Fashion East Fall 2019 Menswear Collection

How about ‘blatant glamour’ as a word to get a pulses racing? Is this not what we’re all after, in one approach or another? Stefan Cooke and his partner Jake Burt didn’t elaborate when they forsaken those difference into a outline of their collection—it was one of those occasions when mouths forsaken open during a ability and newness of a fully-formed, totally fascinating prophesy of conform walking by.

Just take it from a torso-hugging splendid white zipped-up leather shirt that seemed as if it competence be a ribbed weave during first, though incited out to be done of plumb slashed strips of leather with smoothly serrated edges—and that also seemed to be connected to a white fringed peplum. But afterwards that again was an eye-trick, being in fact a wraparound imitation on a tip of a span of trousers. Woah to series 31. And woah to a rest of what Cooke and Burt did: argyle knits that left peep-holes in a lozenge patterns; seamlessly propitious jersey trousers done in that plumb slashed leather; china chainmail stoles accidentally flung over tailoring; independently slashed English-dad coats—the lot of it, actually.

But how did they do that? Backstage, Cooke and Burt were effervescent over with enthusiastic joviality in describing how they came adult with a leather technique—the final look, a red coat, had concertina’d opposite a musculature of a model’s back, to uncover unclothed skin in a solid pattern. “Well, it was anticipating an aged Chelsea foot from a gift shop, and looking during a ragged out strips of elastic,” Burt began. “And afterwards we got this lycra and practical a leather on top,” pronounced Cooke, “and afterwards we sliced it all by with rotary pinking shears!” Presto! The find of a technique that invents impossibly stylish masculine leggings (meggings?) and other panoply that widen to uncover possibly a opposite bottom color, or skin, as they move.