Time-Tested Marketing Strategies for Building a Million-Dollar Business

Successful marketing does not have to be complicated. While it might be intimidating, selling offers a series of fun hurdles to position your business in a approach that demonstrates well-developed value to business and outshines competitors. Whether we are a budding or seasoned entrepreneur, a following strategy — finished right — will assistance we along your tour as we build your first, or next, million-dollar business.

1. Affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, we can state how many we are peaceful to compensate for any sale someone else generates for you. Simple arbitrage would advise environment your elect rates next your sum distinction per sale. At those rates, we wish others to foster your products or services as aggressively and as mostly as possible. But that way, we might get labelled out by a competition.

To attract a right partners, we need to offer a inexhaustible payout per sale. To enhance your associate selling budget, we will wish to demeanour during a lifetime value of a customer. Knowing that your normal patron purchases your product or use 12 times over his or her lifetime allows we to simply greaten your associate elect rates while still remaining essential long-term.

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2. Email constraint and lead nurturing.

Email seems almost a antiquated means of communication now that we have amicable media and present messaging apps though it stays a many absolute approach to bond with existent business and intensity leads. According to ExactTarget, “For each $1 spent, $44.25 is a normal lapse on email selling investment.” For marketers, email is simply a best approach to deposit your budget.

Using patron segmentation and movement triggers, we might emanate worldly email season campaigns to yield buyers with timely information and gradually pierce them along a sales funnel. This helps strengthen code recognition and enables we to recapture differently mislaid value from clients who need mixed hold points before eventually creation a final purchase.

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3. Strategic partnerships.

As a association grows, selling is tasked to expostulate new business during scale.

Entrepreneurs lacking a generous promotion budget should deposit appetite and time into vital partnerships with companies that share a same ideals and have similar, though not overlapping, customers. For example, a wardrobe tradesman can entrance thousands of new business by collaborating with a shoes brand. They have opportunities for cross-promotional selling or disdainful selling campaigns where both businesses are featured prominently.

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4. Leverage Influencers.

Like vital partnerships, influencer selling allows we to get in front of an assembly that is already engaged. On Twitter, an publicity from a luminary can go a prolonged way. On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg simply sharing what he is reading next can be a matter that drives tens of thousands of book sales. On YouTube, tapping a right influencers might assistance we build a some-more likeable brand, interjection to a energy of counterpart recommendations.  

Developing your possess amicable participation requires a lot of tough work, time and dedication. To strech a vast following in a brief volume of time, rivet influencers who might adore your product adequate to foster it organically or who might offer an publicity for a fee.

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5. Relentless acclimatisation rate optimization.

As we deposit in adding some-more and some-more prospects to a tip of your selling flue and use email to boost code affinity with clients, you also wish to relentlessly optimize your acclimatisation funnel.

Constantly exam alighting page layout, visuals and copy. Remove stairs to digest a acclimatisation flue or intentionally supplement components to a user knowledge to safeguard web visitors get a right volume of information they need before determining to squeeze your product or service.

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CJ Affiliate by Conversant Names Waleed Al-Atraqchi as Next President — Kerri …

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) currently announced that it has named Waleed Al-Atraqchi as President, effective May 26, 2015. Kerri Pollard will pierce into an advisory role, where she will continue to yield her profitable discernment as a sixteen-year attention veteran.

“This is a optimal time for Waleed Al-Atraqchi to join as CJ Affiliate’s subsequent President,” pronounced CJ Affiliate President, Kerri Pollard. “Today’s marketers face consistent change with some-more information and some-more record than ever before. CJ Affiliate, corroborated by Conversant and Epsilon’s best-in-class information capabilities, is staid to redefine associate marketing. Backed by Lisa Riolo, who recently returned to CJ as EVP of Customer Experience [Press Release], and a impossibly gifted care team, Waleed is singly positioned to move together people, record and information to expostulate suggestive formula for a clients.”

Mr. Al-Atraqchi many recently served as President and CEO of Affinnova, where he grew association income an normal of 33% annually over a past 9 years and stretched their tellurian reach. Prior to fasten Affinnova, Waleed was President of Imagitas where he grew a association 25% annually. Previously, he hold a care position of Senior Vice President of Sales during Catalina Marketing. Waleed started his career in code government during Drypers and GlaxoSmithKline.

“I am intensely vehement to be fasten CJ Affiliate,” pronounced Waleed Al-Atraqchi. “For some-more than 15 years, Kerri Pollard has been synonymous with CJ. Her prophesy and care have built one of a largest and many successful associate selling companies in a world; a association fiercely committed to delivering value for a advertisers, publishers and partners. The event that lies brazen for CJ is poignant so a ability to lead this subsequent section is a payoff and truly exciting.”

