The Ultimate Guide to Chic Summer Shoes for a Office—All Under $150

“It isn’t a plateau forward to stand that wear we out; it’s a pebble in your shoe,” Muhammad Ali once averred. And sure, Ali had to destroy his opponents in a fighting ring—which, of course, he did masterfully—but we have other challenges.

The good male might have had to boyant like a moth and prick like a bee, though did he have to lay in a apartment all day prolonged in a petty delegate and something stylish and darling on his feet when it is 102 degrees outside? Did he have to demeanour neat even when nearing during a bureau by subway, after constantly sitting in a un-air-conditioned car?

The plea of summer boots can be met with this all-encompassing solution: Throw income during it! If we spend enough, there are copiousness of boots out there! But who wants to dump hundreds (even, sadly, infrequently over a thousand) on sandals and slippers we will wish to wear for, oh, let’s contend another 6 to 8 weeks, after that we will start to severely cruise a boundless nation of boots?

The good news—even when a universe around we seems to be descending apart, there is always some good news!—is that there are copiousness of jaunty, worldly shoe alternatives for underneath $150. If your bureau is super-casual, that semi-mythical fun place to work, cruise black board sandals resting on kaleidoscopic platforms or gingham T-strap crawl sandals; if, on a other hand, a inside proportions of your super-serious pursuit underline a ideally neat CEO who is firm to stop by your table with a hulk raise of papers when we slightest design it, there are cool black-and-white loafers, ivory slingbacks with black top toes, and even high-heeled d’Orsay pumps printed with berries. (It’s summer! Somewhere someone, not you, is sitting on a veranda popping strawberries into her mouth during this really minute.)

Here, for each form of workplace, a beam to a best summer boots for underneath $150.