Guidemaster: Everything Amazon’s Alexa can do, and a best skills to enable

If you’ve usually introduced one of Amazon’s Echo devices into your home and feel a small lost, you’re not alone. The promises done by Amazon’s practical partner Alexa are vast, and it’s formidable to know where to start when we wish Alexa to do something some-more than set a cooking timer or tell we tomorrow’s continue forecast.

Aside from Alexa’s simple facilities automatic by Amazon, there are thousands of Alexa skills to select from; skills are facilities done by third-party developers that assistance Alexa do some-more than usually a Amazon-sanctioned basics, and many of them confederate with other services, apps, and products. Each ability has to be enabled in a Alexa mobile app (or from your comment on before Alexa can use it.

Enabling a ability is roughly like installing an app on a mobile device—simply capacitate a ability we wish and Alexa will be means to use that ability until we invalidate it. There are some-more than 25,000 Alexa skills now, and while Amazon has softened a interface by that we can hunt for and learn skills, it’s still not a easiest to work with. Here, we’ve summarized Alexa’s categorical facilities and a best third-party Alexa Skills that we can capacitate now to use with Amazon’s practical assistant.

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Basic Alexa features


Alexa is built to tell we even a many paltry information about your day and anything else we wish to know about. You can use voice commands to have Alexa tell we a time and date as good as anything that competence be on your calendar, supposing that you’ve related a calendar in a Alexa mobile app.