Citizen Kane And 8 Other Movies To Stream If You Want To Impress Pretentious Movie Fans

Why Watch It: Ingmar Bergman is deliberate by many to be one of a biggest directors of all time. Known for his pleasing close-ups and poise of drama, Bergam was behind a camera for some of a many successful films in history. Arguably, a many good famous being The Seventh Seal. It’s full of pleasing dialogue, beautiful shots and riveting performances by Max Von Sydow and Bengt Ekerot as Death.

Why It’s Good: The Seventh Seal is an eerily good film to watch in a stream climate. It explores themes of death, village and sacrament in a time of uncertainty. Sounds kind of informed to a stream Covid-19 crisis, huh? The Seventh Seal is also surprisingly hilarious, with brutally nihilistic quips from a cast.

Watch The Seventh Seal on The Criterion Channel here.