“I’ve famous and worked with Waleed for some-more than 20 years and I’m assured there is no improved chairman to lead CJ Affiliate forward,” pronounced Conversant CEO, John Giuliani. “Finding a inheritor that has a vision, firmness and passion that Kerri has displayed over a past 15 years was a challenge. With knowledge in heading vast teams along with utilizing consumer information to build differentiated, selling solutions, Waleed was a transparent choice for this role. These skills, total with a associate knowledge of a CJ care team, emanate a absolute partnership benefiting a altogether associate selling landscape.”  

CJ Affiliate also announced that Kerri Pollard, before President of CJ Affiliate, will sojourn concerned in a business and assume an advisory role. She will concentration her time on ancillary Mr. Al-Atraqchi’s transition and enchanting closely with clients, partners and staff. Kerri Pollard served as President of CJ Affiliate given November 2007, after fasten a association in 1999 as an Account Manager.

About CJ Affiliate by Conversant 
CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is a heading tellurian associate selling network, specializing in pay-for-performance programs that expostulate formula for businesses around a world. The CJ Network helps to strech and bond with millions of online consumers each day by facilitating equitable, remunerative relations between advertisers and publishers. Many of a world’s many widely famous and rarely specialized brands run their pay-for-performance programs on CJ’s platform. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

About Conversant, LLC.
Conversant, LLC. is a personality in personalized digital marketing. Conversant helps a world’s biggest companies grow by formulating personalized practice that broach aloft earnings for brands and larger compensation for people. We offer a entirely integrated personalization platform, personalized media programs and a world’s largest associate selling network – all fueled by a low bargain of what motivates people to engage, bond and buy. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Contact: Jessica Nable,, (203) 210-3125

SOURCE CJ Affiliate by Conversant


Best Affiliate Marketing Services Ratings Announced by for May 2015

NAPLES, FL –(Marketwired – May 22, 2015) – The eccentric management on online selling providers,, has named their list of a tip associate selling agencies for May 2015. The rankings are published during a start of any month in sequence to comment for a latest developments and achievements of a tip behaving associate selling agencies. The eccentric investigate group during reviews and recommends a agencies enclosed in a analysis routine any month in sequence to support businesses in selecting their solution.

The 30 best associate selling firms for May 2015 are:

1. Experience Advertising

2. AffiliateCrew

3. ICrossing

4. Affiliate Announcement

5. AdMarketplace

6. Mercury Media

7. Paulson Management Group

8. AffiliateTraction

9. Intertwine Interactive

10. IProspect

11. Adworkz

12. FutureAds

13. IYogi Inc

14. SEO Service Agency


16. Zanox

17. Morpheus Media

18. Neolynx Group Inc.

19. Norra Marketing

20. Digital Net Agency

21. ClickEquations

22. MarketiQ: Strategies That Click


24. Leapfrog Online

25. ClixGalore

26. Rise Interactive

27. BeeSeen

28. Mission E Commerce


30. Chapell Associates

The routine for evaluating and ranking associate selling agencies involves a month-long routine of identifying a best behaving agencies formed on a use of a set of review criteria and training some-more about their solutions and their connectors with their business by references. Often times a eccentric review group talks directly with business in sequence to scrutinise about a solutions and opening from a standpoint of a customer. Other times business revisit in sequence to yield their opinions about a agencies that they use.

ABOUT is an online organizer of eccentric reviews and ratings. The recommendations of a tip online selling companies are expelled monthly to support businesses in joining with associate selling companies that underline a story of effective solutions. Thousands of online selling companies are put to a exam while usually a comprehensive best companies are showcased in a recommendations.


Contact Information
Marc Stephens
9045 Strada Stell Ct.
Naples, FL 34109

Best Affiliate Marketing Services Ratings Announced by for May 2015

NAPLES, FL, May 22, 2015 (Marketwired around COMTEX) —
The eccentric management on online selling providers,,
has named their list of a tip associate selling agencies for May
2015. The rankings are published during a start of any month in order
to comment for a latest developments and achievements of a top
performing associate selling agencies. The eccentric research
team during reviews and recommends a agencies enclosed in
the analysis routine any month in sequence to support businesses in
selecting their solution.

