Performance Marketing Goes Mainstream: What You Need to Know

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May 30, 2017  Author
Jill Hara  |

It used to be that a terms “performance marketing” and “affiliate marketing” were interchangeable. Affiliate programs, after all, are a strange pay-for-performance model, given associate edition partners are paid a elect in sell for pushing impressions and conversions on seductiveness of an advertiser.

But while associate advertisers might have been a pioneers of opening marketing, a operation of this plan has broadened in new years to ring a operation of selling activities, from lead era and email selling to in-app advertising, paid amicable and search, and more.

As opening selling goes mainstream, what lessons can practitioners take divided from a associate indication to expostulate larger formula opposite all forms of campaigns?

Here are a few pivotal best practices:

1. Advanced tracking is critical. Because their success depended on it, associate advertisers were early adopters of innovative techniques and technologies for opening tracking and analysis. In a early days, payouts to affiliates were formed on impressions – that usually compulsory a elementary magnitude of how many times an ad was noticed on a publisher’s web page. But as some-more information has turn available, associate advertisers began to muster modernized tracking record to constraint some-more sum about debate performance. As a result, they can bottom commissions on discernible actions taken by consumers, such as stuffing out a lead era form, creation a squeeze or downloading a mobile app. Advanced opening tracking record uses pixel-based tracking links to accumulate many deeper discernment into what happens once a user clicks on an offer. Unlike normal cookies, that can simply be disabled, pixels are embedded directly into an ad rather than forsaken after when a user reaches a final alighting page. This means that some-more information about a events heading to a acclimatisation can be tracked and analyzed, providing profitable information about what works and what doesn’t, that ads are many appealing to specific demographic segments and even what forms of artistic messaging are many expected to rivet audiences.

2. Look over a initial and final clicks. All marketers wish to improved know a customer’s tour to a acclimatisation – a tour that, in today’s fragmented digital landscape, can engage mixed “touch points.” For example, a amicable media debate might hint seductiveness in a product, while a arrangement ad increases recognition and an email offer closes a deal. While all are important, some hold points might be some-more successful than others. Because of a complexities concerned in tracking a patron tour opposite mixed selling channels, associate advertisers started out by focusing disproportionately on possibly a initial or final click. But as modernized tracking technologies have evolved, multi-touch detrimental has done it probable for marketers to benefit deeper discernment into how any hold indicate contributes to a final result. Attribution helps associate advertisers brand and reasonably prerogative partners that supplement a biggest value to their campaigns, though it’s also a really profitable apparatus for all forms of digital opening marketers. In a landscape where consumers confront many selling messages opposite mixed channels before converting, tracking a first, final and each click in between empowers improved preference creation about how to allot selling budgets and pattern campaigns.

3. Timing is everything. Even a many minute opening tracking is invalid if it can’t broach a products in real-time. There’s a large disproportion between bargain because a debate unsuccessful after a fact and being means to change march before a disaster occurs. Real-time information about what actions consumers are holding in a impulse (for example, Are some-more clicking on graduation A vs. graduation B?) empowers marketers to adjust and labour debate strategies even while they are still in progress. The associate industry’s razor-thin margins have speedy marketers to find any technological advantage probable to urge debate performance, though a advantages gained with real-time tracking offer advantages that go distant over pay-for-performance.

4. Keep it simple. With so many accessible information to analyze, opening marketers need ways to classify and perspective information in an discerning and easy-to-digest manner. The associate attention has begun to welcome record that includes modernized information cognisance capabilities and a broader opening village is doing a same. Research shows that people routine visible information 60,000 times faster than text. The best opening tracking solutions are those that can build evident and ominous visualizations from incoming information for a simple, at-a-glance, real-time perspective of a many critical KPIs.

At a finish of a day, each marketer wants to know if their campaigns are generating results, and brand areas in need of improvement, regardless of either or not they are enchanting edition partners to help. As opening selling continues to enlarge over a associate channel, a tracking techniques and technologies that have developed out of associate programs are processed to assistance marketers precedence information to make improved decisions opposite a operation of digital strategies.

JILL HARA, Senior Director of Marketing
Jill leads CAKE’s worldwide selling plan and execution. She was primarily brought on house to run corporate communications as a association launched a new branding, positioning and product. Her purpose has severely stretched given that time. Along with corporate communications, she develops and implements strategies for direct era and patron influence as well.
Bringing some-more than 15 years of selling knowledge to CAKE, Jill formerly represented a series of record innovators in a craving program space opposite several sectors including digital marketing, information analytics, supply sequence government and energy. She also worked during agencies including Golin Harris, Chiat Day, Kickstart Consulting and Copithorne Bellows representing clients including Hewlett-Packard Company, Nissan, Space-Time Insight, a California ISO and Activision.
Jill binds a bachelor’s grade in broadcasting from San Diego State University.

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