Academy Affiliate Program welcomes Sporting Oklahoma

Sporting Kansas City Youth Soccer is vehement to announce another further to the Academy Affiliate program, Sporting Oklahoma. The new associate club, located in a Oklahoma City metro area, will yield recreational, academy and rival soccer programs, as good as a accumulation of off-season actor training programs focused on particular actor development.

Dan Popik, Sporting KC’s Vice President of Youth Business Development commented on a new further to a Academy Affiliate family. “I’m vehement to rigourously announce a further of Sporting Oklahoma to a Sporting Club Network and Academy Affiliate Program,” Popik said. “With a state of Oklahoma being in Sporting KC’s Major League Soccer Homegrown Territory, this is an implausible event for players in Oklahoma City to have a approach veteran pathway to MLS. Sporting Oklahoma will offer Oklahoma City and a surrounding communities a first-class girl soccer knowledge with an importance on actor expansion and coaching preparation while treating all of a members with a high turn of professionalism. We’re ecstatic to be partial of this bar from a beginning.”

Sporting Oklahoma’s idea is to yield a positive, protected and veteran sourroundings that encourages early rendezvous and a lifelong seductiveness in soccer by providing peculiarity programs, facilities, staff, preparation and care for girl players of all ages and abilities. Sporting Oklahoma aims to rise character, inspire earthy aptness and encourage personal expansion for all of their participants with a concentration on training useful life lessons satisfied by commitment, leadership, teamwork, stability and sportsmanship; and to rise and ready girl players of all ages and abilities for a subsequent turn of foe by on-going programing and age-appropriate training designed to assistance any actor strech their full potential.

Sporting Oklahoma’s President, Matthew Smith, also commented on fasten a Academy Affiliate program. “Sporting Oklahoma is anxious to partner with Sporting Kansas City as an central Academy Affiliate,” he said. “As an organization, a temperament of Sporting Oklahoma is centered around a importance on partnership and teamwork, as good as a friendship to a mission, prophesy and core values. This partnership provides Sporting Oklahoma an extraordinary event to combine with a high-caliber veteran bar committed to flourishing a diversion from a girl turn up.”

Sporting Kansas City’s Academy Affiliate module strives towards a common idea of flourishing a diversion while providing a members with a best probable resources, preparation and developmental opportunities both on and off a margin while also giving members forlorn entrance to Sporting Kansas City and Sporting Club.

Sean McMannis, Sporting Oklahoma’s Director of Coaching, commented on a advantages a Affiliate programs will move to a club. “Our attribute with Sporting KC allows us to yield a singular actor expansion pathway for a boys and girls, as good as preparation and acceptance opportunities for a coaches,” McMannis said. “At a core of a bar enlightenment is a concentration on a long-term expansion of a players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. This player-first truth aligns ideally with a training and developmental philosophies of Sporting KC, and a entrance to their technical staff and coaches will assistance rouse Sporting Oklahoma to a subsequent level, permitting us to lift a game.”

Sporting Oklahoma’s Director of Soccer Operations and Director of Goalkeeping, James Ritchie, pronounced “We are gay to have a event to work with Sporting Kansas City and move their indication to Oklahoma. The professionalism and infrastructure of Sporting KC is second to none. This tie gives immature Oklahoma-based players a transparent pathway from a girl module to a MLS.”

In efforts to consistently yield disdainful events, programs and opportunities for a members, a Academy Affiliate module flourishes by a tie and partnership with the Sporting Kansas City Academy. The Affiliate module continues to hunt for new opportunities to strengthen ties to a Sporting KC Academy.

Nathan Hunt, Sporting KC’s Academy Affiliate Director of Coaching, said, “I demeanour brazen to operative directly with a Sporting Oklahoma staff to raise a soccer knowledge of not usually a players and coaches though for a relatives and all other meddlesome parties of a club. James Ritchie and Sean McMannis move a passion, concentration and imagination that creates a awaiting of consistently operative with them something myself and a Academy Affiliate staff demeanour brazen to. Welcome to a family, Sporting Oklahoma!”

Sporting Oklahoma will yield an event to enhance a footprint of a Sporting Kansas City Academy Affiliate program, in an bid to collectively yield some-more resources and support towards flourishing a diversion and ancillary actor and manager expansion in a region. We are vehement to acquire Sporting Oklahoma into a Academy Affiliate family and are looking brazen to a ongoing partnership and partnership a organizations will have.

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