The Ars Technica Mother’s Day present guide

We won’t hit anyone who treats their mom to a brunch date, a box of chocolates, or some valuables this Mother’s Day. But being a collection of tech-obsessed androids, we’d be lingering not to disagree that a right tool can make a some-more durability and unsentimental impact on Mom’s bland life.

We’re still operative on a mind-reading device here during Ars HQ, so for now, we know your mom improved than we do. If she likes her stream routines, don’t try to force some new tool into her life customarily since we consider it’s cool. But if she has room for a new square of tech—or customarily wants an refurbish to an aged one—we have a few ideas for you, a nerdy child, so we can squeeze a tool that competence not immediately get pressed in her bedroom closet. Here’s to doing a small bit some-more to compensate Mom behind for all a distrurbance you’ve caused her over a years.

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Apple iPad or Amazon Fire HD 8

Here’s an apparent one. You know what a inscription does. But if your mom doesn’t have a line-up for browsing a Web, checking email, examination her shows on Netflix, personification Words with Friends, or whatever else, this is a good time to change that.