The Aprilia RS 660 Is Coming Soon

The RS 660 Concept Will to Life

Aprilia is famous for high-powered sportbikes, and that has always meant a bike with an engine banishment of 900cc or more. Now, it seems a Italian motorcycle manufacturer will move a middleweight bike to a market. Aprilia will build a RS 660, according to a news form Moto-Station.

In an talk with a Piaggio deputy (Piaggio owns Aprilia), it was suggested that the association continues to rise a RS 660 Concept, and a prolongation motorcycle will come in 2020. According to a report, a association repute also pronounced that a prolongation chronicle will make a entrance during EICMA entrance in November.

That’s unequivocally a confirmation, and we’re flattering excited. The middleweight sportbike marketplace could use an Aprilia model. As RideApart points out. This is unequivocally partial of a incomparable trend in a motorcycling world. More manufacturers furnish smaller bikes now. we approaching this trend to continue, yet I’m a small astounded Aprilia is removing in on a action.

With that said, we assume a association will have no problem offered a bikes. The 660cc parallel-twin engine is radically half of a RSV4’s engine. It should be a loyal performer. There’s no word on price, yet I’d design Aprilia’s middleweight sportbike to cost some-more than other bikes in a segment.

This shouldn’t warn we as Aprilia’s bikes are always a small salty. From what we hear, though, they’re value it. Personally, I’ve never ridden an Aprilia bike. Maybe a arriving RS 660 will be a first? I’ll keep an eye out come EICMA for Aprilia’s central reveal.