Social Media Metrics: Quality vs. Quantity – By J. Greg White

In a competition for Follows, Friends, Favorites, ReTweets, Replies, and Reviews, how profitable are those totals to your bottom line? Do your amicable media metrics also magnitude your success?

In this universe of bots and bytes, amicable media strategists all splash from a same trough. Between a digits and dollars lies grace (aka organic results). Alas, if Fred Phelps can get 2,500 Likes on Facebook and 8,000 supporters on Twitter, afterwards certainly a beam of internet recognition are skewed.

I ask those of we during a H2O cooler, do we consider his apportion of supporters is allied (or co-related) to a peculiarity of his content? That’s rhetoric. Please do not revisit or review his blog.

Six months ago, my blog went live. We committed to Delivery Agent Inc. to monetize it. The URL’s chain on CBS’ The Young The Restless redirects 4% of stream ratings (5.1m) to my site. Yet somehow we only hardly scratched an assembly of 100 on both Twitter and Facebook this summer. My YouTube measure is unhappy (pathetic even). My dog has some-more supporters and Likes on Instagram (she substantially has some-more than we and we combined). Insights and analytics however tell a opposite story of

I’m dependant to my blog’s stats: a who, what, where, when, and how of a readers. We’ve got Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel, who has favourite and common on Facebook. Celebrity Apprentice Leeza Gibbons has sent difference of support around Instagram. Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino is a fan. Bravolebrity and Emmy Winner Eileen Davidson (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) has given us a thumbs up. Sheryl Underwood of CBS’ “The Talk” was a initial Twitter follower.

But though a sales trail or plan, “faking it” is some-more expected than “making it”. Then, what is a purpose and where are a profits?

To answer both items: we are super affiliates of Approximately 4 percent of a trade will revisit around a blog. From selling transport to checkout, 3.7% of those visitors will modify from spectator to customer. An startling 61% of them lapse to a store for destiny purchases. Thus far, 0 conversions have taken place around amicable media platforms.

Data is collected around amicable media, though distinct a blogs it’s never credited with commissions. A acclimatisation and elect from one patron around a blog is now value some-more than 100 Facebook fans. The value of any affiliate’s amicable media metrics is merely a route for a traffic.

If banking codes, product placements, SEO rankings, and newsletters have solidified their chain in your strategy, will amicable media stats shortly compensate for themselves too? Until affiliates see Pay-Per-Like and Pay-Per-Follow programs, vital calm is a pivotal to vital conversions in your amicable media metrics.

Share strategically (tag that celebrity), report strategically (timing is mostly everything), and sell strategically (embed links to your selling transport or applicable associate programs).

J. Greg White is Editor-In-Chief of from CBS’ The Young The Restless.

This essay seemed in emanate 32 of FeedFront Magazine, that was published in Oct 2015.