NRCA is a Blue Ribbon Affiliate

The New River Community Action Children’s Health Improvement Partnership has warranted a prestigious publicity from a Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc., (PATNC) as a Blue-Ribbon Affiliate, creation it one of a top-performing home visiting affiliates within a PATNC’s general network. The central nomination was done on Aug 27, 2019.

Being named a Blue-Ribbon Affiliate affirms that a New River Community Action Children’s Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP of NRV) is a high-quality member of a home visiting field, implementing a evidence-based Parents as Teachers (PAT) indication with fidelity. Families enrolled in CHIP of NRV are definitely impacted by a services delivered by this program.

The PAT indication includes educational home visits, organisation connections, child health screenings, and connectors to village resources. It equips relatives with believe and resources to ready their children for a stronger start in life and larger success in school.

“To acquire a Blue-Ribbon Affiliate status, we underwent a severe self-study and examination routine from a National Center. The routine confirms that we are assembly Parents as Teachers’ standards of fealty and quality,” pronounced Terry Smusz, CEO of New River Community Action. “Blue-Ribbon Affiliates are indication programs, delivering top peculiarity services to children and families.”

Implementation with peculiarity and fealty is critical in home-visiting programs as it determines a program’s efficacy in accomplishing a strange goals and dictated outcomes. PAT’s severe publicity routine demonstrates an affiliate’s burden and credit to a community, a funders, inaugurated officials, and a partner organizations with that they work.

The internationally-recognized evidence-based home visiting indication is corroborated by 35 years of research-proven outcomes for children and families. PAT now serves scarcely 200,000 families in all 50 U.S. states, 115 Tribal organizations, 6 other countries, and one U.S. territory. CHIP of NRV has been a Parents as Teachers associate given 2007.

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