Vice’s Next Pivot

On a third Friday in August, Jesse Angelo, a longtime News Corp executive hired in Jun as boss of tellurian news and party during Vice Media, collected a staff of a company’s nightly news uncover to broach their fate. Vice News Tonight had run on HBO for 3 years, until a network canceled it this open — a final partial aired final Friday — and a 200-person Vice News staff had spent a summer watchful to see if another reward height (Hulu? Amazon? Showtime?) competence collect adult a show. Angelo told a staff that he and Nancy Dubuc, Vice’s CEO, had only returned from a association house assembly in Los Angeles with news of a show’s destination: They’d been given orders to move it home. VNT would now atmosphere on Viceland, a company’s wire channel.

The switch to simple wire was improved than a sum retraction of a uncover and everybody losing their jobs, though given Viceland’s pregnancy in 2016, it has struggled to find a suggestive assembly (it averages underneath 100,000 viewers), and a news was met with skepticism. “The ordinarily hold arrogance is that this was a final resort,” one Vice News worker told me. “This is what everybody was fearful of.”