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Barbara Lee Owens Stamy was a obvious thespian in a Pittsburgh area who rose to recognition in a late 1940s.

After winning an pledge singing competition when she was 21 years old, Mrs. Stamy, now impending 90, was propelled into a spotlight and achieved for some-more than 50 years. She sang on a KDKA radio show, “Songs You Love to Hear.”

Now it is strain that helps bond Mrs. Stamy to a benefaction as good as a past.

Mrs. Stamy, who was famous by her theatre and lass name, Barbara Lee Owens, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The former Fox Chapel proprietor lives during Longwood during Oakmont and according to her son, Lloyd Stamy, still enjoys music.

“I will give her one of her CDs to play and she will tell me she doesn’t consider she knows any of a songs. I’ll say, ‘I consider we do,’ and when we put it on, she will sing each singular lyric,” he said.

It is this tie to strain that desirous Mr. Stamy, a late investment adviser, to safeguard a Music and Memory beginning during Longwood. The module is charity by a inhabitant nonprofit that promotes individualized strain programs for a aged with a hopes of improving a peculiarity of their lives. For many like Mrs. Stamy, strain can make a tie that has been mislaid by cognitive issues.

“Music finds a approach by cobwebs and seems to bond memories. After mom sings a songs, she starts articulate about her memories from those days and it helps her bond to a present,” Mr. Stamy said.

For Mr. Stamy, an pledge musician himself, a reason for charity a module is twofold. He was acid for a approach to respect his mom while she would still commend a gesticulate and urge her life as good as that of other residents during Longwood.

“Trouble is, when Alzheimer’s strikes, it comes during we tough and fast, and notwithstanding a faith that you’re doing all we can for a desired one, there’s an abiding feeling of recklessness and helplessness,” he said.

His sister had told him about a Music and Memory module and when he found out Longwood was deliberation charity it, Mr. Stamy knew he had found a ideal venue.

Longwood is an associate of Presbyterian Senior Care. The module had already been introduced during Woodside Place, another affiliate, with good results.

“It is an extraordinary program. Studies uncover that strain has a relaxing outcome on those with insanity and they have seen it happen,” Melissa Tomko, distraction use executive during Longwood, said.

Mr. Stamy’s present paid for Ms. Tomko’s training to be approved in a Music and Memory programming and paid for approximately 30 iPods, headphones and a music. With a program, family members and when possible, a residents themselves are interviewed to establish strain selections and a personalized playlist is created.

“It competence be your marriage strain or a family favorite. We find out what strain means a most, what touches that person. It is really personalized,” Ms. Tomko said.

Monday night, Mr. Stamy was assimilated by associate Shadyside Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir singers Mark Boyle, Kara Cornell and Kathy Linger, and was accompanied by pianist Mark Anderson for a advantage concert.

The module helped flog off a Music and Memory module during Longwood as good as lift recognition about Alzheimer’s disease.

In further to providing party to guest and residents, Mr. Stamy wanted to deliver others to a Music and Memory program.

“Even yet it might be temporary, strain restores a patches of memory and can assistance soothe some of a stress and revoke loneliness. If we can move some complacency to their lives, afterwards it is value it,” he said.

Mr. Stamy downplays his purpose in underwriting a module and says it is indeed really selfish.

“Music and Memory has encouraged me to give my mom whatever we can to keep a remaining cognitive juices during full boil,” he said.

Kathleen Ganster, freelance writer:

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