Login Casino raffles one VIP sheet for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference

Login Casino, a media gambling-sponsor of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, is raffling a giveaway VIP sheet for a event.

Login Casino raffles one VIP sheet for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate ConferenceThe discussion will be hold on Nov 15 during a renouned internal height TAO Event Hall, Kyiv, Ukraine. In sequence to take partial in a raffle one has to fill in a registration form on a Login Casino website, carrying indicated a name and e-mail residence from 9.10.2018 to 04.11.2018. The leader will be dynamic on Nov 5 around a pointless series generator.

The VIP sheet includes:

• apart registration during a entrance;

• gentle VIP territory with a best turn of use and networking opportunities;

• entrance to both discussion and muster area;

• entrance to a after-party;

• gifts from a eventuality organizers.

What is going to be during a conference:

Both internal and unfamiliar experts of a zone will take partial in a event. The discussion will move together iGaming business member as good as stakeholders of a associate selling attention – one of a many permitted ways of code promotion. The height will give a visitors and speakers a eventuality to get new business contacts and listen to a series of useful reports.

During a event, a attention experts will take a building in territory № 1. They will cover a following topics:

• revenues from a associate programs;

• scold paid trade redirection to gambling website;

• that resources outward of a Runet can be useful for operators;

• how accurately a work for a World Wide Web is carried out and many more.

The special guest for a eventuality is a conduct of a promotion trade review use ClickFrog.ru Konstantin Novofastovsky. He will dwell on how a successful gambling-related trade squeeze is carried out as good as about a many renouned trade channels to gambling websites. The consultant will also explain how to equivocate bots, what to select – CRM-banner or ClickUnder and many more.

One some-more orator during a height for presentations in territory № 1: Conference will be Vladimyr Luchaninov, Procurement Director during Firelink Media. He will explain a criteria for selecting an associate program, that risks and pitfalls can be connected with it.

The eventuality organizer is an general association Smile-Expo.

Register here.