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Northern Kentucky is scheming to abruptly leave a Atlantic Sun Conference for a Horizon League this summer, according to media reports surfacing today.

The warn pierce would leave FGCU’s joining – and usually now possibly home – during usually 7 schools.

While tiny – and a regard for a A-Sun given a comparatively low-level league’s singular series of intensity possibilities for enlargement – 7 schools would not dump a A-Sun next a smallest to continue receiving involuntary berths into NCAA postseason play in any sport.

In men’s and women’s basketball, leagues are compulsory to have 7 schools to accept involuntary berths into a NCAA tournament. In all other sports in that a A-Sun competes, a smallest is 6 schools.

Even if conferences dump next those thresholds in any sport, they get a two-year waiver to continue participating in NCAA postseason play while perplexing to lapse memberships to compulsory minimums.

Northern Kentucky, located in Highland Heights, Ky., usually opposite a Ohio River from Cincinnati, is completing usually a third deteriorate in a A-Sun to coincide with a third year of a four-year reclassification from Division II to D-I.

Multiple organizations, including a Cincinnati Enquirer, reported now that NKU’s house is assembly Monday to approve a pierce this summer to a nine-school, Midwest-based Horizon League.

David Hopkins, boss of Horizon League member Wright State in Dayton, Ohio, immediately greeted a Norse from his Twitter criticism with a message, “Welcome, NKU!”

A-Sun commissioner Ted Gumbart and FGCU jaunty executive Ken Kavanagh could not immediately be reached for comment.

In February, Gumbart pronounced that dual probable possibilities for a A-Sun – one quite speculated and a other reliable to have had talks with a joining – were not immediately headed for a conference.

Alabama Birmingham, that in Dec announced it was dropping football after 24 years and therefore faced probable exclusion from Conference USA underneath joining by-laws, was widely speculated as a good fit for a A-Sun, nonetheless a Blazers would have interest to mixed leagues.

“There’s zero there,” Gumbart told The News-Press in February. “They’re committed to their interest to (remain in) Conference USA.”

Two hours north, in Florence, D-II North Alabama and a clever football module regularly have deferred what has been years of overtures toward a pierce to D-I while a suitable home is sought.

With football not sponsored in a A-Sun, a pierce by North Alabama to a joining would meant a Lions would have to play a competition as an associate member in a opposite league.

Current A-Sun member Kennesaw State final summer assimilated a Big South Conference as an associate member for a new football program, that starts FCS football this fall.

“Their folks continue to wish to guard a landscape, that we told them they need to,” Gumbart said. “(They’ve) got a grant football program, and that’s tough for us to plead anything further.”

A multiple of factors – geography, finances and a miss of football, that consultants have told FGCU would cost about $100 million to supplement – make a A-Sun FGCU’s usually possibly choice in a stream discussion landscape.

Increased transport costs would make it restricted for FGCU to leave a A-Sun for a comparable, midst or reduce turn joining that doesn’t unite football or during slightest need a appearance from all of a members.

With an entertainment dialect bill of usually about $13 million, FGCU continues to work good into a reduce half – maybe reduce third or worse – of about 350 D-I schools.

In 2013, FGCU ranked 173rd of 230 D-I programs not free from open stating laws with a bill of $12.1 million, according to a USA Today news expelled final summer.

That figure was usually third best of a 6 A-Sun schools afterwards in a joining and enclosed in a report, trailing No. 145 East Tennessee State ($14.5 million) and No. 167 Kennesaw State ($12.5 million).

NKU, notwithstanding being in usually a entrance D-I debate during a time, narrowly trailed FGCU with a bill of $11.2 million, forward of A-Sun members North Florida ($9.5 million) and USC Upstate ($7 million).

Other than North Alabama, a tiny handful of other successful D-II programs in Florida and adjacent states have possibly discussed intensity moves to D-I or are suspicion to have a resources to make a move, if desired.

That collection includes Columbus State and Augusta State of a Peach Belt Conference and well-financed Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale.

But with FGCU a southernmost of 4 A-Sun programs in a state already peripherally located, a Eagles’ discussion predestine – exclusive some-more vital changes to a discussion landscape that has mostly staid after several years of vital shake – seems sealed into a A-Sun and a possess fate.

“All those things we consider work out on a timeline that they need to be,” Gumbart pronounced in Feb of probable membership changes. “It’s always, ‘Are we ready?’ If there’s not a eagerness to engage, afterwards it doesn’t happen, that means it wasn’t meant to be.”

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Jumping ship

Northern Kentucky on Monday is approaching to approve a pierce this summer from a Atlantic Sun Conference to a Horizon League. The pierce would dump a A-Sun to 7 schools, including FGCU, while boosting a Horizon League to 10. The stream memberships:

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