On.Live; The Next Generation of Online Broadcasting Services

Problem Statement No.1 – Nowadays, online video platforms have turn an critical apparatus for preparation and entertainment. You name it — YouTube, Twitch, D-Tube, etc., all of them yield some arrange of video online services and some of them are versed with a duty of online live video streaming that allows a audiences to knowledge a programs in genuine time.

However, with vast competition, bringing in trade to your channel is a outrageous problem. For example, let’s contend we wish to set adult a aptness video channel on YouTube, in that we will tell some videos associated to practice and diet recommendation 3 times a week. Shortly we will find out that it is formidable to move in trade if we have usually a handful of active followers. In sequence to foster your channel, we would have to use several other internet services including amicable media, hunt engine optimization services, associate programs, and a good financial strategy. On model video platform, larger trade is always a usually meant to yield suggestive income.

Problem Statement No.2 – Back in a day, if we were carrying problems, had some arrange of quandary or confronting some problems in preference making, we went true forward to suitable active forum and emanate a theme on a matter we wanted to plead with other members. Some of a suggested solutions were helpful, some of them simply not operative and some were usually plain bold comments not associated to a subject we wanted to discuss.

The thought to solve such problem is, to emanate an sourroundings and collection that can be used to acquire specific use formed on an particular need. For example, if someone wants to get a diet advice, instead of examination large numbers of invalid videos, one can impute to a dilettante or an consultant in that margin that can support to his specific needs. That’s where a face to face video discuss event shines. However, there is no website that would accumulate all of a intensity services that we need into a singular interrelated environment. One that would safeguard choice formed on specific needs and emanate rival space for use providers.

Based on both of a problem statements mentioned, there are dual vital obstacles that are faced by possibly a consumer or a video calm creator. Traffic and an suitable height to support all indispensable services. Both those obstacles can be overcome by regulating a new blockchain formed use called On.Live. For both a consumer and a calm creator, On.Live provides dual vital services that are live broadcasting and live consultation. These services contained within one easy to use webpage will implement a customized token complement famous as ONL that provides a means to change broadcaster-client price send permitting comprehensive anonymity of any such operation.

Live conference services

Let contend we are a PC consultant and we wish to yield an recommendation or an opinion on a PC associated matters. You can pointer adult to On.Live and emanate a specific channel regulating few tags describing your service, and fast turn an simply permitted consultant in practical space. Then we can set your possess fees for your use or confirm them any time with your specific client. This functionality is upheld by a intelligent agreement that ensures send of supports usually when both sides are confident with service.

For example:

  • Your use price is 5 ONL for 30-minute live consultation.
  • A intensity patron contacts we by a messaging system, seeking for a 15-minute live consultation.
  • As this devise doesn’t exist in your strange package, both of we determine to a conference price of 3 ONL.
  • You set adult a customized devise for your patron and afterwards a video event begins.

The judgment is elementary though valuable. If a video conference was useful or business were means to solve whatever problem that they were facing, a remuneration that was hold with intelligent agreement is finally eliminated to a use provider. If a patron is somehow payable with advice, his remuneration will be refunded. This element of height operation will severely facilitate a routine of assembly a lawyer, personal trainer, alloy or even an accountant for business purposes.

On.Live user can always set adult a giveaway conference service, some arrange of discount, giveaway hearing or anything that we would hold required to attract new customers. It will be totally adult to his choice. The height also has an appointment complement built in that can be practical to a services that user wish to provide. For example, you’ve motionless to work for 3 hours online 6 days a week, we can use a online calendar on a website, set adult a suitable timing for your use and tell it. This will concede a intensity patron to make an appointment earlier.

Live Broadcasting Services

You are substantially informed with Twitch, that is one of a many renouned broadcasting sites. All we can do on Twitch, we can also perform with On.Live. The disproportion is high customizability of a latter.

In On.Live we can either:

  • Provide a giveaway broadcasting services
  • Provide a paid broadcasting services
  • Provide a partial-free broadcasting services

The promote price is motionless by you. You can put your delivery as free, 1 ONL per promote service, or for instance giveaway for a initial 5 minutes. Your intensity viewers? It could be limitless. Anyone who forms in some keywords that are used to report your use would have discerning entrance to your channel. For mass events broadcasts, usually imagine, a live fighting compare that differently would cost we a lot of income as a PPV subscription possibly online or on wire TV, in On.Live platform, usually by share outcome of scale, could be as low as 1 ONL. This would change a online streaming and concede all of a members of height village to be a intensity audience. Just suppose how most would a pennon acquire on On.Live if their possess 5 ONL promote use is subscribed by 1000 people. That would be a outrageous intensity income formed on a marketplace value.

There are several kinds of broadcasts that will clearly advantage from placement by On.Live platform:

  • Any racing events
  • Any competition events
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Online classes

These model options would yield a accumulation of choices for a consumer. On.Live is now underneath heated development. You can see stream doing in movement in a promotional video.

On.Live is a village plan and is already benefaction on several universe markets including Brazil, China, Japan, UK, Russia, Spain, South Korea and a United States.

If we like to learn some-more about a service, we can follow one of a links below:


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