The 30 best associate selling firms for May 2015 are:

1. Experience Advertising

2. AffiliateCrew

3. ICrossing

4. Affiliate Announcement

5. AdMarketplace

6. Mercury Media

7. Paulson Management Group

8. AffiliateTraction

9. Intertwine Interactive

10. IProspect

11. Adworkz

12. FutureAds

13. IYogi Inc

14. SEO Service Agency


16. Zanox

17. Morpheus Media

18. Neolynx Group Inc.

19. Norra Marketing

20. Digital Net Agency

21. ClickEquations

22. MarketiQ: Strategies That Click


24. Leapfrog Online

25. ClixGalore

26. Rise Interactive

27. BeeSeen

28. Mission E Commerce


30. Chapell Associates

The routine for evaluating and ranking associate selling agencies
involves a month-long routine of identifying a best performing
agencies formed on a use of a set of review criteria and
learning some-more about their solutions and their connectors with their
customers by references. Often times a independent
investigation group talks directly with business in sequence to inquire
about a solutions and opening from a standpoint of the
customer. Other times business revisit in sequence to provide
their opinions about a agencies that they use.

ABOUT is an online organizer of eccentric reviews and
ratings. The recommendations of a tip online selling companies
are expelled monthly to support businesses in joining with
affiliate selling companies that underline a story of effective
solutions. Thousands of online selling companies are put to the
test while usually a comprehensive best companies are showcased in the

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Top Five Tips For Affiliate Success

I’m mostly asked if we have any tip tips for brands seeking to use associate selling to their advantage. Affiliate selling has been recognized as one of a fastest flourishing and many effective channel within digital and one where we see advertisers deposit in a lot more. In deliberation this, I’ve looked behind during one of a many successful – and endowment winning – projects for pivotal learnings.

But first, let me set a scene. The iProspect associate group were tasked to grow and well optimise a client’s programme. When we began a dual brands were active in 4 markets opposite 3 opposite associate networks. The nation managers were focusing on their locality but a advantage of unchanging executive coordination between markets.

Our brief was to maximize revenue, revoke costs and settle a brands in consistent distinguished positions on publisher sites. We as a group have taken divided 5 pivotal learnings from embarking on this associate journey:

Centralisation and emigration to one record platform:

We motionless to centralize and run all 4 markets for both brands from London. With a singular group doing all underneath one roof we were assured we would learn more, adjust faster and be some-more efficient. The subsequent step was to quit all associate activity to one self-service height where we could guard activity and conduct all a tools of a campaigns ourselves – eventually pushing opening even further. Indeed, stealing a middle-men meant we were also saving on costs – that was appreciated by a client.

Quality vs. quantity:

We have found that in many associate campaigns a minority of affiliates will expostulate a immeasurable infancy of revenue. This discernment led us to quit into a height those affiliates we deemed as carrying intensity for uplift. This authorised us to improved conduct a several markets with a smaller pool of associate partners. It also authorised us to concentration on recruitment in sold sectors to fit a client’s product range. We realised we could devise most some-more well this way. We could set adult bespoke incentives, tie-ins and exercise targeting ideas regulating assembly and patron discernment to expostulate cost-per-sale down even further.

Data analysis:

Analysis is essential. Quality research authorised us to know a hurdles and highlights of a past year and particular promotions. With this in mind, we opted to pierce to a some-more granular stating complement whereby we are means to lane by product difficulty and, eventually, particular product ranges. With any associate possessing a vastly opposite assembly demographic, it was needed that we foster a scold products with a scold partner. Being means to see that associate generated sales any that difficulty was pivotal that enabled improved formulation for destiny campaigns. We could afterwards up-sell and cross-sell to a aloft grade in line with product margins.

Test and learn:

A narrower pool of high-performing partners gave us some-more control for ad-hoc and tailored activity, that authorised us to exam nominal selling channels, while still pushing down cost per sale. Amongst a digital promotion and selling disciplines, we incorporated arrangement campaigns around pivotal difficulty sites, email and strategies for mobile among others.


It contingency be pronounced that we benefited from operative with a wonderful, intelligent patron from a outset. However, a success of a renovate of a associate programme has deepened this attribute and built trust by adding value in new ways, investing in specific sites, tailoring messaging during a product turn and expanding into new formats.

Off a behind of truly bargain a code and a client’s objectives, not usually have we been means to expostulate superb formula (increased income and revoke a cost of sale), we have also been means to pull a associate bounds and deliver new, sparkling opportunities relocating into new areas of a digital landscape. We’ve been means to redefine a purpose of affiliates in a clients’ business, and are formulating new strategies they can move to opposite areas of their organisation.

Claudia Di Maglie


Claudia Di Maglie, Head of Affiliate Marketing during iProspect UK.