Cape Fear Museum becomes Smithsonian affiliate

Admission during a Cape Fear Museum is giveaway by December.

The Cape Fear Museum has turn a Smithsonian Affiliate, a two-way attribute with a Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., that will meant new exhibits and programs, as good as new advantages for internal museum members.

The agreement was rigourously announced Monday during a New Hanover County Commissioners meeting, when Myriam Springuel, executive of a Smithsonian’s roving muster services, presented an connection certificate to Cape Fear Museum Director Sheryl Kingery Mays.

“We are vehement and honored,” Mays said.

Established in 1996, a associate module provides for long-term outreach, including a loan of Smithsonian artifacts and roving exhibits. The module competence also move speakers and special programs to a county-owned museum, pronounced staffer Barbi Baker.

Among a initial programs will be a weekend screening of a Smithsonian film, “Earth from Outer Space,” during a museum.

Only about 200 museums and educational institutions are Smithsonian Affiliates, Baker noted, including usually 7 in North Carolina.

In addition, Cape Fear Museum members will be means to turn Smithsonian members for a $125 annual sponsorship. Smithsonian membership advantages embody subscriptions to a monthly Smithsonian magazine, discounts during Smithsonian stores and a online outlet, and acknowledgment discounts during Smithsonian facilities.

Staff members will be on palm Saturday and Sunday afternoon during a Cape Fear Museum to plead a advantages of membership. Admission during a Cape Fear Museum is giveaway by December.

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