Bitcoin Depot Launches Affiliate Program As Part of Cryptocurrency ATM Offering

As a cryptocurrency attention progresses, cryptocurrency ATMs are commencement to swell in recognition interjection to their building services and preference of converting money into crypto.

Bitcoin Depot — a heading U.S. cryptocurrency ATM use — has launched an associate module for a heading multi-cryptocurrency ATM network to assistance onboard some-more users and beget expansion in a sector.

The Bitcoin Depot Affiliate Program

Bitcoin Depot’s affiliate program allows new users to pointer adult and acquire a $15 credit for any crony they impute to Bitcoin Depot. Once a mention spends $150 with Bitcoin Depot, they accept a $15 in BTC, and there is no extent to a volume of credit that users can acquire by referrals.

According to Bitcoin Depot, new users can use a formula “NEWUSER15” for $15 in giveaway BTC after spending $150 during their ATMs in any of a 4 cryptocurrencies accessible including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ether.

The associate module represents an glorious pacifist income event for crypto enthusiasts and amicable influencers. Consistent users of Bitcoin Depot ATMs that wish to build an additional income tide can also use a associate module to boost recognition of a Bitcoin Depot ATM network. Social influencers can acquire additional income by their users, and if they are also crypto enthusiasts, they can make a estimable impact on fostering adoption of cryptocurrencies among their followers.

Affiliate programs have turn absolute collection for swelling recognition and recognition of services in countless industries. With cryptocurrency ATMs approaching to knowledge poignant growth over a subsequent few years, Bitcoin Depot’s associate module should assistance expostulate organic expansion of cryptocurrency laxity and ATM use opposite a country.

Bitcoin Depot also offers a mention module for locations to horde their ATMs. Independent sales member or business owners can acquire $300 in a mention prerogative if a Bitcoin Depot ATM is placed during a mention location.

About Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin Depot is a heading cryptocurrency ATM use formed in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer a fastest approach to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly by money during their over 150 ATM locations around a U.S.

Their ATMs offer present corroboration and deposits as good some able of two-way functionality for purchasing and offered 4 opposite cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ether. Users do not have to use an ATM-specific custodial wallet. Instead, they can use their possess cryptocurrency wallets for a sell and accept profits verifying a on-chain confirmation.

Bitcoin Depot ATMs bypass a prolonged corroboration times and formidable banking formation processes compared with online cryptocurrency exchanges. Buying and offered cryptocurrency locally in over 15 states where Bitcoin Depot ATMs are accessible also affords mainstream preference not probable with other sell services in a industry. ATM locations are open 24/7 and mostly in areas with easy entrance and parking such as preference stores and supermarkets.

Accessing Bitcoin Depot ATMs but a bank comment and transacting in money directly with cryptocurrencies provides a seamless gateway between fiat and cryptocurrencies. This is a poignant barrier to broader adoption and is tormented with regulatory ambiguity and estimate inefficiencies on exchanges. Using a Bitcoin Depot ATM network for shopping and offered cryptocurrencies is one of a fastest and many accessible methods that is accessible today.

Bitcoin Depot continues to open locations around a country, with new ATMs commissioned in Cambridge, MA and Detroit, MI. Users can find ATM places nearby them regulating a ATM map accessible on a Bitcoin Depot website. They also offer step-by-step guides for users on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies regulating their ATM locations.

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