The Shoei GT-Air II Arrives in North American Dealers

It’s Here

We reported on a Shoei GT-Air II a while behind and now it’s strictly entrance to dealers in North America. Shoei recently sent us a press materials and announced a attainment of a new GT-Air II to dealers, so now we’re flitting that info along to you.

As we expected know, a Shoei GT-Air II. It’s been around a small while now. The GT-Air II is a important step forward. Shoei calls it “form and duty refined.” In other words, a association took a GT-Air and done it softened and combined a roman numerals for dual behind a name.

Make no mistake, though. Shoei didn’t only debonair adult a helmet and come out with some imagination new selling materials. The GT-Air II looks like it’s legitimately softened than it was before. Among a improvements are a longer inner object shield, a code new “first position” for a visor to assistance fan a helmet, even softened helmet from noise, softened aerodynamics, and prep for a Sena SRL2 communication system.

In further to all that a helmet facilities three vast intake vents and 5 empty vents for glorious ventilation. The bombard is a mix of fiberglass and organic resins. With all of a updates, I’d assume it will be one of a softened helmets out there. We should get a hands on one of these during some indicate in a destiny for a full review.