Bruno Berlafa: Streamlined setups make life easier for associate partners

In this talk with’s Becky Liggero, Bruno Berlafa of GIG Affiliates shares a hurdles of mixing dual former associate programs.

Handling an associate is not an easy task. Operators need to go a additional mile to modify new clients into lapse clients. As business owners, they need to make certain that a association has a healthy money upsurge and a clever business plan.

Imagine how tough it is for operators to hoop dual associate programs as one.

For Bruno Berlafa of GIG Affiliates, a pivotal to a successful doing this kind of conditions is by streamlined setups. A streamlined set-up means identifying pivotal partners and creation certain that these partners have a limit of dual comment managers that can support for all brands, according to a executive.

Berlafa pronounced such a set-up has finished lives easier for GIG Affiliates, that juggles both a NetRefer and Income Access programs.

“So, what I’m doing now is to streamline that set-up. Make their lives easy, that’s what it is all about,” Berlafa told “With courtesy to a branding, we will relaunch GIG So, a stream partners will be means to find a uninformed site where all a brands are integrated. Once we logged in, there will be a pop-up that says ‘log-in here if we wish to foster Thrills, Kaboo, Super Lenny, and HighRoller.’”

Prior to determining to equivocate merging a dual programs, Berlafa pronounced he solicited submit from GIG’s partners.

He remarkable that a many common questions that their partners lifted were “What’s going on with my data” and “this looks weird, is all all right.”

“The common thing for them is fundamentally a fact once a associate programs have finished this, they have felt really scared,” Berlafa said. “So if they’re some-more happy with a stream setup afterwards we’ll go for a stream setup. It means that we will have to work on dual programs. It is formidable yet if it creates life easier for affiliates, afterwards we will do it for a time being.”

Meanwhile, Berlafa pronounced that their association recently launched a singular charity called HighRoller. What creates HighRoller singular is a complement of rewarding and punishing their players, according to a GIG Affiliates executive.

He forked out that they prerogative active players by permitting them to take practical coins from dead players. Players might also customize and personalize their avatars.

“There will be hurdles where we get rewarded. What we have in HighRoller is a practical currency. We call it coins. The singular partial here yet is we as a actor can indeed take coins from other players when they’re not active,” Berlafa said. “So, with this setup, we can indeed prerogative active players and retaliate a ones that are not.”