Red Cross empowers communities of faith by Preparedness Across Los Angeles

The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region launched a Faith Based Affiliate Program during a Movers Shakers Resiliency Luncheon this past Wednesday, Sept. 25. The Red Cross LA Region commits resources to spin care into movement in times of need by bringing preparedness programs and services to all faith-based communities.

“After disasters, communities mostly spin to houses of ceremony for assistance, and with this bargain a Red Cross is dynamic to build clever relations with communities of faith to make certain that if, and when, there is a need, assistance will be there,” pronounced Jennifer Johnson, Director of a Faith Based Community Programs for a Red Cross Los Angeles Region.

The Faith Based Affiliate Program provides LA organizations and houses of ceremony a eventuality to turn Affiliates – opening a doorway to resources that build resiliency. The Faith Affiliates paint a abounding farrago of Los Angeles with organizations from Bahai’, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and non-denominational beliefs.

The program’s services embody disaster preparedness education, village overdo booths for events and adult initial aid/CPR acceptance during a reduced cost for low-moderate income communities. The module also gives affiliates a eventuality to horde blood drives and attend in Sound a Alarm events, bringing home glow reserve and giveaway fume alarm installations to their community.

The Wednesday afternoon eventuality hosted during a Evergreen Baptist Church was attended by some-more than 30 faith leaders from several faith traditions. Guest orator Margaret Vinci, Manager of a Office of Earthquake Programs during California Institute of Technology, common tips on trembler preparedness, and Curtis Hsing from a Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation speedy a significance of faith groups holding action. The Red Cross and a Tzu Chi USA sealed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement renovation progressing this year, mixing a dual parties’ strengths in disaster service efforts, as good as disaster preparedness.

“It’s unequivocally a pleasing thing to see a room full of different faith leaders. Together, we are on a right trail to disaster preparedness,” pronounced Erica Frausto-Aguado, Executive Director of a American Red Cross San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter. “The trail to scheming a possess organizations, a homes and a members with opportunities that we can move to your doorway and share with you. Those resources and opportunities are preparedness preparation courses; they are CPR and initial assist training; they are preparation on how to save a life by blood donations and a Home Fire Campaign.”

To learn some-more about a Faith Based Affiliate programs and services email [email protected].

This essay was expelled by American Red Cross Los Angeles.