Picking some Gilas minds

DURING a initial day of use of a inhabitant men’s basketball organisation during a Upper Deck Sports core in Pasig City, we was astounded to see Timothy Lewis assisting out a coaching staff.

Lewis, an Englishman who schooled his basketball in a United States and had worked with some associate programs of National Basketball Association (NBA) squads, was many recently with Thailand during a Southeast Asia Basketball Association (Seaba) tournament.

Most recently means they cut Lewis. While Norman Black’s difference “we get hired to get fired” always come back, we was astounded they let go of Lewis who we was tender with. His organisation was prepared. They played improved than we have seen them before. However, it was a detriment to Indonesia that he is faulted for. Whether a idea for Thailand was a bullion or a silver, they can usually tell. There is some-more importance than simply unresolved with a Philippines for 15 mins before losing it all.

And we am reminded of Tab Baldwin being transposed after not creation a semifinals of a final FIBA Olympic Qualifiers. While we have listened that some of those in a basketball powers didn’t consider we’d consider we’d win it generally with France, Canada, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and New Zealand all battling out for one of 3 slots accessible for a final Olympics, creation it out of a organisation theatre was acceptable.

To be honest, we didn’t consider we’d make it out. Not that we am not tender with a inhabitant organisation (I am) or have no faith in a coaching staff (I do). we usually suspicion that France and New Zealand were improved even before a contest started. Sure a latter struggled on a approach to Manila losing a garland of tune-up games. But that isn’t for a marbles. Not during all.

Anyways, that’s all done.

I know for a fact that Philippines Head Coach Chot Reyes was tender with Lewis. He mentioned it during his post-match pressers during Seaba. The fact that he has come over to give pointers to Talk ‘N Text, shows that people commend his value.

In their final 3 organisation practices, Lewis worked on a Filipinos’ section defense. As inhabitant organisation partner Coach Josh Reyes told me, “the other teams would section us and we struggled with it.”

After practice, we had a brief discuss with Lewis.

“We knew we didn’t have a Philippines’ abyss and talent,” underscored Lewis. “Basically, we demeanour during their strengths—what they do well—and try to delayed that down; make things harder. When that doesn’t flow, we disaster adult their diversion devise and now we wish we have a chance. That’s how we see it.”

“I know Josh (Reyes) well,” offering a Englishman.“We’ve competed opposite any other and remained in touch. He pronounced that if you’re not doing anything come on over and be around. See what we can do with Talk ‘N Text. Then manager (Chot) said, move him over. we wanted to come around too. we suspicion I’d usually watch practice. Then had this urge to learn with is a good honor. we unequivocally conclude it. It is an event to accommodate new people and make new friends. We usually speak about basketball. Bouncing ideas off any other. If something comes—working longer term, I’d adore it.”

And vocalization of Josh Reyes, we spoke with a long-time inhabitant organisation partner who complicated a leap expostulate offense in a United States for utterly some time.

Teaching a leap expostulate offense is easier since players see a results. A lot of teams are regulating a offense in a pledge ranks so a buy-in is there. The believe of a complement allows for some-more modernized teachings that speed adult a process.

Reyes glowed about a Far Eastern University boys who they guided (with Nash Racela during a helm) to a University Athletic Association of a Philippines championship. Take for instance Roger Pogoy,” pronounced Reyes. “He knows his purpose in a offense and people commend that. If he can play his purpose and not obey Terrence [Romeo] or Jayson [Castro], he can find his purpose and still produce. And see how he has progressed in a past dual years. It’s amazing. When others see that, they follow.”

“In my opinion, Carl Bryan Cruz was one of a many effective players we had in a Jones Cup,” forked out Reyes. “He did all we asked for and a bit more. He did it sensitively with many things not display adult in a stat sheet. The complement also helps players like Carl turn improved players.”

Even with a laxity of a antithesis to a leap expostulate offense, Reyes believes it stays rarely relevant: “You don’t know where a shot is entrance from. If we take divided one option, afterwards there are others. What do we wish to do? Stop Jayson’s drive? Do we wish to stay home on a shooters? The complement isn’t passed if we take divided one action. It isn’t like that. We have counters.The usually thing that is tying Gilas is a interior presence. It’s tough for us to get a round inside and we try to get it off discerning movement. That is where a naturalized players come in. Hopefully, Jun Mar can residence that concern. If Jun Mar can give us that participation and play fast, he will be of good help.”