Affiliate Achievement Awards

The 2015 AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award winners are named for their grassroots promotions of a American Quarter Horse.

The American Quarter Horse Association
April 29, 2015

The Delaware, Washington State and Missouri Quarter Horse associations were named 2015 Bank of America Affiliate Achievement Award winners by AQHA.

The Delaware, Washington State and Missouri Quarter Horse associations were named 2015 Bank of America Affiliate Achievement Award winners by a American Quarter Horse Association for their efforts of compelling a American Quarter Horse during a grassroots level.

To safeguard a expansion of a American Quarter Horse industry, resources need to be destined toward innovative projects and ideas that inspire new people to turn concerned with equine activities. The AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes affiliates for these innovations.

The endowment winners are selected formed on how good a affiliate’s ideas fit into AQHA’s goals:

  • Creating opportunities for equine owners
  • Bringing new people into a industry
  • Encouraging increasing memberships
  • Promoting registrations or transfers of ownership
  • Protecting a firmness and/or gratification of a breed
  • Enhancing girl development

AQHA affiliates were divided into 3 divisions, that were formed on a 2014 purebred American Quarter Horse population, so affiliates were competing opposite other affiliates of identical size.

“As we simulate on a 75th anniversary, it is transparent that we would not be a Association we are currently or a world’s many renouned multiply but a members and affiliates,” pronounced AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines. “The efforts of a affiliates do not go unrecognized, and on interest of AQHA, appreciate we for all we do for AQHA and a American Quarter Horse.”

The Division we target of a Affiliate Achievement Award is a Delaware Quarter Horse Association. DQHA skeleton to squeeze a load trailer that would be employed to emanate a “Mobile AQHA Model.” The indication will be filled with AQHA and DQHA membership information, interactive media and equine-related information. DQHA members wish to make a trailer accessible for educational and promotional presentations and for arrangement during equine shows, route rides, fairs and expositions to yield preparation about horses and boost membership within AQHA and DQHA.

The Division II endowment target is a Washington State Quarter Horse Association. WSQHA has grown an novice module that brings together superb immature group and women between a ages of 16 and 18 from Washington State Quarter Horse Youth Association membership. The interns foster a affiliate, a programs and initiatives along with a American Quarter Horse. WSQHA will use a appropriation to enhance a Youth Ambassador-Intern Program to other groups and states in their segment and in a nation.

The Division III target is a Missouri Quarter Horse Association. MQHA is hosting a Missouri Equine Industry Summit in St. Louis. The summit’s idea is to foster a equine attention and outline a mercantile impact a attention has in Missouri by combining an fondness of industry-based organizations. The ultimate idea is to yield a weekend eventuality that provides equine owners with educational opportunities.

AQHA wishes to commend these associate associations for their innovative skeleton and ideas while compelling a American Quarter Horse and ensuring a expansion and destiny of a industry.

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