Versace Fall 2019 Menswear Collection

So this was a initial Versace men’s uncover given a residence was acquired by (the given renamed) Michael Kors Holdings Limited for only over $2 billion. Although Donatella Versace was not accessible to speak about a collection this Milan Fashion Week, she did extend an talk to formerly-of-this-parish Alex Fury in The Financial Times. In it, she addressed a “Korsace” doubt that panicked fans of a residence have been pondering: Would a understanding intermix Versace’s Versace-ness? Her response: “I don’t know because people suspicion Versace is apropos like Michael Kors? A medium, reduce line. we meant with all due honour to Michael Kors . . . .”

Ha! Vintage Versace. This unassailable diva who once joked that her beauty slight is to nap in her freezer tells it like it is. She also stressed that she would never concede Versace’s sneakers—which, for good measure, she combined she would never herself wear—to be done in China, so as not to concede on made-in-Italy excellence.

For those who harbored serve doubts that Donatella would take her palm off a tiller now a Kors billions have rolled in, tonight’s collection valid a convincing rebuff. Encompassing men’s and an expensively cast—Adut Akech, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski—Pre-Fall women’s, this collection was riotously loyal to a supermodel-mentoring story of a house.