Where Can we Do An MBA And A CFA?

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This week, a doubt comes from 23-year-old Raymond A. Ahorgah (pictured below)

He is now apportionment his inhabitant service, that lasts for one year with Ghana’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

He wishes to pursue serve preparation abroad in possibly Canada, a USA, Hong Kong, or Switzerland.

His doubt is answered by Susan Bershaj, an admissions consultant from New York-based, Sia Admissions.


Applicant Question of a Week:

Dear BusinessBecause, 

I have usually finished my Bachelor of Commerce Degree in financial and wish to pursue my MBA in financial with CFA. Where can we do an MBA and a CFA?

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North America

The Answer:

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) nomination is a globally reputable and famous investment credential.

Having both an MBA and CFA provides combined competitiveness in rarely resourceful sectors.

Globally, a CFA Partner Program has about 580-member institutions (undergraduate and/or connoisseur grade programs) whose curriculum embeds a poignant apportionment of a CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), assisting students ready for a CFA exam.

It is critical to note, however, that during a finish of your MBA program, we will usually accept a MBA degree; there is no two-in-one qualification.

You contingency pass a 3 levels of a CFA and meet their qualification to be a licence holder.

Nevertheless, if your idea is to obtain both designations, afterwards attending an establishment whose curriculum includes a poignant apportionment of a CBOK might be beneficial.

As a CFA nomination is a tellurian standard, when selecting an associate institution, we suggest targeting a business propagandize that yields a best lapse on investment as it relates usually to your MBA.

The aim propagandize preference routine should embody last your geographic aspirations. we have summarized a few tip CFA associate business schools to cruise in a western hemisphere.


If your post-MBA idea is to work in investments within European organizations, a dual top-ranking MBA programs to cruise are INSEAD (France) and IESE Business School (Spain).

According to a 2018 practice report, about 15% of a INSEAD graduating category accepts jobs in a financial sector, and 81% of those functions are investment related.

Although INSEAD is globally recognized, 43% of students sojourn within Western Europe post-graduation.

INSEAD students meddlesome in investment government accept a nominal daily brief on financial markets and entrance to CFA Level we representation exams.

A singular series of scholarships are also offering to students for a CFA program.

In Spain, IESE has a somewhat aloft rate of MBA students usurpation financial roles (18%).

For those meddlesome in a CFA designation, IESE awards 3 CFA Program Awareness Scholarships to second year students.

Both institutions are rarely regarded by heading financial services organizations, quite in Europe, though also abroad.

North America

Across a pond, 4 of Canada’s tip 10 business schools are affiliates of a CFA Institute: Ivey, Schulich, Smith School of Business, and John Molson School of Business.

While reduction globally status than a aforementioned in Europe, Schulich, Ivey, and Smith have a aloft commission of MBA graduates holding on roles in financial services (between 30% and 37%, respectively, with poignant post-MBA pursuit chain in their sold provinces in Canada).

In further to embedding CBOK in applicable courses, they also offer a probability of grant support for students meddlesome in a CFA designation.

A one-of-a-kind three-year MBA/CFA module that entirely integrates a CBOK is a MBA in Investment Management during John Molson School of Business.

The module includes CFA exam-prep courses scheduled twice a week in Toronto and Montreal campuses. Their CFA Level-I pass rate is scarcely double a worldwide average.

There are 60 seats accessible in sum between a dual campuses and they exaggerate a 97% practice rate three-months post-graduation.

If your idea is a some-more integrated proceed to a CFA studies, John Molson is a program. However, if we value a outmost recognition, afterwards Ivey might be a improved module for you.

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Looking south to a United States, 4 of a tip 20 MBA programs are associate partners of a CFA Institute: NYU, Darden, Johnson, and UNC Kenan-Flagler.

Through electives, any business propagandize offers calm training opportunities to ready for a CFA exam.

Johnson also offers dual credit-bearing CFA examination courses to ready for all 3 levels of a exam.

Johnson and Darden also yield a singular series of scholarships that might embody price waivers and/or covers a apportionment of a enrollment price for any of a 3 CFA exams.

Although it offers fewer advantages, employers in a financial services zone have a sold affinity toward NYU Stern’s MBA graduates, reflected in their over 26% connoisseur chain in investments.

While earning an MBA in tandem with scheming for a CFA might promote a investigate compulsory to acquire a CFA designation, countless non-CFA-affiliate MBA programs have glorious reputations within a financial sector.

With schools like Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, and more, don’t extent yourself to usually evaluating member institutions of a CFA Partner Program; instead, demeanour during business schools holistically and safeguard your best veteran development.

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