BiG Africa SuperShow 2018 Speaker Interview: Robert Koning

Eventus International reached out to Robert Koning to benefit his thoughts on a following matters heading adult to a 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow that will be hold during Emperors Palace from 25-26 Mar 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The responses subsequent are wholly his own.

Interview with Robert Koning

Robert Koning
Managing Director
Best Sports Betting Media

Robert started Best Sports Betting in 2016, with a idea of building a South African sports bettors portal that would yield value for not usually sports bettors yet also as an merger and influence space for bookmakers. With several years of knowledge in SEO, Content selling and web growth he has helped a business grow significantly in a online space over a final 2 years. The business now has a primary concentration of substantiating a clever foothold in online hunt around not usually South Africa, yet also incomparable Africa, an area that many bookmakers are not utilising to a full potential.

Jordan: Best Sports Betting is an associate for scarcely all of a biggest sports betting operators in South Africa, how do we go about ensuring that any user is happy with your services?

BiG Africa SuperShow 2018 Speaker Interview: Robert KoningRobert: That’s a formidable doubt to answer Jordan. South Africa is during slightest 10 years behind on Sports Betting associate programs. Some of a associate programs that are there don’t give a associate entrance to a backend so we can usually sign estimated click to depositer ratio. It’s something that hopefully change relocating forward.

Going behind to operative with a operators we try to keep in weekly hit with one’s that need a some-more a some-more hands on plan while others I’ll discuss to once a month if there is a set plan in place. Some operators know a digital space some-more than others and those are a ones that we won’t need to discuss to often, unless there are changes etc.
With pristine associate operators they take on no financial risk so they generally aren’t worried with how good a debate is working.

Jordan: In your bio, we discuss that many bookmakers in Africa are not utilizing SEO to a full potential, how can they urge on this?

Robert: There’s a lot that they can do to urge their Footprint. As an instance Blogs are a good place to start, yet they need to be finished with a idea and we aren’t unequivocally saying that during a moment. Lots of bookmakers are also holding a normal digital selling broadbased outlook, when they should be targeting players in a many some-more focused manner.

Jordan: I’ve seen how we get many operators and a village concerned on amicable media, is amicable media essential to your patron merger strategy?

Robert: Social media is a unequivocally formidable area to work any arrange of merger selling on. Facebook has turn unequivocally strict, and pages get close down all a time (ours included!) However a amicable media appearance is a contingency in any plan as we get a genuine feel for a village and how they conflict to certain things. It’s totally required for a bookie to implement as an merger apparatus yet as affiliates it’s not a priority. Until contend online casinos turn authorised afterwards amicable media would turn unequivocally lucrative. 

Jordan: What amicable media platforms are punters many outspoken on, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Robert: Twitter will always be a place where critical conversations and issues will be aired. we feel a interactions are a lot some-more personal on Twitter than contend Facebook. Facebook numbers correct would have a many outspoken punters, yet many of them would be mislaid among a 100s of pages and criticism threads. The problem with Facebook in this courtesy is we get a lot of noise. If we posted something about a soccer compare you’d get a improved response on Facebook than on Twitter, yet I’d peril a good cube of a commenters aren’t even sports bettors.

Instagram is many dull of communication during a moment. I’ve not seen any operators with some-more than a handful of likes on a post. It’s a one amicable media height that we privately don’t consider is profitable to sports betting yet I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

Jordan: Would it be value it for operators to start opening whatsapp lines to take in-play bets or hoop patron use issues?

Robert: There are several that now do have a whatsapp patron use lines and they are a disaster for a many part. we feel for a call core agents as it contingency be a calamity to understanding with. Why go on live chat, send and email or make a call when we can whatsapp for subsequent to no cost? You can suppose a chaos!

As for live inplay betting around whatsapp we consider we’re nowhere nearby to that happening. Inplay betting is tough adequate to do oneself, it would take during slightest a notation or 2 to get a gamble on around whatsapp and by that time a line could have changed or closed. It works for Vip punters yet it’ll take some doing to have a chronicle accessible to a ubiquitous public. I’d adore to see it finished yet and prematch would be achievable.

Jordan: What do we demeanour brazen to by being a partial of a 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow?

Robert: It’s always good to get in hold with a incomparable village and BiG Africa gives we these opportunities. It’s these organized events that unequivocally uncover there is large seductiveness and creation entrance out of African companies, giving them a good height to strech out to a bigger audience.

Robert Koning looks brazen to assembly we all in chairman during a 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow. See some-more information on a BiG Africa Supershow and how we can register below.

Eventus International is unapproachable to benefaction a 6th installment of a BiG Africa Supershow, that will be hold during Emperors Palace from 25 – 26 Mar 2019.

We can proudly contend that we have a longest and best repute for hosting gambling conferences and exhibitions in Africa and are obvious for presenting innovative ideas to a audiences

Operators, regulators, affiliates, selling companies, program providers and investment firms will be entrance from opposite Africa for a BIGGEST African discussion and muster of a year, a BiG Africa SuperShow.

Just this year alone, a Sports Betting East Africa and Sports Betting West Africa Shows have been attended by over 600 delegates, had a appearance of over 40 Sponsors and Exhibitors and brought together over 60 speakers. Be certain to register your all entrance pass to a BIGGEST eventuality of a year!

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